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  1. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    Thank you for marking up the pictures. This helps so much because I know what I need to look at. I can see all the areas I still need to work on, which I didn't see before. I fixed everything you pointed out on Wednesday. Last night I treated the frogs real quick and on the right front outside hoof, from the tip of the frog all the way down to the heels a big gap open up. I'm assuming this means the outside heel opened up more! I can't wait to see what changes will happen in the next couple of weeks. I also noticed yesterday that my mare is not rope walking anymore...yeah I'm so happy right now. Thank you for everything you do!
  2. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    I'm glad you figured out how to copy the pictures!!! I tried to post them here but they were tiny or I had one big one and the other ones were small. Anyway got some new pictures. I think the frogs are looking great. I'm not sure what to do with the lateral toes on both fronts? Do I need to take height of the bottom or roll the outer edge more? Also the toes look really long to me. Should I back them up more but than I would go behind the white line? I can't wait to find out what you think.... hopefully I'm close now! Thanks again
  3. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    Flickr is so much nicer than Photobucket. Missyclare..... I hope you can copy the pictures now. Thank you
  4. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    I opened up a flickr account, so hopefully next time I post pics you won't have any problems saving them. I re-red everything and it all makes sense. I just have a hard time taking the inside down and than trying to take the outside quarter. I feel like the hoof is back to what it was. I think I will have to deal with the trush until the heels bulbs are back too were they are supposed to be. They are still quite a bit pushed to the inside but a huge improvement too were I started! I finished the NoThrush powder and I'm not impressed. I red that oil of oregano is supposed to work real well so that is what I'm trying out now. If I don't see a lot of improvement in the next couple of weeks I will go back to apple cider vinegar. I'll post new pictures in a few days. We just got a bunch of snow and it's hard to take good pictures when everything is muddy.
  5. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    If you right mouse-click on the picture and click on "Save image as" then the picture will save on your desktop or were ever else you want to save too
  6. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    Thank you MissyClare for replying... It's been snowing, cold, now warming up and muddy but should be drying up in a couple of day's than we go back to dry and hard clay ground. I'm afraid once everything dries up the heels contract again. The crack in the frog on the left front is still quite deep. I absolutely agree with you that the heels are still pinching the frog, but I don't know what else to do to help open the heels up. The right front still looks way off to me. She still seems to break over on the outside toe. When I look at the hoof from the bottom everything looks like it is level, but from the front it looks like the outside toe quarter is high? I do feed vitamin/ mineral supplement This morning I was getting some more bar and now the hooves look quit a bit different than 2 days ago. Are the bars causing all the imbalance in the heels?
  7. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    I have been thinking about updating for a while but I wanted to make sure there is some progress. It's been slow going but I think I got some really good improvement now! I'm still treating for thrush just stoped soaking a couple of weeks ago since it got too cold. I also switched from apple cider vinigar to No Trush powder. I haven't made up my mind yet which is better but I like that the No Trush is a power and it's still there the next day even if it is muddy. I still got ways to go but I'm seeing the end of the tunnel :). MissyClare .... could you take a look at the new pictures and tell me what you think? I think I got the left front under control...I just have to make sure I take the inside toe when I lower the inside heel. But the right front I'm not sure what is going on. Is the inside toe and heel still high? Or just the heel? Thank you MissyClare have been of so much help already and I really appreciate your input!
  8. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    I have been soaking the hooves for a couple of weeks now. Borax soak daily and than sprayed apple cider once a day. I'm not seeing much change, but I was able to take a lot of bar from the soles. I think I'm pretty close to live sole now. She is definitely a lot more comfortably,but I know the hooves are still not balanced. When I mark up my pictures it looks like the outside on both hooves is high now? MissyClare could you mark up both hooves again? I would really appreciate have been so much help already. Thank you Left Front Right Front
  9. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    Just wanted to update real quick. She was still walking good this morning. I cleaned the hooves and couldn't believe that the honey was still everywhere under the dirt. Anyway I cleaned the back of the frog and my hoof pick went in at least a 1/2 inch in the cleft of the frog. This never happened before! Could the honey actually be working? I ordered some magic cushion and hopefully that will help get rid of the thrush and make her more comfortable.
  10. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    Thank you Missyclare for taking the time to do all the markups!! You do an amazing job and I really appreciate it. I did trim my horse yesterday morning. She walked of fine but a few hours later she came in for some water and was hardly putting any weight on the left front. She always does that when I take that medial side down and I can't figure out why? Could Thrush cause her to be that lame? I didn't think she could have thrush since her frogs are bone dry, but she doesn't like me cleaning out her frog in the back of the collateral grooves. Anyway I didn't have anything for thrush, so I decided to try honey until I get some Thrush buster. At dinner time she walked good, even trotted a little. Her hooves were packed with dirt from the honey. Did the dirt give her some support? Missyclare do you have any ideas why this keeps happening? Thank you I'll add some pictures later
  11. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    I meant 1.5 inches from the heel bulbs. Letting her heels grow only forces her onto her toes. The bars don't grow normal, as they grow they get smeared onto the sole. I posted the last picture to show what happens when the heels don't get trimmed. Layers and layers of bar. The problem is that both front hooves are off center getting pushed to the medial side. The right front worse than the left front. This makes her rope walk, she has a hard time turning and when she goes down hill she has to zig zag.
  12. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    Thank you Missyclare for taking the time to look at my pics. I was really hoping you would!!! I got more pics and I hope I got what you needed.[user]=129597064&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 I hope you can copy the pictures from photobucket or should I post directly to this website? I can't wait to find out what your opinion is. Thank you again
  13. Need Some Help Balancing Wry Hooves

    Those heels are 1.5 inches tall..... I wouldn't quite call that extreme? But maybe I'm wrong and that's why I'm here to find out. The soles are still covered in layers of bar from being unbalanced for a long time. She hasn't shed sole in years. Here is a pic from before I even thought about trimming myself. The Barefoot Trimmer refused to take any heel because she wasn't shedding sole and wasn't ready.