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  1. Hello From Eastern Washington State

    Oh ok...thanks
  2. Hello From Eastern Washington State

    Reported for what? What are you talking about? I am confused
  3. Hello From Eastern Washington State

    Thanks everyone! ..... Nick.....The name August is a boy's name, albeit one of days gone by. It is acctually a family name, originally from Augustus, and shortened to just August. It's of German origin, and it's original meaning is from the Latin Augustus, meaning majestic dignity, or venerable. I noticed that you are located in Germany. Are there no August's there? I am German by blood (1/3 Native American...the rest German). My family hails from Harpstedt. I hope to go and visit Germany one day. My sister has been many times.
  4. Hello From Eastern Washington State

    Just a quick hello from here in Eastern Washington State. I am new to the board, so thought I would introduce myself. I have a 10 year old black & white paint gelding, and an aged companion appaloosa pony. I like to talk horses, especially health, feeding and training topics. I used to compete with my horses, but now I mostly trail ride. I am 45 years old, and my name is August.
  5. West Nile Vaccine

    Thanks Equinitis....maybe I will get to your area some day for a visit. It sounds like a nice place. I love the appaloosa motif under your posts...I am a sucker for anything colorful!
  6. West Nile Vaccine

    Thanks for the input Equinitis....I too just sort of work out my own unconventional system most of the time. I also live in a high desert environment, but mosquitos are really bad here. I think it may be because it is a big farming environment, so even if it is dry, the farms are constantly spraying water (wheel lines), and irrigation ditches run everywhere. I had the same issue when I lived outside of Phoenix. Mainly just alfalfa farms in AZ, so not so much spraying the water as just ground irrigation, but here there are crops for human consumption. I see your in New it not so bad there I wonder?
  7. Critique On My 2014 Apha Stud Colt

    Step Hi and Smoke Em Smokes Cash Bid Cute colt...well balanced. Seems like he likes to run, which is one of the most important things, that they enjoy doing what it is your asking of them.
  8. West Nile Vaccine

    Thank you for the responses. Fortunately the weather has gotten suddenly very cold here, and the mosquitos have gone. Hopefully this is the end of mosquito season? I will keep dousing them in Mosquito Halt if they return briefly. It at least gives me time to weigh my options now. Any other responses or experiences would be helpful.
  9. West Nile Vaccine

    Hello, I joined this forum in hopes of getting different opinions and experiences from other horse owners on vaccinations (mainly west nile). Who here follows a strict vaccination program, and who does not? Who only vaccinates for specific diseases? What of any reactions did your horses have? Do you think it worth the potential side effects (risks) to vaccinate? I live in Eastern Washington state where we are currently experiencing a west nile outbreak. There are TONS of mosquitos here! I am new to the area, and west nile was not a threat where I used to live, so this is new for me. I have a paint gelding, and an aged pony. I believe that the paint has received vaccinations in the past, but I'm not sure about boosters. The pony has most likely never been vaccinated. I have spot-on insect repellent on both of them, and I douse them in Mosquito Halt every evening. I bought two west nile vaccines (Merck brand) from the local feed store, but I am terriifed for one of them to have a bad reaction. I live in the middle of nowhere (literally), and it would take a vet up to an hour or more to get here in the case of an emergency. Any experiences or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....paintedwarpony