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  1. My Wife Mozelle.

    So sorry to read this((( hugs))) to your family. My prayers that mozelles journey is peaceful,and the family can also find peace in this very difficult time. ((Hugs)) PD and best wishes..
  2. Snotty Nose

    Heidi ,my horses have all been sick with snotty noses and coughing. In all the years of owning horses i've never dealt with snotty nosed coughing horses. Had vet out for mine and he put them on SMZ meds for 10 days,into day two of doing medication.
  3. BREAKFAST!!!!

    I don't do breakfast just not hungry in the morning,do a small lunch then dinner. My hubby & daughter do breakfast half hour after being up and both are starving.
  4. Happy 4th July

    Happy late 4 of july. I mowed the lawn yesterday it was hot and buggy darn deer flies are swarming. We did a night ride and mr palomino was rather jumpy guess the fireworks didn't help. Fireworks started on thursday so 5 days of people setting off fireworks around here. We don't have in our AC window units yet and house got to 80 degrees cooled down some over night. But i didn't sleep to good was just too hot for me. Need to get outside to do chores horses are waiting for their breakfast.
  5. Long Weekend??

    Well my hubby gets 4 day weekend off till wednesday now,hopefully he gets the bobcat fixed. Rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for saturday got storms thursday night also. PD hope you & your wife have a good weekend my mom went through chemo and it also made her sick. Daughter and i have been night riding have head lamps so it makes it real doable. Got caught in a thunderstorm thursday night pretty scary to be out in lighting flashing and big bangs of thunder. We ran our horses 3 miles to get home faster,they seem to know when it's serious so behaved real good,no spooking. Do night rides because bugs are so bad during the day,makes for miserable riding. Guess that the price we pay for living in minnesota with swamps all around us,not really liking mn that much the last few years. Horses have to be in the barn all day bugs are so terrible horseflies & deer flies just swarm,then the house like flies that bite. Hope everyone has a good 4 of july weekend. We are staying home so nothing exciting going on here for the long holiday weekend.
  6. Soggy Tent Day

    RW, it's done nothing but rain here got 2 inches yesterday. Sun is kinda out today but more rain coming in for tonight and tomorrow then rain for saturday. No big plans for the 4th just staying home.Hubby is going to try and fix his bobcat saturday so he can finish cleaning up the barn yard. Lawn needs mowed but doesn't look like it will happen with all the rain in forecast. Been riding when it's not raining horses are doing good need feet done boys have front shoes on. Farrier didn't show up yesterday and never called or texted. I set up appts for entire summer and he doesn't show up,not calling him he needs to call me damnit. So horses might go 12 weeks inbetween shoeings don't know why it's so darn hard for him to be reliable but it is.
  7. Anybody Else?

    I think this herrycolin is behind the PMS sent out. Then rejoined under a new name,to post like they are a long time member here.
  8. Anybody Else?

    You just joined 5 hours ago. How in the world could you even know what nick has posted on this forums,then you post word for word what SerahRose posted. No PM from new member here.
  9. Wet wet wet Wednessday.

    Rainy day here since sunday night through today have close to 4 inches of rain. Was dry well now we're in the monsoon season again.My horses don't care about the rain they're enjoying being out on pasture. Here's the pally's who are best buddies, and of course mr handsome posing for a pic.
  10. Light show Monday

    Wolf sounds like a fun weekend. Was a busy weekend for us daughter graduated from high school on friday evening my brother & sister came up from jacksonville FL, sister from Atlanta Georgia. So had a fun 4 days with them hadn't seen them for over 2 years. We had a big thunderstorm roll through around midnight lots of lighting and thunder poured rain and hailed. Got over an inch of rain last night. My mare ended up not being put down friday vet came and did a physical ,and found she had a loose infected tooth. Reason she wasn't eating good and in general was seeming to be going down hill. Had her teeth floated and tooth pulled out ,on Antibiotics and is feeling good and once again back to her old demanding self nicking for her breakfast & dinner. Thank goodness vet did a physical and didn't just put her down. A picture of the graduate
  11. May Day. How?

    Horsecrazy, your baby is adorable enjoy her while still in that baby stage. Love the hair. Your puppy will do fine with being neutered, had my now ten year old dog elliot neutered when he was 4 months old he did fine with it.
  12. May Day. How?

    Thank for the well wish's PD and everyone else,hard to do but i know it's the right decision. As i watch her struggle with day to day things i'm kinda at peace with my decision.I always said i wouldn't keep her alive for my selfish reasons. Would love to have her longer but that wouldn't be fair to her,she's 30 years old and has had a good long happy life. Beautiful day sun is shining so things can dry up lots of puddles and corrals are a sloppy mess. Got stalls to clean this morning and need to get outside to feed & turnout the horses. Daughter and i should be able to go trail riding today it's not pouring rain,got my housework done yesterday so i'm good to go. Hubby needs to get lawn mowers ready for the mowing season. Grass will need mowing here pretty soon as it's really starting to grow now.
  13. May Day. How?

    Long time since i posted on here hi everyone. Going good weather today is rainy windy & cold horses are in the barn today they were shaking. Made the toughest decision i've ever made. Will be saying goodbye to my old girl on friday may 12th she's declining so it's time before she suffers. Appt is at 2.30 pm not sure how her buddy will handle losing her, hopefully he's ok. Till then i'll spoil her and love on her. Will be a sad day for sure 27 years she's been with me. Sounds like everyone has been busy, SerahRose great picture.
  14. Wonderful warm Wednesday

    It's been windy for two days now it's just howling out there. I've had my horses in barn last two nights do to the bad winds. The two boys were shaking last two night when i brought them in,the old lady was fine but she's blanketed. Still have a wind advisory till noon today.
  15. My Wife.

    Hugs & prayers for Mozelle & hugs for PD.