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  1. Just Finished Quilt

    As broke as I am right now, I probably couldn't, lol. But how much???
  2. My SIL got a cat and I asked her not to get her declawed. Explained why. She did it anyway. Said, oh, I've had it done before. She'll be fine. SMH
  3. Just Finished Quilt

    I love it! Wish I could afford to buy it.
  4. My Newest Rocky

    Congrats! They're both gorgeous!
  5. Today A Good Horse

    So sorry! He's beautiful.
  6. New Quilt---Fixed The Pics

    Beautiful quilt! You did a great job on it.
  7. Cheri Wolfe

    So thankful no one was injured. Wish she was still on here to give us an update on her horses.
  8. I would like to do this, too, if it gets started up again.
  9. Throw Back Thursday....

    Thanks, oz! Would be great if more would come back!
  10. Throw Back Thursday....

    I still wear a t shirt that I received from an exchange. I wasn't able to afford to do the Christmas exchange but participated in the smaller ones. I miss them.
  11. I'm Not New But...

    Hi, Oz! I saw on another post that you were having to sell your horses. I'm sorry to hear that. I remember visiting you and seeing your beautiful herd.
  12. I'm Not New But...

    I changed my name. I used to be Just Me. But when I tried to login I couldn't. So to make it easier for me, I changed my name. I was a member of the MOBB for those that remember it. I never was much of a poster. I just lurked in the shadows, LOL. Red is my 27 year old MFT. He foundered many years ago and is now my pasture pet. Rowdy is a ten-year-old MFT. He is my main ride now.
  13. Forum Log-In/picture Load Problems?

    I tried to log in with my old username, Just Me. Couldn't remember my password so I went thru the whole process of requesting a new password, and couldn't log in. Said my password was wrong. I don't think so! I just made it! So, I made a new user ID, RednRowdy (my horses).