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  1. 1.5 Year Old Filly Kicking, Rearing, And Biting

    Nick and Floridacracker I am sorry that you think this is fake because it is not. I am new to horses and I wanted advice on how to handle this situation. However, I guess maybe the internet is not the best place for advice. Yes I agree that my confidence level is not where it needed to be and she knew that. However, I am working on that. That is why I asked for help on here and with the horse people I know.
  2. 1.5 Year Old Filly Kicking, Rearing, And Biting

    Thank you for the advice. At this time I do have the former owner coming over to see what's wrong. He says Peaches has never even tried to bite when she was little. There may be the possibility that she is getting to much grain and it is amping her up. I am going to cut back on the grain. We shall see how it goes.
  3. 1.5 Year Old Filly Kicking, Rearing, And Biting

    Thank you for the advice. I pretty much figured that I had let her get the upper hand. I apologize, I should have clarified that my horse is a full grown horse and not a mini. I am going to take your advice and work with her. This morning I backed her up and would not let her eat until I gave her permission. I had read that this is one way to show who's boss. I am also going to get some help. As you can see I am very new to horses. However, I just love them and I so desperately want to learn to be the right kind of horse person.
  4. I just began taking riding lessons earlier this summer. I have had 2 miniature horses as pets for the past three years. My husband surprised me with a 1.5 year filly about 2 weeks ago. The first two weeks have been great. She was calm, she let me groom her and do her hooves. The past week she has started biting, hard enough to leave bruises. Saturday I went out into the field and put her on her lead to have her walk around the pasture with me. We made it around one time and then at the start of the second round she started throwing her head and she reared up on me. I let go of the lead because it startled me and so I could back out of the way. I then took the lead again and had her walk with me to the gate. Yesterday I groomed her and then tried to do her hooves. She did not let me. I decided to wait to do her hooves because she had just came in from being chased around the field by my dominant mini. Today, I came home from work and went into the field, put her on the lead, and was trying to lead her to the post so that I could clean her hooves. She kicked me in the back with her front hoof and tried to bite me. When I told her no, she then reared up on me. Again, I let go of the lead. Then when I went back to grab the lead, she would rear up on me. So I unhooked the lead. She would come up to me then try to bite me. I would tell her to quit. I tried just standing by the fence, but then she started running toward me and rearing up at me. I then climbed under the fence to get out of the field. I know that I have messed up because she does not see me as the boss mare. What can I do to correct this behavior?