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  1. Hey

    Memember me?
  2. Then a Banty he is. I don't know what kind of hens these are. Big and white. I bought them a couple of Easters ago out of the Easter chick cages at the feed store. I bought five for $10 thinking a couple would just die off. i did not ahve a lot of confidence in the husbandry of the feed store workers. But all of them lived to adults. One got her head stuck in the fence, another one got a cough last winter and died. I'm not sure how long a chicken is supposed to live but the rest seem to be good and healthy. All my hens are already sitting eggs, I just take them away every day. I don't mind the cost of keepin them it's threaputic(sp)for me. They're fun to watch. I a couple of pics but they are of him running away so they're kinda blurry. I'll try to get a better on and post it.
  3. He doesn't have the coloration of a Banny, but since he's so small I suppose he could be. He's a rip snorter just the same no matter what he is. He did have him a lame foot when I caught him, so I imagine he had a pretty good scrap with something that got him lookin for the comforts of pen as opposed to roughing it in the brush.
  4. Well he's mine now! A couple of weeks ago I was out at the barn to feed up one morning and darn if that little guy wasn't hangin around my chicken pen, flirtin with my hens. After gettin my Boarder Collie Mandy out there with me and couple of blown attempts due to the barn cat trying "help" and our Boston Terrier trottin up to see what all the commotion was about, me and Mandy got him in the chicken coop. Now who says you can't herd chickens?! He's only about half the size of my hens but that doesn't dissuade him from struttin around and given them the business. We call him Tag, short for "tag your it" cause that's what he'll do ya when your not lookin and your between him and "his" hens. He's not big enough to hurt you. Maybe in the summer on bare skin, but for now he just tags you leg then runs away. Kinda like counting coup. He's got spunk and I like that. I've already seen a boost in their egg production and now the yolks are thicker and darker yellow. I'm assuming, not knowing that much about chickens, theat he may be "fertilizing" those eggs. When the weather warms up, i'm gonna mark a few and leave them in there for the hens to sit. Might have a few biddies in a little while thanks to my free rooster, Tag.
  5. War Horse On the field of battle Statues there Muscles tensed And nostrils flared Standing strong In a moments time At masters? beckon To charge the line Pride and fear And courage meets Marching inside To the droning beats Bugles blare A call to rise Flexion necks And blood shot eyes Brutal advance At masters? spur Destroying lines As colors blur Galloping, plunging And crashing steal Cries of men And iron will Steadfast and ready True and proud Courageous and loyal With death around Magnificently in tune To the rhythm of battle Performing their duty In this life and death struggle War Horse
  6. Look Out! China Bubble Could Blow Anytime

    He was makin sense, that's why they canned him. Can't have the truth gettin in the way of the agenda.
  7. Happy Xstivus

    Usually starts with cloths on, but after much drinking, singing and dancing, know. I was trying to pull off a traditional Gouren wrestling attire. No kilt for this match, but traditional Scottish Backhold wrestling is in a kilt, and not much else, save for a belt to hold it up.
  8. How Do You...

    You take what they can give and cherish it for what its worth between you. It's a tough thing to feel let down or unfufilled. But cherishing the every iota of what you get, however finite it may seem, will lend itself to fulfilling the void. To this person, it be all they can muster.
  9. Happy Xstivus

    Well thank you. Yes the Border Plaid is different, not unlike those of us that sport it. My dad has our crest but I have not seen it in years, so i don't remember what the heraldry is on it. I need to get it and have a broach made for going to the games.
  10. Happy Xstivus

    Don't get your hopes up this was a Champ O' da Gramps match with me and the founder of the local Goruen "club". He's got a bum ankle so we were basicaly takin grips for him to get some publicity pics and what not. I did win this comp and had some realy nice throws, but none on video. I'm Scots/Irish, from the boarders region. Beatty is my last name, trace my ancesters back to the Boarder Reivers of ancient times fuedal times. A motely group of mercinary types who may even fight each other for the right kind of pay. Decendants of the Picts and Saxons mostly. Sort of the anti-knights of the era. Known for our exceptional horsemanship and combative skills, not to mention boarder raiding and pillaging prowess. Our kilt is the Boarder Plaid or Shepards Plaid. It aint pretty, but its ours.
  11. Happy Xstivus

    Funny you should mention that, I already compete at a local Scottish games in the wrestling. That's me on the left, the type of Wrestling is a ancient form of Celtic wrestling known as Gouren.
  12. Happy Xstivus

    I'm proposing that all current Festivus Feats of Strength champions congrigate in a grand meadow around a giant Fetivus pole and compete until only one champion remains. This person could be be know as the Festivus Maximus! Of course there will be copious feasting and drinking of alcohol, singing and a large fire to dance around.
  13. Look Out! China Bubble Could Blow Anytime

    Whoever is supplying the capital for these projects will be the only ones to lose out. Joe Blow Chinaman living in squaller at the footstones of these grand places will continue to live by their means. They have not yet been conditioned to live beyond their means.
  14. Happy Xstivus

    Just wanted to include all of my secular friends in the wishing of happieness and good cheer for this holiday season. ETA: Xstivus has been celebrated non stop at my house since it's inception since I, being the ehad of the household, have not been pinned during the Feats Of Strength yet. I'm still takin on all comers!