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  1. Texas People #6

    PeppieSue------ rain had been a mess but all in all we needed it.. the flooding in some locations were insane..... Mzrat------ No webbing yet lol but if we get more rain like that im gonna go buy scuba gear just in case. I think i herd the news say that we got 5in or more in some area Qh im praying for yall now Im so hopeing all goes well with Paul keep us posted.... Its been crazy roller coaster but thats a normal day for me... Work has been good busy like mares leg is finally healed I do say that Equaide med that i bought on line was amazing it cleared it up with in a months time Thank God I havent been feeling to well having alot of female issues finally got an apt with my obgyn and turns out i have the symptoms for Endometriosis all my symptoms match up. If you need it on paper saying 100% proof that I do have that I would need surgery. Im gonna hold off on the surgery for a while ...... I had 3 ultra sounds done they came back clear which is a good thing but im still having alot of pain in my pelvis area so i go back to my doctor to talk abut other options most terms is surgery or medication to help with the pain that I go through.....On an exciting not im Reg for college again. I filled out my Fasfa got that taken care of...i have to reg on the 29th then wait a few days to see how much the fasfa will pay for my schooling im going to get my 2yrs Accociate Degree in Process Technology going to become and operator in the plants then go for my safty classes.......
  2. Peeing While Under-Saddle On Long Rides? (Horse, Not Human)

    Now thinking back... my mare has pee on a trail ride maybe 1 or 2 time. But most of the time even with her outside in the pasture or in the area the moment she walked into her stall she will pee never fails
  3. Texas People #6

    Soooo happy the rain has stopped I thought I was going to need a boat to get home from work ...
  4. Texas People #6

    Thanks Peppy i have been trying everything suggestions people have given me nothing works then i feel like a bad horse mom for letting it keep getting this way dang thing just wont heal. This wound by far has been the worst to treat and heal i have had this mare for 10yrs never had this many issues with a leg wound Then with everyone around me commenting saying im not doing enough or your not doing something right i have exhausted all options..... I will def try the swat i have that stuff in my 1st aid box...Thank you
  5. Tx People, Are You Worried About This?

    Wow i have never herd of this before im going to have to do some research on this.....thanks for sharing..
  6. What Brand Of Feed Does Everyone Use?

    This is what I feed my mare.She does wonderful on this feed,she also gets ricebran hay and some pasture.
  7. Texas People #6

    I have tried everything from the Vetricin stuff (sp) that did nothing, wonder dust but that just pissed off the proud flesh and it wasnt healing like i wanted it to .... It was healing great up until May 24 the ripped off the scab on her leg i had her grazing her after i cleaned the wound and i turnedaround to look at something and turned back around she was biting at the wound... After that we had issues the next day had proud flesh on her leg That afternoon went to the vet they gave me proud flesh med (Proudsoff) it was working great you apply it leave it on for a day removed the wrap proud flesh is gone works like a charm I applyed this for 2 treatments then after that vert said to apply yellow stuff (cant think of the name ) i was doing this for a good week maybe longer and the wound was looking great got the it down to level skin no proud flesh. I then strated using antibiotic cream. Vet suggested leaving it open to the cream on let the wound heal i did this for many day it was looking amazing did this for almost a week and half then i came to the barn one night took her out of her stall and she has a nickle size just poof apear on her wound so back to spuare 1 applying the blue stuff ... I did this for 3 days ....i have a good friend that had issues with proud flesh with one of her horses she advise me to try TuffRock i got a tub and was using it the 1st day the area looked good it also looked like the proudflesh went down so i kept on using it well 2 more days i stopped that the proudflesh just kept growing so went back to the blue stuff did this for another week or so and after all of that its been last week i called another vet sense the last one nothing was working Doc ford advised me use Equaide and i have been using this stuff for 3 days and has seen good improvments cant wait to see what it looks like when i take her bandage off tonight.... I did do some searching on this place and another forum and everything about proud flesh alot of people were using the Prouds off or the Equaide some people suggested using lime ya im not gonna do that only for a last option if that ......then some other suggestions were Underwoods and banking powder and one other suggestion was Panolog ointment never herd of that and my serach for it was no good..but most of the comments were to use the Proudsoff or Equaide and now i have both of those......
  8. Do You Ever Want To........

    I have always wanted to do something that made me work outside..being stuck inside is no fun
  9. Rip Cricket.....our Qtr Pony

    so very sorry for your loss....
  10. Do You Ever Want To........

    I am wanting to change things up sooo badly get a fresh start at something new .....I work as a Dispatcher for a Family owned Alarm company We are like ADT but we a way smaller.... I have been working at this location for 8yrs now its easy and the pay is nice but this job isnt going to take me to the top. with it being a family owned company rasies are not given sadly. plus the drive is awful 36miles one way i carpool but i want something closer to home....
  11. Does Anyone Want To Be Friends On Facebook?

    My profile pic is me on my buckskin mare and its a action shot of her running .....
  12. Texas People #6

    Qh this is my small rose Bush
  13. Texas People #6

    Her leg this pic was taken last Thursday let me know if you can see the picture This is me on Fancy pants doing what she loves to do is run ....won the small race.
  14. Texas People #6

    QH- yeppers been working in katy area for 7yrs now its a great job the drive does suck its 37miles one way but the good thing is i car pool with my mom she is my boss so its makes it easier... Im trying to find a job close to home but no luck in that area Im so glad paul is back home and doing good thats good news he is improving every day Peppy- glad your trip went well man im sure the scenery was beautiful up there.... Miss- so sorry that you had to let your kids go for a whole month.. I so hope this month flys by for you so you can have them back home.... your new horse is beautiful.... Mz- nice pic of the kiddos......sorry your having car issues glad that it can get fixed soon .thats good the Durango sold ... 2 yrs ago was always having car issues and each time the repair bill was getting bigger and bigger so i went out and bought a new used truck.. my hubby keeps telling me to sell it but i just look at him and tell him No your crazy i have a horse and a trailer why on earth would i sell my truck thats the most retarded thing i have herd I have been super has picked up in pace so coming home each day im freaken tired..then i have been dealing with my mares leg injury she got a small cut on May 13 and it was healing great she reopened it and now i have been dealing with proud flesh gone to 3 vets and all the things they tell me to do and put on, works for a bit then the proud flesh keeps growing.and everything that i have tried and was told to do isnt working anymore she is a good for standing while i doctor her leg but she is starting to get fussy i dont blame her and she has to be in her stall any type of movement will cause the proudflesh to grow so I have a 1200lb horse thats having Temper Tantrums ... If i leave the area open so the wound can dry out and heal the proud flesh just grows like wild flowers but when i leave it wrapped its contained but its not healing.... so i ordered a box of Equaide and im sooo hoping this helps and kicks this thing in the a*& Then i have been having some health issues arise so i finally got a apt with my obgyn for July 17 so hopefully it isnt anything bad . gonna try to post some pics of her leg if i can get my phone to work
  15. Texas People #6

    I agree on the over priced to stay healthy. MissZ - i wish i owned my own place to keep my horse so I never have to deal with barn drama thats the only down fall with boarding your horse...the choices you have are tuff i like both of them...its always a tuff when thinking about moving i stress sooo much when i looking for a barn drove me crazy...what are the good and the bad about each place? for exp I would go with the 55month (depending on prices of feed and hay in your area) i would be coming out $26 cheaper paying for board hay and feed rather than paying the 193. But thats looking at it price wise....i also facter in location, if the location allows for its boarders to use all the extras then i facter that in as well...trailer parking ect ect ..... sorry your gonna have to part with your kids