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  1. Coughing

    Thanks that article was very informative!
  2. Coughing

    She's in a barn where she can go inside or out whenever she wants. I'll try wetting her hay. It's definitely worse when it's dusty. I also notice it's worse when it's humid but she's still been coughing now that the temps have dropped the past couple of days.
  3. Coughing

    My 15 yo mare developed a strange cough about a year and a half ago. She's been treated for pneumonia, asthma, and other things.. She's even had an ultrasound on her lungs and nothing... The vet said we could do further testing but she basically said that some horses just develope a cough for no reason or it could be allergies. Is there anything I can do to sooth her cough when it's acting up? I just started her on an allergy pouder to see if that will help but she's still coughing and with the weather changing it gets to be really bad some days. Does anybody have any advise on what to try?
  4. My 15 year old mare broke through a barbed wire fence on Saturday... She has a few gashes in her chest but weren't too deep so I just thought cleaning them with warm soapy water would make them heal on their own. Yesterday (Wednesday) I noticed a large lump next to one of the cuts. It's warm and kind of hard. This morning I went down to check on her and it still looks the same. Doesn't seem to bother her when I touch it and she's eating and acting completely normal. Should I wait a few days and if it doesn't get better call the vet? Has anyone else experienced anything like this?