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    Horseback riding, swimming, camping, fishing, fourwheeling, mudding.
  1. Critque My 4 Year Old Appendix Gelding.

    With more work and defining his muscles, I really want to see if he has what it takes to succeed in barrels. He is extremely soft and supple under saddle. Long stride and quick turn on the hind quarters and he stops collected and under himself really well!
  2. Critque My 4 Year Old Appendix Gelding.

    Kite's momma was straight off the track TB (I have no idea of her registered name.) Apparently the story I herd was the neighbors QH stallion got in with her "somehow" (unregistered) and Kite was born lol. He wasn't touched for two years and was still with his momma when I got him FREE.
  3. She's a gaited Paso Fino mare. About 14 hands. Seems to have very shallow withers almost level with her back and then her topline is very thick? First gaited horse I've ever owned. And have no idea on what her confirmation for the Paso breed should be. Shes foundered a year and a half before I bought her (a week ago) Took her to my farrier and fixed her feet up better. (These pictures were all taken before she got her feet redone)
  4. Hello From Kansas!

    Thank you very much!!
  5. Critque My 4 Year Old Appendix Gelding.

    Kite with trainer backing up
  6. Critque My 4 Year Old Appendix Gelding.

    Ugh how do you post pictures lol
  8. So Much Energy!

    Does being half thoroughbred have anything to do with him bring high strung? The trainer told me to cut out all grain and just provide him with good quality hay or he'll have too much energy. That can't be right can it? He's a very hard keeper and needs something to keep his weight up. He's not the type of horse that just gets fat on air like my Paso Fino mare lol.