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  1. Who Rode This Weekend?

    Boy if you lived in Missouri you wouldn't be asking about riding. lol.. Single digit last night when fed some hay and hands froze even with gloves. However good news next week in the 50's and 60's which is crazy for this time of year but fine with me. Have a trail obstacle competition lesson Monday the 20th just to brush up. Can't wait till spring to see how big guy will do in trail competition.
  2. Why Is It?

    Ozland don't you work at a Horse Rescue? I may be remembering a name wrong as I have been gone a few years but I looked online at the time at an Arabian you had if it is you. lol. If not I apology for my memory.
  3. Care To Share Some Pics?

    My been years since I have been on here and am lost how to do things. lol. Some really nice pics of people and their horses on here and enjoyed looking at every one of them.