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  1. Nail In Hoof

    We are slowly increasing the hand walking each day. Vet wants us to wait a week or so before trying any trot work
  2. Nail In Hoof

    She's 10. The farrier is coming out in a week to trim her.
  3. Nail In Hoof

    Back foot. Which usually has a better prognosis than a front foot because the front feet bear more weight
  4. Nail In Hoof

    Yes she was update on tetanus and vet went ahead and gave her another one at the time of the injury.She's walking completely normal (her stride is good and she gets her heel down) but when she turns or pivots she is noticeably sore. After standing around for a while her first step or two are usually stiff
  5. Nail In Hoof

    Just looking for any experiences with this injury and especially success stories. Had my mare step on a nail a little over a month ago. Didn't discover it until a day later but had vet out within 30 mins. Took X-rays and injected dye and found that the nail had punctured the navicular bursa. Vet also believes it hit the coffin bone because the nail was bent. She's been on bute and smzs up until recently. Had 3 regional limb perfusions done. Started off wrapping with a poultice every day and soaking in iodine and Epsom salts. Eventually moved on to just wrapping with iodine soaked gauze and we are now wrapping with just vetrap because the hole is almost completely hardened over. She is also now on supervised turnout for about an hour a day plus hand walking. She's still sore but is walking good and is trying to buck and canter during turnout. I just wanted to see what everyone else's experiences were with this type of injury and just kind of wanted to be reassured that I'm doing as much as I possibly can right now. Of course I'd love for her to be 100% sound again, but i just want her to be comfortable.