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  1. Dewormers For A Horse With Liver Disease

    Thank you that would be great! Yes I am aware of that. The point of my post was to find a safe dewormer to use on him to get rid of the worms. All dewormers, being chemicals/toxins, get filtered by the liver so have to be careful of what to use. Not to mention we aren't sure if he got the worms before or after the onsite of the disease. He has been seen by an internal specialist at mid Atlantic twice and they ran several tests on him.
  2. So my horse is still healing from the liver disease he was diagnosed with back in November. It's been a long road and will be a lot longer. After having 2 liver biospies (one of which he went under general anesthesia and they did laparoscopic surgery and used a camera to get a better view). His enzyme levels have started to come down. But now I have a new dilemma. I got a fecal sample done on him when my vet was out for spring shots/bloodwork and the results came back with 1200 eggs per gram of manure. My vet is in the process of looking for a dewormer that is safe to use on him but was wondering if anyone on here had any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  3. High Liver Enzyme Levels (Update And Milk Thistle Question)

    Update: We took him to Mid Atlantic and after an ultrasound and biopsy he was diagnosed with subacute hepatitis with multi focal single cell necrosis. Still don't have a cause for why this happened but he stayed at the hospital for a week and a half. Still has high enzyme levels (higher than before- when we took him in his GGT level was in the 800 range). He was on IV baytril, IV penicillin and IV DMSO for the first week there. Than was switched to Baytril, Dexamethasone and DMSO (all IV) when the biopsy came back and his numbers did not go down. He has stayed completely normal the entire time- eating, no fever, pooping/peeing, just plan normal. To keep the costs from going up and eating through the major medical we asked if we could bring him home and continue the meds, etc at home. He's been on Dexamethasone and Baytril since being home. He ends the Dex on Monday and is switching to Prednisolone for a couple weeks. The last blood test we did after he came home did not show much of a difference in the levels. Taking blood again next week to see where the levels are and will go from there. There is a chance he could go back down for laparoscopic surgery to get a better look at the liver with a camera if the levels don't go down. We are going to put him on milk thistle seed- I read that the whole seed is hard for them to completely digest. I've seen it in powder and bruised form as well. Which would be the best to get (powdered or bruised)? He also has a acupuncture/Chiro appointment next week, and we are looking into other things as well to help support the liver. I am working in close contact with my vet and the vet from Mid Atlantic!
  4. High Liver Enzyme Levels (Update And Milk Thistle Question)

    I've owned him for a little over 3 years. My mom and I have discussed contacting his previous vet but have not done so to my knowledge. (We used the same vet they did when I lived in Maryland).
  5. High Liver Enzyme Levels (Update And Milk Thistle Question)

    NaughtyNeigh- he does not have any swelling around his head/eyes. How did you come to find out it was protein related? We have never had his blood taken other than for the coggins test- so it is definitely possible that this has been going on longer term than we know. I contacted his previous owner- just wondering if they have ever had his blood drawn other than for coggins and have not heard back from her. My vet was back out today and took more blood to see if the counts have gotten lower, stayed the same or higher. She also took blood to rule out lepto. Still not sure what has caused the higher count- but he has stayed completely normal throughout this whole thing.
  6. High Liver Enzyme Levels (Update And Milk Thistle Question)

    Wouldn't at least some of the other horses at the barn show signs of something as well if that was the case?
  7. High Liver Enzyme Levels (Update And Milk Thistle Question)

    Not lame- just the swollen legs which lead to the blood test.
  8. High Liver Enzyme Levels (Update And Milk Thistle Question)

    He's a 14 year old TB.
  9. High Liver Enzyme Levels (Update And Milk Thistle Question)

    He gets 3 qts of safe choice performance am and pm. Calfmanna, soaked alfalfa cubes and a hoof supplement at night. And grass hay 3-4 times a day. He is an eventer- so dressage work (3-4 days a week), jumping (1-2 days a week), and trail riding (when possible at least 1 trail ride a week). He is ridden 5-6 days a week. He was inoculated I believe in September. I have the records at home and I am on the road.
  10. High Liver Enzyme Levels (Update And Milk Thistle Question)

    He gets mainly grass hay. Gets soaked alfalfa cubes once a day (at night) to help keep weight on him throughout the winter.
  11. My horse presented with 4 swollen legs- thinking it was tick related my vet drew blood. Everything came back normal except his GGT count (being in the 400 range when normal is 1-35), as well as another liver count that I don't know what it's called or the number his was. He was put on banamine for 2 days and tricloramethazide for 5 days (he will be through with that this Sunday) to get the swelling down. The swelling is now completely gone in the front and just very minor in the back legs now. Had more blood taken to send out to Cornell. Vet did an ultrasound on him and the liver looks fine. Got the blood results this morning- same as the first set. Everything normal but has high GGT and the other was high as well. He was put on SMZs and will get more tests done when he is almost done the bottle of SMZs. Also will be getting a fecal done to rule out worms. Other than the swollen legs, he is completely normal- eating, drinking, etc., no fever. Has anyone had this happen with there horse? Kinda at a loss with what is going on with him since overall he looks like he is in picture health.
  12. Stifle Ice Boots

    Has anyone had any experience with any brand of a stifle ice boot? It was recommended that I get a pair for my horse but can't find any reviews on any of the ones that have popped up in my search. Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated!