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  1. The view from a mother's eyes

    A friend on Face Book decided to start a Horse City reunion and put me in the group without asking me. lol. So I tried to log in and guessed the wrong pass word so made another and then looked at my account and pictures and the list of friends are gone. lol. SO decided to look for names that might ring a bell and here I am to my long time friend I hope still anyway. lol. Wow, I had no idea that Jesse was riding broncs now. That is sooooo great that he had a great ride at a perfect time for it. He sure has grown up and changed so much since I saw him last but has been some years. He may not remember me but tell him Hi for me and congratulations. Wish you the best as well Pretty Lady. I never did make it to Texas like I planned to darn it. Take care of yourself.