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  1. Limelite Saddlery

    I just want to share a heads up on someone calling themselves a saddle fitter out of California. I recently used Limelite Saddlery/Graham Newell. Newell made saddle adjustments in September so that the Stubben Siegfried saddle would fit my horse. About February 2014 my horse started getting white hairs behind his whethers. When advised of the white hair issue, Newell suggested reflocking the saddle, which I agreed to. He reflocked the saddle on February 20th, though he did not want to see the horse or the white hairs. Since the reflocking, my horse has been getting heat bumps. Newell was invited to inspect and make any corrections that may be required. He declined, stating that his warranty has expired. This is my first eperience with a saddle fitter, and may be the last. I can't recommend Limelite Saddlery or Graham Newell. He attitude is one of arrogance and lack of interest or concern about the fact that confidence in his work put white hairs and heat bumps on my horse. And of course I am left with an unusable saddle.