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  1. Lunging The 2 Y/o?

    Quick question, after a not-so-quick explanation... I didn't manage to get out and go see my filly where she's boarded at my friends place yesterday due to being ill, and my friend just sent me a message via internet about her. The gist of her message was to just let me know that she had attempted to put Jolene out with the 'big horses', but since they hated her and were running her, she moved her back into the paddock, by herself. I'm fine with that. I'd rather her stay in the paddock anyway, since she injured her knee the other day. Then my friend tells me that Jolene had attempted to kick her in the stall, and my friend had 'whacked her with a switch and ran her off'. I'm fine with that too, if she kicked, then she needs to be reprimanded. Afterwards, my friend also said that I need to 'really utilize' her round-pen and 'lunge the crap' outta Jolene, to teach basic manners, because she 'doesn't care what you do, she just doesn't want to be messed with'. I'm not sure if I agree with that statement. While I believe you can teach basic things via lunging, I don't think lunging her right now is a good idea, for her joints. Jolene still very much has the looks and personality of a 'baby' (for lack of better terminology). I think she's 'testing the waters' with my friend and will probably start doing the same with me. While I agree we don't need to let her get away with any attitude, I don't think lunging her in a small round-pen with her still being so young is a good idea, especially with her knee being swollen up from where she injured it a few days ago. Opinions?
  2. It's Been A Few Months. A Lot Has Changed.

    Yes, suicide does change the family. Everyone misses my uncle and will always miss him, but his immediate family is beginning to 'move ahead' with life after getting used to him not being there anymore. It will always be hard, but will get better with time. We are picking the filly up tomorrow morning!
  3. General Upkeep...

    I will swear by Vitaflex. I have a 20 y/o mare who is retired due to a knee injury. Cannot be ridden anymore and is lame on any type of ground aside from soft grass/mud, etc... In her pasture, with the vitaflex in her system, she runs, bucks, kicks out and generally acts like a complete idiot because she feels so good. I was using it on my 8 y/o gelding as well, but am seriously debating taking him off of it, as he acts like an idiot undersaddle enough already and I don't think I want him trying to perform 'airs above the ground' just because he feels super good, lol.
  4. General Upkeep...

    I have 4 horses of varying ages and like to use Vitaflex joint supplement, just to help support them, and Cool Calories Fat Supplement in the winter just to make 'me' feel better, lol.
  5. New Year's Resolutions?

    I'm gonna try to cut back on my candy (especially chocolate) intake. I have gotten to the point that I literally cannot go into town (wal mart, johnsons, dollar stores, gas stations, etc...) without buying some sort of chocolate bar. Def. gonna try and cut back.
  6. What Do You Call The Vet For?

    I don't call the vet out much, but I do a lot of phone consultations with him. i call the vet out for emergencies, gushing blood, major lameness, colic (thankfully have never had a case of colic), etc... things such as choke, vaccinations, small injures, cuts, barbed wire gashes (so long as they aren't too bad), etc... I medicate myself.
  7. Importance Of Tradition And Personal Family History

    Our history makes us who we are, we learn from the mistakes others made in our history and we learn from our families and our traditions.
  8. It's Been A Few Months. A Lot Has Changed.

    I figured that question would come up, When I went to see the filly, the lady who was selling her (who got her out of the situation she was in and had only had her for about a week) already had her in the bit. When I asked why, since she wasn't broke, I was told that the lady had just been curious and wanted to see how she'd take to it. I think she may have been trying to use it as a selling tool, letting people (me) see that the filly would take a bit, though I wasn't really interested in the fact that she had a bridle on, lol. When I start her, whenever she matures a LOT more and is actually 'ready' to be started (both physically and mentally), I will either use a french link snaffle or a little s hackamore, not a curb bit.
  9. It's Been A Few Months. A Lot Has Changed.

    It has been a few months since I was last on this forum. So much has changed... Let's see... I've lost a horse, been given a horse, bought a horse and lost a family member... My beautiful 18 y/o, black, 14.3 hand TWH rescue mare Joyace died back in August after getting into a fight with another horse over a fence and impaling herself on a t-post. She was killed instantly as she flipped over the post and ripped her stomach out. We buried her the next day in the backyard. Just a day or so afterwards, my best friend gave me Logan, a registered chestnut sabino TWH gelding who stands at 16.1 hands tall. He's a great horse, but I've never managed to really get attached to him and have him up for sale. He's been a Camp Horse for the past few months, much like Joyace was before her premature death. Gypsie, my 15.1 hand, bay, 20 y/o retired TWH mare is doing well. As the months go by, her knee is slowly swelling up bigger and bigger, but as long as she stays in the pasture or on soft ground, she's okay. She's lame on anything other than soft ground, but she's happy, healthy and really enjoying her retirement. Dakota, my 15.3 hand, bay, 8 y/o TWH gelding is doing excellently, though he's overweight and out of shape. He's become my main trail mount lately and so far has behaved very well, though we have had a few minor disagreements here and there. He has a bit of an attitude, but he gets that from his dam (Gypsie). And yesterday I bought another horse. Reba is a 2 y/o, 14.2 hand, black TWH filly. She's had a rough start in life and has either been badly abused or handled extremely roughly during her life, as she has some major issues such as severe skittishness, timidness, nervousness, etc... She is very flighty and flinches extremely badly whenever a sharp movement is made or your voice raises. I have my work cut out for me with her, but I think she will eventually turn into a nice horse. She's halter-broke and picks up her legs, not saddle-broke yet (and i'm not planning on saddle-breaking her for a while... she's way too mentally immature and physically immature). Also, around the same time that I lost Joyace, my favorite uncle committed suicide. He'd been suffering with depression for several years, but no-one ever expected him to kill himself. It was and still is a shock to even think about, and he is dearly missed. He left behind a loving wife, five biological kids (three teenage girls, one adult son and one adult daughter), an adult stepson, a son-in-law and a grandbaby.
  10. How To Deal With A 'friend' Like This...? (Rant)

    I really think I needed the support and advice shown here... Dealing with her attitude the other day and the way she spoke to me AND the farrier really put me on a low, but after reading the encouraging and helpful posts here, I feel a lot bettter with myself as a horse-person and with myself as a barn manager. I've spoken with my immediate director about my concerns with my 'friend' (saying that lightly) wanting us to use 'her' vet.. as she told me that the only reason she wanted to use her vet was to get him out so she could ask him some stuff about her own horses without having to pay for him to come out, etc... my immediate director and I both are in agreement to keep the vet we've been using for the camp horses, as he has seen them several times now and knows them all personally... and while the vet she uses is a good vet, he doesn't 'know' the camp horses as well as the other vet. As far as her giving me the horse, he is legally mine due to his papers being in my name and I do have a contract concerning her giving him for free to me. It has absolutely no buy-back clause and simply states that she has freely given the horse to me, papers included, but it is a contract. The horse has had a hip injury that keeps him from being able to be shown, which is what i'm aiming to do in the next few years, but he's perfectly sound to be a kids horse, trail horse, etc... he just wouldn't hold up (or win at) big breed shows.
  11. How To Deal With A 'friend' Like This...? (Rant)

    This is a rant for a reason, lol. This stuff has just been building up (even moreso lately) and I needed to get it off my chest. I try to take the leadership role with her, but it always backfires and she somehow manages to make me look/feel like a complete idiot. She has a very forwards personality and is almost aggressive in her mannerisms, whereas I'm quieter and much more reserved. She tends to talk over me and since i'm not great at getting my point across clearly (I get super nervous when talking to people that I know don't know what to do, etc...) and she is, she makes it sound like I'm just an idiot. As for me being upset about the TWH, it's not because she 'has a say/ as to what happens to him, it's more because she has the nerve to try and give my horse away. Yes, I have had reservations about her for years, but I still hang out with her because if I broke ties with her I'd be left with not a single horsey friend in my community. I'm friends with horsey people through her... she has a few other riding buddies, but if it wasn't for her, I'd never have met them and as it is, they always seem to invite me as an afterthought... "hey, so and so is going riding with me today... we planned this weeks ago... you coming...?" It just gets frustrating... (yes, still ranting._
  12. I have this friend who lately I've been feeling a more than a little frustrated with... and vice versa... It's really hard to explain, but our friendship started in the 6th grade. We were absolute best friends and were always at each others houses, etc... However, even back then I kinda had a feeling that she was just using me for access to my great uncle's horses, as the second she got her own mare several years later she absolutely quit wanting to come over and ride, etc... Over the years, I'll admit and accept that we've grown apart some. She decided that she wanted to pursue a career in horse-training (though I personally don't like her training methods and wouldn't send a horse to her... I've witnessed her hit a horse repeatedly in the side of the face with her fist to teach it to disengage its forequarters) while I've decided to pursue a career in foodservice administration, have horses as a side-hobby and rescue and rehab them whenever I can. Fast forwards some... A few years ago I was having some major issues with keeping weight on my senior mare during winter. I later found out that she was suffering from vitamin deficiencies, got them sorted out and got her on a balanced feed and haven't had problems since... however, when I was having all those problems with my mare, I ran across a post on another website (that we are both members of) where she had stated some things about the care my horses get, etc... and in general made herself out to be great and made me sound like I didn't care one whit about my horses... ever since then, too, I've noticed that whenever something comes up on that forum concerning me and her, people there are much more likely to take her side or agree with her and completely bash and flame me before even hearing my side... it's rather upsetting to think that my 'friend' would need to make me out to be a horrible person just so she can feel better about herself. I never confronted her over the post, either, but here are a few of the things she wrote about me... Now, as far as this goes, I did only get my first job at 22, but not for lack of looking. Before I was hired where I am now, I was a full-time college student and had been looking for a job since getting out of high school. As far as living at home, I still do. I live with my great grandmother and am her primary caretaker. When she goes (hopefully not for another twenty years or more) I stand to inherit the house, yard and barn while my mom and aunt stand to inherit 12 acres of our 50 acre pasture. My great uncle (my father-figure who never did like my friend) used to pay the vet bills for my horses because he saw that as part of his job as my 'fatherly role model'. He refused to let me help out on anything (feed, vet, farrier, etc...). After he died, I was still job-hunting, but I managed to always have money for horse feed, farrier, and vet calls... on the two times the vet cost more than I expected, my mom helped by paying half. I also know that about half the time my friends fiance is the one footing her horsey bills, whereas nowadays I'm footing my own equine bills (and a truck payment, an internet payment, a phone bill and half the directTV bill as well as paying half on groceries every week) alone. As far as routine care for my horses goes, I'm sorry, but I'm not the type of person who calls the vet out for every little scrape or cut my horses get. The vet gets called out for emergencies, deep gashes, teeth problems, etc... things such as abscesses, minor wounds, etc... I handle myself after an over-the-phone consultation with the vet. My mare was the one getting thin through winter and we got that fixed as soon as we figured out what was wrong, and as far as their hooves go, no, I don't have the farrier out every 6 weeks... but I do most of my own trimming and my horses hooves look good enough that my farrier has even complimented me on how well I trim them. This really upsets me... the fact that this girl lies to other people by writing something like this. I have never and will never 'rip a bit through a horses mouth'. What she did on this horse was to put a bridle on him and tie the rein to the saddle with his nose touching it until he gave. I've done that with a halter once, but I have never been as rough as what she said about me... And as for her 'I'm better' comment... that really makes me just want to say "If you're 'better' than me, then why did you get passed up for the barn manager job and why did it get offered to me instead?" Fast forwards to lately... We've gone to a few shows together and competed, and each time I've scored much higher than her... when I do, though, she gets all upset and acts like everyone is against her... (for example, we went to one show and she was scored low due to excessive jerking on the reins and being extremely heavy handed... later, on the way home, she started talking about how things aren't fair and everyone is against her and how she should just give up her dream of being a trainer, etc...)... I was chosen to be the barn manager for a local summer camp place out here where I live. I'm getting paid to care for, ride and work out problems with the horses. Because I prefer to ride with someone, I convinced the director to hire my friend as well in a 'trainer' capacity (basically, pay her to ride horses with me...)... Well, it was great at first, but lately she's gotten very demanding (she's demanding that we pay her more, etc... neither of us is on salary and she's upset because I'm paid more than she is, but I've been there longer and have seniority... we get paid hourly...). Like, I've set up the tack room the way I like it, and she comes in and moves things around, rearranges the horses halters (we have racks for each horse and I'll come in sometimes and she'll have like, a pony sized halter hanging on the TB's rack, etc...). She tries to tell me how to do my job. She tries to tell me how to feed the horses, tries to tell me how to work with them, etc... Today we had the vet out and she got super upset because we were having the vet check all the horses teeth... she got very upset because we had him check one geldings teeth that had just been floated within the past two months... claimed it was a waste of time and money, but the vet charged us nothing to check the gelding and really it was none of her business... We were also talking about how she wants to color code the horses tack and equipment, and I said 'no', because it really don't matter and we don't have the extra funds for that right now. She tried to tell me to go and tell our director that we need a couple thousand in cash to go buy horse stuff. When I said no, she said that we can just start 'taking stuff home' and tell the director that the horses are destroying it, so he'd have to buy more... I said no, but it really frustrated me that she'd even think of doing something like that... Also, she gave me a TWH gelding a few weeks ago. He's registered in my name and he and I aren't that compatible, riding-wise, but I do like him. My cousin loves him, though. I've leased him out for a year to the camp program and mentioned in passing that after the lease is up, I'm either going to give him to my cousin or sell him. Well, today she says to me "Just give him back to me or give him to _____ (a friend of ours). I've told her about him and she likes him." Well, a few months ago my friend was all angry because the lady who gave this horse to her was trying to do the same thing my friend is now trying to do to me... give 'my' horse away without my consent. I think the reason she wants him back is so she can trade him for a mare she really likes... Newsflash... I'm not giving him back and I'm not giving him away to anyone except maybe my cousin... Sorry for the novel... I just had to rant... any advice?
  13. Working With A Horse You Just Do Not Like....

    No, they'r not the place to retrain horses, but every horse, after summer camp (when they are used by kids who don't know how to ride, etc...) is going to hav to have refresher courses and be kept in shape after the summer is over. Drama has been allowed to get away with too much and has been spoiled by the staff, we think. We are going to work with him this winter and spring and then reassess him.
  14. Working With A Horse You Just Do Not Like....

    We appreciate your concerns, and they are not unfounded, but we feel as though we have a nice idea of how to go a out working with and retraining him. We are treating him as a horse who has never been worked with. As for the rather rude comment made, I do love working with all horses, just some push my buttons more than others and frustrates me, hence my 'not liking them'. It's not that I truly don't like the horse, it's that I don't like how I end up frustrated with him, because I know that is not good for our relationship and his training.