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  1. Mare Bagging Up And Producing Liquid, Easily Milked?

    Good news! The vet palpated and determined that my mare is NOT pregnant. Just having hormonal issues. Whew! I am not sure what the deal is with the pony, but I assume he was just called a gelding because he hadn't dropped yet and his coggins pegged him for older than he was. They showed he was 3, when in reality he was a long yearling. The coggins was still good when I got him, and since I wasn't planning on taking him anywhere, I wasn't as concerned when it expired. When he dropped the one testicle, i realized he was probably much younger than what was listed (the markings were correct) and took him to the vet. The vet mashed and felt pretty high up in there, but didn't feel the other one. He has not been ultrasounded, but the vet didn't think he has been "gelded" before. He has NEVER shown any stud like behavior, and still baby mouths at the horses. That is why this had me so confused. I knew it was possible (he IS a stud,) but like everyone else (farrier, vet, etc.) didn't think it was likely......especially since it would have happened last year only shortly after it dropped. I noticed the testicle in July of last year. I am hoping that when I go in to have the surgery with him, the other one either doesn't exist or just falls right on out easier. Yes, it would cost less at that point.
  2. Mare Bagging Up And Producing Liquid, Easily Milked?

    Pacing the floor.
  3. Mare Bagging Up And Producing Liquid, Easily Milked?

    I'm counting the hours. Still an hour and a half before I can leave work. I'm trying to play with my phone and get the pics on photobucket or something.
  4. Mare Bagging Up And Producing Liquid, Easily Milked?

    I have cell photos of her bag and vulva. If I can figure out how to post them, I will. The inside of her vuvla is a deep red around the rim and it doesn't wipe off....its the skin color. This mare's dam didn't do that from my recollection.
  5. Mare Bagging Up And Producing Liquid, Easily Milked?

    I have called multiple clinics within a 4 hour drive of my location and have received quotes up to $1500. It was a good idea to check with the equine rescue league, I haven't thought of that. I had considered rehoming him, but I didn't want to pass along the problem. Any ideas on the mare? Even my vet thinks its unlikely that she is bred, although we all know its possible. I'm just worried. Will find out this afternoon I guess.
  6. Mare Bagging Up And Producing Liquid, Easily Milked?

    Oh, and I have not witnessed her coming into heat, but that is not unusual. She has always been very modest about her heat cycles, and i normally don't notice.
  7. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow, but here is background: She is 6 years old, I've owned her since she was born. About 2 years ago, I inherited a shetland pony "gelding", who last year dropped a ball and it was determined that he is a cryptorchid. I also have another mare and no way to separate. I am trying to save money for the $1000+ gelding procedure, but I have not witnessed any stud like behavior from him whatsoever. He is now 3ish years old. Yesterday I noticed a bag on my 6 year old mare. She had NEVER done this, and has lived in this pasture for almost 3 years. The other mare does not have a bag. The 6 year old has never been bred, never been around a stud except for the shetland. She is 15.1 hands tall and he is barely to my hip (and I am 5 feet tall.). Today I was able to easily squirt liquid out of both her teats.....clear and slightly salty. (Yes, I tasted it. Don't judge. LOL!) I have researched that some plants can cause a mare to bag up, but does it cause them to produce liquid? Also, wouldn't it cause both mares to do this? There are two other mares across the road from my herd, but neither of them are bred, or recently had foals within the past 2 years. Yes, I'm taking her to the vet tommorrow afternoon, but I have been worried since yesterday. If she was bred by the shetland, she would literally have to have laid down for him. There are no hills, ditches, even a picnic table in my pasture, and she could not have squatted down that far. Ideas?