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  1. Trading Board Still Active?

    Hey Barb! ;p What were you before, PT? Serah, i dont remember the password! Lol! I did have it, but that was eons ago. I think it was a simple word.....
  2. Trading Board Still Active?

    Howdy! Been great! Still have my ponies, dont have the husband! Bwahaha! Im mostly just on facebook now. How are you? There arent too many names i recognize anymore!
  3. Trading Board Still Active?

    Wow, looking through the forums.......HC is not as hopping as it used to be! Lol!
  4. I had access many moons ago. Am lookin for some stuff and figured i'd peek in here. Hello everyone who knows me! :) Let me know what i need to do to get access to the trading board, pretty please with cherries on top?
  5. Welfare? And Have Horses?

    Sigh....you guys are completely missing my point. If you knew me, you would know that I am the last person on the planet with a sense of entitlement. My point is that I do not feel like I should apologize for QUALIFYING for public assistance LEGALLY and using it. I have not been on any kind of assistance for YEARS. Because I no longer qualify. Because the GOVERNMENT thinks I make too much money. Which is AWESOME! THERE is my sense of pride! I started out as a single mom working two jobs and going to school at night on assistance....and slowly through the years got my degree and slowly got off the assistance. WHY should I have turned it down when I qualified? And why should I begrudge someone else who is using it PROPERLY? When I and my hubby work, we pay taxes back into the system as we should. And we don't complain about paying taxes. Yes, the kids got WIC and reduced lunches while I owned horses. But again, I QUALIFIED. I qualified WHILE my husband was active duty in the Army AND WHILE I worked. I certainly wasn't proud to sit in the office and wait to go through the registration process, amongst the type of people who were going to stay on the assistance and have that "gimme" attitude. Because that wasn't and isn't me. So I will say again, hate the government for offering the programs, or hate the people who abuse the system. But don't hate the people who use it the way it was intended.
  6. Welfare? And Have Horses?

    Yup, I have the most ungodly sense of entitlement ever. Me, me. me, gimme, gimme, gimme. (Last I checked, I pay taxes too.) I'm in a mood tonight and I don't care. I'm one of those who TRIES not to judge until I've walked a mile in someone's shoes. Of course you guys aren't jealous.....I was trying to make a point because you really do sound pitiful whining about it. I realize this is the debate board, but seriously, why be so judgmental? I have enough stress and issues in my own life to worry about what others think about the choices I've made in my life. Which I think has turned out pretty good! Night!
  7. Welfare? And Have Horses?

    WIC asks for your income and number of family members. They don't give a rats bootie what your bills are, how many horses you have, if there's value in your gold teeth, etc. I've been on food stamps, I've been on welfare. (Not with horses, but I did own a dog.) My kids have been on WIC, reduced lunches at school, and I've gotten the Pell grant to pay for my degree WHILE I OWNED HORSES. And I'm not going to apologize for that. We no longer use/qualify for any of those programs because we frankly make too much money. And I'm glad for that. I used the system the way it was meant to be used. It helped us UP and we got OUT. Even owning horses (*GASP* The HORRORS!!!) I think the "boo hooers" are just jealous that they don't get any help. Seriously, it's THERE......if I qualify, I"m going to use it. If I don't, I wont. You can't blame someone for using it if they qualify for it. Blame the government for offering it, but don't blame the people that use but don't abuse. It just makes you all look bitter.
  8. Broken Joint Capsule Prognosis?

    Thank you CVM, I will let her know. I know that she did do a round of pretty heavy duty stuff (injected and orally.) When I saw it, she said that it was bleeding again where it hadn't bled for the past couple of days, but there wasn't any puss or clear fluid. She was contemplating having the vet back out to make sure it's healing ok, and I will encourage her to do just that. This mare is her heart, I hope she can at least lightly ride her again one day!
  9. YES, the horse is under a vet's care. It's not my horse, but the owner didn't really know (or want to know) the answer, she's taking it all one day at a time. Situation: Horse got kicked square in the front of the hock in the pasture. It created a large laceration crossways across the entire front of the hock. X-rays show that there are no broken bones, but the joint capsule was ruptured. Fluid was leaking from joint. A week later, horse is relatively sound at the walk, head bobs at the trot, and skips steps at the canter. Horse is still kept on pasture at vet's ok. Has anyone dealt with an injury like this? The owner is pretty convinced at the very least the horse will have arthritis (as am I.) But she didn't remember the vet giving a prognosis, or she just didn't hear it in her panic. If the horse is going to be permanetly unrideable, she will keep her anyway, but I was just curious if this even has a possibility of healing itself. I can't find too much online about it. TIA!
  10. 2011 S.e. Horsecity Camping Trip

    PBS, ride with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again! And don't feel bad about missing the last one, I didn't bring a horse, and I'm probably the absolutel closest HC member possible to the darn place! Hahaha! I'm game for whatever. Hopefully I'll be able to actually stay this time!
  11. Alcoholism

    You can do it. It's hard to walk.....walking was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. I loved him with more than I imagined. Looking back, it seems like a dream more than a memory. That love that I had for him was so unhealthy..... For someone that has never expereinced it, they cannot understand. But there are so many women here that have been in your shoes. We got through it and you will too. I'm re-married to an awesome man and provider for my children, who has made all my dreams come true......and taught me what real love feels like. Just take it one minute at a time. You can do this for yourself.
  12. She is a very pretty girl! You've done a good job with her. I agree with codysmom that you need to shorten your stirrups and strengthen your lower leg. I only watched one video, but it appears that you are doing a pretty good job of getting off her back (not staying off it, but that's where leg strength comes in) and staying out of her face when you jump. Although you are accomplishing this by throwing the reins away! You need to keep contact with her while she is jumping so she doesn't develop bad habits such as rushing. Do a crest release when you jump so you stay out of her face once you pick the contact back up. My biggest suggestion is to work on that lower leg. Shorten your stirrups at least 2 holes, maybe 3. That will help in keeping your heels down. You want your lower leg to be your stability so if she's not used to the leg contact and speeds up when you put your calves on her, you will have to work on that. Post at the trot without stirrups while keeping your lower leg steady. She does appear to really enjoy it, and you definitely have done a good job without lessons! Get your hunter/jumper friends to give you pointers and keep up the good work!
  13. Dog Toenails

    My little Mo dog ripped his toenail completely out one time. It bled A LOT. I stopped it with flour (only thing I had on hand) and it eventually grew back like new. Good luck!
  14. Goat Folks! Help! (pics Now!)

    Thanks guys!!!! Yes, Mr. Buck already has an ad on craigslist. I have a friend that owns a couple mini bucks, so if I so desire I can rebreed her later on. Last I checked he is still in the pasture. But if he gets out (my yard is double fenced) it doesn't really matter because mama and baby are sleeping in the house tonight! It's supposed to be 20 degrees tonight and I just couldn't stomach the thought of waking up to a frozen dead baby. I still had a large chick brooder in the house (see, procrastination pays off) from when I put the chicks outside last week. So mama and baby are sleeping in that. She seems a little weirded out, but finally laid down with baby. I think I'm going to have to change mama's name since I will no longer have Sonny. Cher isn't too flattering of a name.