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    Of course riding horses !
    But also I love cooking, swimmingand hanging around with my friends :)
  1. Get An Indoor Riding Arena?

    Okay I will check this out ;)
  2. Get An Indoor Riding Arena?

    Thank You for your answer dondie! Some of these points I can fulfill like the available space/land. As for the costs, they have to be clarified in the end with the seller. On this site I found another examples of which I think I can afford because they're looking like these on your site: Your link is a good source. The halls look also like tents as in my pics or is this always the metal structure or what kind of material is this? I didn't really found it on the website :/ Greetings, Jenny
  3. Get An Indoor Riding Arena?

    Hi, I just introduced myself and want to tell you all about my plans: So, me and my family are currently discussing whether to buy/build an indoor riding arena or not. I want to use it to train my horse Penny when the weather is too cold, rainy or windy! And we are living in the UK, so there is often bad weather! Of course I love to ride outside, but sometimes I would like to do some more training... I'm searching for something like this (maybe not that big) I hope you can you reasonably imagine what I mean But I'm not sure yet to build something like that up by ourselves or by professionals. Enough space is available... In addition another question would be how big the arena should be at least? So what do you think? Is it worth to buy or build an arena up? For any advices I would be very thankful.
  4. Favorite Breed Of Horse?

    I like a lot of breeds but some of my favourites are American & Belgian Warmblood, also Quarter Horse is best. ;)
  5. Hey Horsecity!

    Hey thank you for welcoming me. Oh of course I too much snapshots of Penny. Should I upload some of them here? ;)
  6. Hey Horsecity!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Jenny and I just wanted to say Hello as a new Member! To ride and train my horse with the name Penny is my big hobby. I think this here is a great community and maybe I will get some ideas or advices about riding and horses greetings:)