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  1. Horse Loses Condition In Winter

    I just looked at Cushing's symptoms and here's what I've found Excessive sweating Increased appetite Increased drinking Increased urination Muscle loss Slow to heal wounds Dental problems Lack of energy Abnormal hair coat (long, wavy, hard to shed)
  2. Horse Loses Condition In Winter

    I will look into this. However, I would like to say that all of our horses (five of them) drop some weight in the winter, simply by just not having the higher quality grass. They all still say a healthy weight though (except him), because they come out of summer a bit overweight. He is never overweight, but very healthy in the summer, so when he loses, he gets down too low.
  3. Horse Loses Condition In Winter

    I love winter, but not what it means for my horse. He always grows a super long coat and he's always dirty. He drops weight on free choice hay (I am going to add a concentrate this year though, hoping that will help) and loses muscle tone despite being worked pretty much the same amount. I always miss my slick, muscled, healthy looking summer horse. In the winter he can get pretty bony and just does not look near as nice as other times of the year. Is there I anything I can do?
  4. How To Keep A Tail Black

    When I got my horse 3 years ago his tail was completely black. Now, because of him living outside 24/7, the top layer is a reddish-brown. It started at the top of the tail, and has now grown out most of the way down the tail. Currently, the top part is still black, and I would like to keep it that way. I bought some Quic Screen spray; all the reviews said it worked so I went for it. Do you think this would be enough? Or should I cover it with something? What else could I do-sheet with tail cover? Wrap it? Also, when I show and use a black tail extension, can I cover the brown with a black spray? (I have the Shapley's touch-up.) I know this would be the fool-proof way, but I don't want to keep him in during the day.
  5. I Want To Show Western, But...

    I am 19, she just turned 17
  6. I Want To Show Western, But...

    We would be in different classes anyway, separated by youth/adult. I think it's just the whole idea of me showing western that bothers her. She's not too concerned with me riding western at home, just showing.
  7. I’m looking for some advice here… I ride and show hunt seat, and my sister (2 ½ years younger) rides and shows western. I currently show my horse in open shows, but soon will be on the AQHA circuit doing HUS and equitation. My sister just got a new reining horse, and she wants to do the open shows and show in a lot of the western classes, plus do AQHA and NRHA reining and ranch pleasure. I have another mare, who I ride western on but do not show. We also have a 2 year old that we’ve raised, who will be a western horse, and a retired senior. Anyway, my horse had his start in western pleasure. He seemed to like hunt seat better, so he was taken more in that direction. However, he is very capable of doing open show western pleasure classes, and I would really like to show him in them to gain experience. My sister is not okay with this. My dad was the first one who brought up me showing western; at first I wasn’t sure, but now I’ve decided that I would like to—sort of. My sister feels very territorial about western, believing that western is her thing and hunt seat is mine. Whenever my dad brings it up, my sister will get mad, or try to change the subject, or downplay my horse. It’s subtle, but I know she’s mad, and I know if I ever said yes, I’m going to show western, I’m going to go out and buy some western gear, etc, that she would be pretty upset. I don’t know if she would ever get over it or accept it, or if she would always be unsupportive of me doing western and always seem mad. It kills me that this is holding me back, but it is, and I can’t muster up the courage to just go for it. I don’t view this as an invasion of her space; I suppose I could see how she would see that, but that’s definitely not how I mean it. I just want it to be something else fun that me and my horse can do together, and I was hoping she’d be supportive and help me out, but it’s not going to be that way. I’m very supportive of her. If I decide to do it, it will be under her disapproval, and I’ll be walking on eggshells the whole time. I don’t want her negative attitude or criticism. Then there’s my dad badgering me to go for it…Then, there’s the 2 year old, who will be shown western next year. My sister’s already made it pretty clear that she’s going to be the one to do it; she’s talking about what colors she’s going to buy to match him. Once, I said that I would want to show him, and she said ‘just show in your English stuff’ and I said ‘I can’t ride in a western pleasure class with hunt seat clothes’ and she didn’t say anything. Everything feels so darn tense, like we can’t even talk about it and listen to each other and help each other. I hate this so much. Please help. I’m torn between doing what I want to do with my horse (and the 2 year old), and not upsetting anything between me and my sister. What would you do?
  8. Quality Feed For Putting And Keeping Weight On

    Okay, so I know alfalfa. If someone were to suggest a concentrate feed, what would it be?
  9. What Brand Of Feed Does Everyone Use?

    I feed pasture, grass hay (in winter) and Triple Crown 30% in the summer to my gelding. I'm looking for something more to feed him this winter. But as far a feed brands, Triple Crown. Higher quality than Purina or Nutrena, plus tons of great reviews.
  10. I'm looking for a good quality feed to give to a 10 year old Quarter horse that doesn't hold his weight on hay alone in the winter. He gets all the good quality grass hay he wants, and currently nothing else. He's worked 2-4 days, depending on the weather. He has no teeth issues, or any other health problems. He just needs more calories than the hay can provide. And him becoming overweight, I don't think is an issue. Currently (summer) he is on 24/7 turnout on pasture and stays in great condition, whereas our others get fat so quickly and need grazing muzzles.
  11. Black Horses, Black Manes And Tails

    My bay's tail has bleached also. He's on 24/7 turnout. I've finally decided to do something about it. I bought some Quic Screen UVB spray from State Line Tack (just came in today!) and you apply once a week, and it's supposed to prevent sun bleaching. It had good reviews, so hopefully it will work.
  12. Nerves When Showing

    I'm the same way, but mine stems from not feeling prepared. Make sure both you and your horse are absolutely ready, then just go in there and ride like no one's watching. Try your best and have fun!
  13. English Saddle Pads

    There are many types. Depends on your discipline. There are dressage pads, hunter pads, jumper pads, hunter under saddle pads, etc. Also half pads, square pads, fitted pads, number holder pads... What is your discipline? That should narrow it down. For a wide selection, check out Dover Saddlery's website. That's where I buy all of my stuff!