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  1. My Horse Was A Brat With The Farrier - Kicked!

    Yes, sounds like a pain issue somewhere in the area of that hip or leg. My horse, on occasion, will give me a hard time lifting a particular foot because he is hurting. He usually lifts each hoof as I go around cleaning them with no problem, so when he resists, I know he is trying to tell me something.
  2. New Horse Diagnosed With Navicular

    Update us please! I have been using a natural hoofcare trimmer for years. He has worked with Dr. Bowker. All the horses he has seen with supposed "navicular", have gone sound after he has trimmed them and worked with the owners. I've personally seen several horses over the years who have been shod according to the old methods, and most everyone of them has either been temporarily helped or has not been helped at all with the "corrective" shoeing. I believe correct trimming is the way to go, and if necessary, hoof boots used for trailing. It is important to trim regularly and at shorter intervals than a horse without these problems.
  3. Dr.jeykle/mr. Hyde

    I agree with Smilie. This horse's behavior sounds very similar to my gelding's behavior when I got him many years ago. I worked on the ground, round pen, longing, over obstacles, etc. and taught him to stay out of my space for respect. He used to run at me with ears pinned also. He now respects me much more,but periodically needs to be reminded that I am his "leader". Under saddle, he has always been willing and listens. On the ground was always the problem.