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  1. New Addition

    Your welcome I love babies they are so fun and can be little rascals as well lol
  2. Super Excited Pics Added

    Thanks ozland and omg only a day away from getting my girl and I'm super hyped lol it's funny my friend is just as excited as me guess cause she will have me back at the barn with her
  3. Super Excited Pics Added

    Thanks guys and yes I'm way over the moon I keep counting down
  4. Why Is It?

    I to noticed hardly anyone gets on here
  5. Super Excited Pics Added

    Thanks guys i also appreciate nice looking bay horse it will be my first mare I ever owned I always had geldings
  6. Super Excited Pics Added

    Yes she is the bay and thank you
  7. Here We Go Again.

    I hope everything ok with your boy
  8. New Addition To Misfit Farm

    He is a very pretty guy
  9. Super Excited Pics Added

    Here are some pics
  10. Super Excited Pics Added

    Ozland I know what you mean I still remember my first horse I got as a kid I have always had horses just when things got ruff loosing my job and other life struggles I did what I knew was best for the situation and the horse but things are better now and I am blessed to be getting my new girl
  11. Super Excited Pics Added

    I'm having a super hard time waiting it seems like forever. Thanks everyone if I knew how to post pics I would post what pics I have of her. It funny it seems like it's meant to be I been looking for months and as some caught my interest they didn't like her I had to have her type feeling. I now regret giving my sister all my horse stuff lol
  12. I can't wait finally after a long 8 years I'm am getting me a horse well my hubby bought her for me get to pick her up February 21 what a great valentines day gift better than diamonds roses and chocolates lol pics to come
  13. Finally, I Have A Horse Again!

    Congrats I so can't wait to get a horse again I miss owning a horse so bad glad I got back in touch with a good friend of mine and I'm going to start riding hers and helping her out
  14. Finding Sport Boots That Fit?

    I would go with polos