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  1. Well this is a first. School was cancelled today because of the heat. It has been incredibly hot for September. 94 yesterday and supposed to be hotter today.
  2. Just had my horse done today. This is the first time my regular farrier has done my horse since I got him. He had been in training so the trainer was doing them. I want to keep him natural for as long as I can. He has great heel and hard feet and they are as far as he is concerned exactly what you want. My farrier just takes the toe back and bevels and takes out any flare, makes sure everything is nice and balanced and doesn't hack away at the sole unless it's not even. Since he will be riding on dirt roads a nice hard sole is important. Took about 20 minutes and costs 30$. It's really not a new thing. Your girl might be new at this so it can take a bit longer. And anything over $50 is over charging IMO. My guy has been doing this for a long time and he was telling me today that some of these younger farriers are charging $100 for a trim. I asked him if that was a warning lol. I told him if that was the new going rate I will be getting myself a rasp and some nippers and doing it myself.
  3. I have a feeling it might happen again. Housing in most major cities are at value and in a few major cities they are over valued. Right when I put my house on the market, the market jumped up. I think we had planned on listing our house at $75,000 and expected to get $70,000. Just as we started looking before placing it on the market there was a surge in price. Freaked us out because we only had so much for a home. Luckily the house we found had been sitting for a year and the seller had just got sick of waiting. Got them down from $180,000 to $156,000. Agent was pretty impressed with the deal we got for a move in ready 1800 Sq ft home. But in the mean time our agent decided to revisit what we originally decided to list our house for. Initially "January 2026" he said he would not even list our house if we asked $90,000 for it. I agreed at that time it would be too much. Aug 2016 he decided $90,000 was totally doable. Listed and it sold in 30 Days for $85,000. Could not believe how crazy prices jumped. I know it does not seem like a lot, but in that price range that is a significant increase. There is very little inventory and most homes are being bought by investors as rentals which was really frustrating for us. I had an investor offer me $30,000 for my little house. Oh heck no way. We made sure our house went to a family.
  4. No stall rest. She needs to move that leg. With something acute stall rest is fine but things like this need circulation. Have you gotten xrays? Maybe this is caused by a chip or something, but the swelling does seem rather extensive for that. A vet might work out a deal with you and be able to clean that joint up? Worst case would be infection of the joint but if it gets better after putting her out to pasture I would think it's more arthritis. I seen a mare with cellulitis last year and it did look just like this. She was 25 and in very bad shape. She ended up being put down unfortunately. But it looks like this mare is in great shape so that is definitely in her favor. Edit: after looking at some other photos I am going to just say this is cellulitis. She needs a really good vet ASAP.
  5. Thanks PD, my dad has a soft spot for animals and has loved horses since he was young. I would not even have gotten into horses had he not gotten me a pony even I was five lol. I would not be surprised to go out there and find him riding my horse around lol. I will be riding my gelding here and there too, but I am also working on getting his shelter built and I only have a couple of hours each day:( My dad actually asked if I could teach him to drive so he could get a buggy lol.
  6. My horse is home. I put up a fence out at my dad's house and he is happily munching down the pasture. I am paying a talented young lady to come out and trail ride him a few days a week for the next two months. I want him to have some down time but still get some relaxing work in until it gets too nasty to ride outside. She is lookinging forward to having some spending cash since being a college student isn't very lucrative. He did loose about 50 lbs at training. Maybe he picked up worms or something. He was not due for a worming for another week but just went ahead and wormed him today. My dad just loves him to pieces. He just can't get over how quiet he is for 3 years old and how he let's the grandkids touch all over his head "supervised of course". Now to start the shelter.
  7. Thank you for all of your kind words everyone. I do not think this is permanent. I honestly think the is post traumatic stress.
  8. Yeah it been tough. She can't go to school so now she has to home school. Her mood is terrible, she has horrible anxiety and she is very depressed. She has a port right now and has to keep it covered. Everything is starting to get to her.
  9. Ambers Kidneys are back to work. They just took their sweet time. A few weeks ago she developed an infection in her skull. They noticed it at a check up. She ended up needing to have a portion of her skull removed and in a few weeks will have a plastic plate put in. The said the infwction nosocomial or hospital acquired. Caused by a bacteria found in human digestive tract. Thought it best to not try and clean the bone, just replace it. She is still having some short term memory issues but they do not think a reaction to an illness like this will happen again. They said it's a fluke. Recovery will take a year at least.
  10. I hope she comes home feeling better quickly.
  11. I'm just so darn tired and burnt from putting this fence up that I have not had much of a chance to drop in and say hi. However, good news is that my mother did finally make it home from Beaumont.
  12. No, not fearless at all. Im 36 and he dumped me twice in one day lol. But I did not see a rank horse. I seen a scared horse who needed more guidance. Im glad i found the other trainer.
  13. That is very possible. Just was not a good fit. He is very timid and gets anxious when he is unsure about something. This new trainer was very good about not being hard on him when he messed up. No rewards but no punishment either. He said my horse wants to please and never acted like he was witchy or wanted to get out of work. He was also pushed a bit beyond his capabilities and ran too much previously. I'm taking him out to my father property. That will give us lots of trails to ride on, creeks to go through and some good exposure.
  14. I finally got to ride my horse tonight! He did great! Such a relief. We are not sure what made him go batty but he is back to his old self.
  15. Her house is in a little down by Port O'Connor.