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  1. Help!

    My neighbor has a little filly whose left front is pretty pigeon toed. She wants to re-home her and was telling me her vet told her the filly will out grow this, (she is less than 1 year old.) and be in good condition to ride later. Is this true? Should I take on this little filly as a project? ANY advice is much appreciated... Thanks, gang!!
  2. Trail Buddy?

    Thank you!!
  3. Trail Buddy?

    Thank you!!
  4. Trail Buddy?

    HI!! I'm new here! I'm in Edgerton, WI and desperately looking for other women interested in riding, grooming, talking and loving horses!! I just moved here from East Troy away from home where my mom has 3 geldings and have been away from horses for a long time. Happy to be here with all my fellow horse lovers!! if anyone is interested in having another hand or a trail/riding buddy, count me in!! Excited to meet you all!! :yay: