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  1. Indoor Riding Arenas

    I wanted to see who here has built an indoor riding arena and could share their experience. I know I want to be able to put one up in the near future but what does it cost? My husband thinks it will cost 100,000 and I don't agree. We saved a lot of money on the initial horse barn doing a good part of the work ourselves. A friend has a 60 x 80 indoor built by Morton Buildings and she said it was like $60,000 and they don't even have sand and all you can do is ride in a circle. I just have a private barn so don't need something huge but yet not too small. Any input would be great full! I just can't be happy the rest of my life owning horses and not being able to ride half the year just because of the weather. We have a huge outdoor arena but its either too muddy or its winter.
  2. Broken Tree

    So I was cleaning up the tack room last week and noticed one of my circle Y saddles has a broken tree. Fortunately I picked it up for only $75 last year but is it worth having a saddle maker replace the tree or just buy another saddle? I know I can no longer use it being damaged, thinking about taking the fenders off and maybe someone will want the saddle for parts? Such a shame this happened...
  3. How many horses do you own?

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to ask everyone how many horses they personally own and how much time you actually spend time riding. We have our own small little property and currently have 8 horses and a mini donkey. Last year I downsized to 5 head and then my mother in-law passed and we ended up with 3 of their horses, so we are back up to 8. I love horses and I love to ride but I look back at the last couple of years and the girl that loves to ride has not gotten to ride much at all. In fact I feel like all I do is barn work and by the time I'm ready to ride, I'm too tired. My husband helps out around the barn when needed but for the most part he says the horses are my thing not his and I understand that. He rides occasionally. I thought about doing an onsite lease with a few but then I have to deal with people on my property and liability and that stuff. So how do you decide when its time to just really cut back and which ones to sell. I've been lucky the last few I sold went to good homes and still get updates of them. I'm just at the point of my life where I feel have less is more.
  4. Freezing Buckets, Question...

    I have purchased those $90 dollar insulated buckets a few years ago. I thought they would save me money not using electric heated buckets. I used them one winter and didn't like them. Here in ohio if it stays below freezing long enough there buckets eventually froze and there I was beating the ice out of them. I also noticed the horses didn't drink as much. I went back to the blue heated buckets that TSC sells. I don't worry about a fire hazard if taken care of properly. I stay away from using extension cords uncles absolutely necessary. Each horse has its own outlet on the outside of the stall they are plugged into. Keep the cord out of sight so they aren't tempted to chew and don't let the buckets sit empty, they will stay heated without water and will probably burn up. But if you aren't in a situation where you can't used electric buckets safely, then the insulated bucket will help than nothing at all.
  5. Making Money With Horses

    Well I'm hoping for some input from fellow horse folks, I am looking for ways to make extra money with our horses. I would eventually like to quit my full time job and work with horses again full time. We have 5 broke riding horses, currently have two college girls that come out and help with chores and showing/riding the horses with me at no charge. I have tossed around the idea of giving kids beginner lessons but my husband is concerned about liability and the cost to have extra insurance for this. One of the girls is a certified instructor already. We both have tossed around the idea of offering a farm sitting service for fellow horse people when they have to leave town. (I could start out doing this on my days off and possibly make it a full time career opportunity) We often would love to go places but trusting someone with your livestock is always an issue. So I guess I would like to hear your thoughts on making some extra money if you have horses or any service ideas you could offer other horse folks.