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  1. Yes PD that is very true. There are surrounding areas that look like ghost towns. In fact, my current trainer lives in one. I could not believe the conditions of the homes people were living in over there. Those people have very little in the way of wants and highly doubt they can meet their needs. And I will say that a cell phone is absolutely a need these days. Phone companies won't even fix downed lines in poorer areas out here anymore. I have tried and tried to get them to fix the line going down my dad's road for years. They will not do it. He is on SSI disability and has a heart condition. He needs a phone.
  2. Well we bought this house last year and they did a new assessment on it so we had no idea what our tax bill was going to be. So a big chunk of that was just taxes. And in the same week we had car insurance, life insurance, house insurance and vehicle registration because of my birthday. We pay all of our stuff for the year because it saves money to do it that way. And someone who cant pay it all upfront is typically paying more. It's expensive to be poor:( Edit: $6000 not $7000.
  3. I am talking things like rent/mortgage, insurances, taxes, food, clothing, transportation public or personal and hygiene, water, trash, electric, heat, phone and Internet access. These things add up. I can tell you that August was an expensive month for me. $7000 just in taxes, and insurances and transportation. None of it is fancy high end stuff either, just basic run of the mill plans. And I shop around every 6 months. Now if I were working full time at McDonald's I could never afford that with my other necessary expenses such as food, electric, clothing ect.
  4. Except now it's people holding a full time job and another part time job just to cover basic expenses. People just do not seem to understand that the cost of things are getting higher and pay is getting lower. Just out of curiosity the other day I checked what the rent was costing at my old apartment. I paid $650 a month in 2011. It is now just shy of $1000. Thank goodness I own now but I try not to forget what its like to be under that sort of financial pressure. And as for it "being handed to you". Sorry but its a job and people should always be given a fair and dependable wage for any job they are doing. Restaurants and bars have been taking advantage of employees for a long time. The work load is heavy and not worth it IMO if I have to rely on the whims of others. And I just wanted to add that the worst tip I got was from a Sunday church group that left scripture. Sundays sucked for tipping. It was also a good time to schedule wait staff that supervisors were retaliating against for whatever reason.
  5. I think people need a steady wage and at least some finacial security. I am not a fan of tipping and I have worked as a waitress and many of these restaurants owners and managers are not the most honest bunch. I got burned far more often then I care to remember working as a waitress. Tips are not reliable and owners and managers always have an excuse for not covering waiters being shorted on tips and usually blame the waiter. So I am all for reliable wages and I think $15 an hour is reasonable pay for that work.
  6. I'm sorry Spanish:(
  7. I have a cat that eats and pukes it back up. She is 5. I switched her to wet cat food and she stopped but I had to keep my cat Bella on dry. Now layla won't eat the wet cat food and only wants the dry with Bella. So back to puking. She is fine otherwise. Plays, drinks, cuddles, never shuts up. I think her issue is that she scarfs her food down so fast she over eats and then it swells in her belly. Trainer had some progress already. He bolted twice today but the trainer did not fight with him, just let him run. Then he stopped and had a little thinking time and the trainer started over and things were good. Trainer says he does know a lot of good things already but stuff was skipped over. And confused would be about the best way to describe my horse. Smart, but confused. Met with a vet today and he looked over my horse. The vet noticed he had some small sore lumps in his sheath and swelling on his belly just in front of his sheath. Says he has some bug bit sensitivity and to spray him down with fly spray in that area. His left hock was slightly sticky on flexing. Cold hose and bute for now and flex again later and see if it improves. He said something that mild could have been caused by playing in the pasture but if it does not improve I might have to get him injected. But his knees look and feel great lol.
  8. I'm in Mt. Pleasant MI. About 2 hours from you.
  9. My boy got worked the moment he got to the trainers house and boy oh boy did he blow up. Trainer worked strictly on just putting weight in each stirrup. He bolted multiple times in either direction so it's not just a left side thing. He got really close running into a person "she should not have been in there" and running into the fence. But the trainer was very very calm. Did not get worked up and did not punish him. He said he is very smart and very scared a bit of an over thinker. I had a young lady with me today who told him that even she had ridden him before going into training and he never behaved that way. As scary as it was to see he really needed to get that out of his system. The trainer really wanted to give an inch and see how far he would take it. In a controlled setting obviously. He never mounted, just got up on both stirrups until he gave up on bolting. This will probably go on for a little while.
  10. Hard to say. It depends on what you are wanting to do. I see some pleasure lines on top. The bottom doesn't have anything I am familiar with but pedigree is really only part if the picture and imo not as big of a part as people like to make it out to be. I have seen a few ZCC bred horses with some horrendous legs.
  11. Thank you PD. I tried to talk them into going to UofM but he is so sick of doctors he said absolutely not. One thing I can't quite figure out is why they never had a neurologist looking over him. He has Myotonic Dystrophy type 2. I would have thought they would want neurology involved. I guess I am dwelling. My hauler cancelled last minute so my gelding did not go to the trainers yet. Later today we will head out there.
  12. They discharged him today. The surgeon wanted to do an exploratory surgery but the cardiologists said no because his BP is too low. They saud without doing the exploratory surgery they would not be able to figure out what was wrong. So they sent him home. I suggested getting a second opinion at UofM but my uncle doesn't want to.
  13. I decided to leave my current barn in October. Won't go into detail but I think its for the best. My horse leaves tomorrow for training so it won't be a huge deal because he will just go to the new barn directly after his training. Things like this just stresse me out is all. Im doing well with not smoking considering how terrible this week has been.
  14. Im making a birthday dinner for my In-laws. A whole baked chicken, mashed butternut squash and rosemary rice and quinoa. Yes, i cook for my In-laws for my birthday lol. I got a call yesterday out of the blue. My brother-in-law got himself in trouble because he is stupid and there really is no other excuse. Apparently he and a group of other people have been spray painting all over town. Well he just got busted. Called me bacuse he needed a babysitter while the cops ransacked his house with a search warrant. Yes, he has a child and owns his own home and is 28 years old. So I got to watch my niece for the first time yesterday. That poor child has open sores all over her bottom. That rash made me cringe. I guess she has had it for a while:( told my brother-in-law to take her to the doctor because it was probably a yeast infection. I did not want to come off too disgusted as I would love to see my niece again. But I think I failed...
  15. I will preface this by saying i did not watch the videos as of yet. I will say that I do not care what consenting adults do in their private lives. And mostly in their public lives as well. If 4, 5, 6 or more adults want to be in a romantic relationship, get married, have children, it is no business of mine. I wish them well. That being said, there are some groups of people that seem to use this way of life as a means to control and ostracize others. I am talking about the FLDS. But polygamy/polyandry is not exclusive to the FLDS. And then there is the situation with having more kids than can be adequately provided for. It's a touchy subject for as I am staunchly pro-choice and pro-reproductive rights. But having 20 or more kids seems a bit irresponsible to me. But again, thats not my decision to make. When I get a chance i will watch the videos.