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  1. I Made My Neighbor Cry! :-)

    Gift card shipped, should get it in the next few days!
  2. I Made My Neighbor Cry! :-)

    Nick, while I appreciate your passion for this issue, I'm trying to find the most convenient place for a basically homebound person. Please don't read more into it than it is. If you delve deep into most corporations, you'll find they create unfavorable work conditions for many. But its a bigger issue than me purchasing a gift card!
  3. I Made My Neighbor Cry! :-)

    Im heading to Walmart tonight, can you pm me an address I can send a gift card for her?
  4. Wen Hair Products

    Try hair one from Sally beauty. It's the same thing. And only $10
  5. Shampoo And Conditioner Suggestions?

    Sappy, Sally makes a Wen knockoff called Hair One. We use it for DD and love it. And it's $10. Her hair is curly and dry.
  6. Then, I'm very sorry to say, you need to re-prioritize things. Do you still have horses? If you're just scraping by, then the luxuries need to go. If you are low income, scraping by, and don't have a failsafe birth control option, you need to make it a number one priority before you end up with baby #3.
  7. Vasectomies are relatively inexpensive ($500?). And should be a top priority. To answer you, no, I would not. God Bless those who do but I could not handle it.
  8. Ellen Has Come To Germany!

    Love her. Period.
  9. Student Made To Carry Backpack All Day At School

    I dunno. If you've ever thrown your back out, you'd understand the misery involved. I have no problem punishing her. I have no problem with it being a severe punishment, but why give one that could potentially be physically harmful? As an institution, you're just setting yourself up for scrutiny/lawsuits, etc. I'm on the side of kids being entitled brats these days. I commented on her little attitude. But again, half her body weight to carry around? Really?
  10. Basically, the summary is, the student was punished for erasing something from the board by being made to carry the contents of her locker in her backpack for the remainder of the week (the parents say the backpack weighs 20 lbs, and that their daughter weighs 50 lbs). What do you think? Is this an appropriate punishment? My personal opinion is no. One, I think its a ridiculous punishment for erasing something from the board (even if the child lied about it). Two, carrying heavy stuff in a backpack is not good for your back, and if the parents are speaking truthfully, a child her size should not be carrying almost half her body weight on her back. At first I was a little taken aback by the child's attitude on camera, but then again, I would hope that my own child would stand up for herself in school if she felt she was being mistreated. And if it turns out she was wrong, and caused a stink for nothing, then we'd administer our own punishment for her for "crying wolf". I'm all for teaching kids right from wrong, and having fitting punishments for misbehavior. But I just think if *I* had to carry a 20 lb backpack around all day, at my adult weight, my back would be suffering. Who in the world comes up with these punishments?!
  11. Ipad Or Tablet

    I have an iPad and it's my second child. I find it more user friendly than other tablets, and a bit smoother. I take it everywhere.
  12. It's Time To Say "goodbye."

    What a lucky pair of ladies. Getting to exit in a humane and dignified way.
  13. Ed Hardy Tack

    Gang members don't wear it. Douchey guys who spray tan do. Think Jersey Shore.
  14. Teaching Sex Ed Starting In Kindergarten?

    Maybe of we stopped tiptoeing around with kids, giving stupid nicknames to their reproductive organs, they'd actually be informed about the basic facts of life, and maybe take better care of their own sexual health and morality. My daughter is 5. She uses proper terminology and therefore doesn't make it a big shameful, giggly secret. She has seen us naked. She knows where babies come from, how they come out, etc. If kids are getting periods at 8/9, then they should start knowing basic stuff at kindergarten. At least the "where babies come from" stuff. Let's face it, some parents these days kinda suck. So the teacher is teaching it to protect those kids. Because it might be the only time they hear it.
  15. When A Horse's Usefulness Is Gone.....

    The short answer is yes. It's ok to euth. Horses don't live for tomorrow. They live for today. So love them and let them go, if that's the decision you need to make. I hope I can keep mine til a ripe old age. Right now I have two that are old as dirt, and one that is 13. All are sound and healthy. But that's not always going to be the case, for sure!