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  1. Please vote for LP cash n charms on photo contest
  2. Favorite Western Saddles?

    Dondie thank you I got templets I've used a wire coat hanger baling wire rubber coated wire an a flexible curve to make templates of her withers and back I just sent some to tucker saddlery aka circle y so they can suggest the best tree. I'm also keeping a templet in my car, my husband says I'm loosing my Mind but hey my mare went from easy to saddle even after a winter off as a 2-3 yr old to not allowing the saddle with in 3 feet of her, I noticed it dident look right last summer but figured she was out of shape but, the total attitude change dident add up. I'm also a fan of the 3 way rigging another reason I was looking at circle y, but I like martins adjustable rigging also.
  3. Favorite Western Saddles?

    I think I tried a crates or maybe it was a courts? Ugh I sat in about 15 saddles that day an none of them felt right the cantle was either to low or stirrups felt to far back, being a barrel racer an colt starter I like my feet in front of me, sat in a treeless tex tan but I felt like my legs were behind me. I'm taking a note pad to expo to write down names like dis likes. I just wanna ride my horse.
  4. Favorite Western Saddles?

    Iv heard that about circle y I had 1 I bought used about 10 years ago an no matter what new saddle I bought I rode in circle y over them but it finally had to get thrown out so that's why I'm looking at them, I like the idea of the jbn but I've rode in a bob Marshall tree less an dident like it. I'm taking wither tracings to our local expo an plan on trying every saddle their.
  5. Favorite Western Saddles?

    Here's some pic the white isn't from a saddle,it's from another mare, I have a tex tan roper but since she filled in it doesn't fit
  6. Favorite Western Saddles?

    She's cutting bred 14 hh and stout, I'm mainly looking at barrel saddles. Just want others opinions on western saddle brands, I'll probably end up with a Martin, or a circle y. As I figured out she gets extreamly sour in ill fitting saddles.
  7. Favorite Western Saddles?

    I'm in search of a new saddle what's your favorite saddle and why? My mare has a very short back and wide shoulders. Does any one ride a just b natural by circle y?
  8. Circle Y Flex Trees

    Bump, also interested in the flex 2 trees any new reviews
  9. Trends

    I've been searching saddle sites an them darn double ts keep getting me I'm like OH look at that, oh it's dang it's crap, if only they were as nice in real life as the pic makes em look. As for trends camo is making a come back! An I'm in love with weavers new patterned smb's
  10. Haven't been on for awhile because of work, an now that my mare is 5 my saddle is way to narrow in need of saddle reviews, what is the best saddle for wide withers, and short backs (22in back) she's cutting bred with a smudge of racing,I took a tracing of her withers to a tack store an they fit a 8.5 inch wide gullet on a crown c but I'm pretty sure it would have gone behind her hips, her back is so short! Any one else run horses with short backs ?