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  1. Bitless Bridle Help!

    Hey Everyone! I would like some advice and opinion on transferring my horse from a western d-ring snaffle bit to bitless. He is a 14 year old quarter horse and when we ride bareback and with just a halter and clip on reins, he does pretty darn well, on the trail and in the arena. He just seems happier and more responsive. I wouldn't say he fights the bit or drives through it, he does have a tendency to want to turn at points when I don't want him to, but I can usually correct that with my leg and seat. He does fine with a simple bit, but I have been taught to use the reins as my last option/aid, so I ride a lot from my seat and leg, which makes bareback riding and no bit, just about a good ride every time. I am considering going with a bosal or sidepull, any advice on these?? He doesn't run on me ever, he does spook occassionally, but it is only for a few seconds that he either does big leaps or small leaps to the side. So I feel like control with him is not an issue. And then with the reins, is it better to go from the side or under the chin? I have been told he is a neck reined horse, but I think he does fine either way. Last question? . . . can I go back and forth here and there between a bit and bitless? Just if I wanted to take him somewhere new and would think about having that control if I needed it. Thanks so much for any feedback!! Would really appreciate it!