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  1. What Bit Should I Use

    So I took my horse to a rodeo this weekend . It was our first time ever running together, & going to the barrel pattern , as soon as I let him go , & run , I lost all control of him , could not turn or stop him . His last owner ran him & placed in 2D , I was running him in a Jr. Cowhorse Bit ..... Smh . But switched to a combination & tie down for our pole run , our pole run I didn't let him go all out , & had a lot more control ... He normall gets 22sec , we got a 26 . But I had more control . Once again on flags though with the combination & tie down , I let him go all out & lost all control again . His last owner ran him in a stop & turn hack , I heard that was very harsh , & didn't want to resort to that , could it be that he has gotten use to te harshness & just doesn't care about any other options I used , or is there something I can do to fix this ? Any Recommendations?