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  1. Slowing And Keeping Head Down

    I have been working with my paint gelding for quite some time now. Hes getting better each day but theres two problems im having with him. He wont keep his head down unless hes in a walk and he wont slow down at all. When hes walking he drops his head but its still a pretty fast walk but thats not too bad. His trot and canter are my main concerns with speed his trot is way too bouncy for me and it ends up hurting my sides and he takes his turns too sharp at the canter and nearly makes my feet hit the ground. His head just pops up as soon as he gets into the trot and stays up until hes walking again. I ride both english and western on him and use a hackamore his trot is perfect for english apart from his high head, western not so much. I would use a bit in him but he flops his bottom lip the WHOLE time that bit is in his mouth and he doesnt listen very well in it either, I use a snaffle when I do use a bit. Any advice on making him slow and keep his head low? Thanks :)