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  1. 36 and cloudy

    It's just insane when 10* above feels warm! A town 1 hour south of me got to -45 below...they say it was possibly the coldest place on Earth! I am SO ready for summer!
  2. Hi. I gots a puppy.

    I liked him best too!
  3. Whoaaaa...it let me in!

    Holy cow! So many oldies! Anyone know if Katiemay or Buddyroo are still around? I had to get a new log-in...I think mine was some weird contortion of Tonto'N'Skipanova or something like that- haha! I mainly lurked on here, added a few 2 cents on KOBB. This is awesome!
  4. Thursday the 18th

    Yep- got out of that relationship as quick as I got into it, thank goodness! I do like moving- it's so fun. I think I'd be a gypsy if it paid haha! My husband isn't so keen on moving, so I think we'll be grounded for a few years to come.
  5. Thursday the 18th

    I think my longest has been 1 year and 9 months, besides a work-study job in college (but, I have had 3 kids in the mix and been a SAHM for quite a bit in there)! I like moving too- I just don't feel like the position I have now is the career I'll do forever...advancement seems null, pay is crap, and I already know I won't get a raise for 3ish years since they hired me at the top of the scale. Plus almost all of what I make is going to daycare, so the motivation is just not there. It's fun learning new things! I feel like I've gotten so much experience versus someone who's done just one thing...although I'm not sure employers see it that way. I did the military-spouse like for almost a year, so I contribute that to part of my gypsy-attitude :)
  6. Monday...

    I'm not sure if you can, but a lot of people in the town I'm from have had luck with putting the litterbox outside. I hope you find her! Edited cause I just noticed you said "food and litter"...I should maybe read more thoroughly :)
  7. Thursday the 18th

    I'm usually just a lurker- but your comment about work explains me to a "T"! I just started a new job in March, and I am SO bored. I just feel like I am not contributing or doing something that really helps others...it stinks! I'm 29, I think it's time to find my forever career haha
  8. Tuesday, Snoozeday...

    It is SNOWING here. Ugh. I am so not ready. I just moved my horses to where I live a few weeks ago...was enjoying the riding after work!
  9. Tuesday, Snoozeday...

    Liked for you PT :)
  10. Weekend End

    I think I have A & P books also! I'll take a look tonight. I have so many darn textbooks...
  11. United Healthcare?

    Has anyone here worked for them? Pros/cons? Thanks! :)
  12. Thursday End Of June

    Me too! I'm trying to remember who else moderated...?
  13. What Is Your Irrational Fear?

    I agree! It has taken me many many years after accidents as a kid to get over my fear of just getting on...and then riding in the open...having people ride up behind me, etc. The two horses I have now, though, have increased my confidence so much that I am finally enjoying pretty much any riding I do. :) Took me 2 years, but I trust them both inside and out! You are so right about the fear thing. My younger mare...I seriously regretted getting her, and could NOT get why my sister thought she would be good for me. Finally this spring, I figured it out; she tests you right when you get on. If you get after her, she rides amazingly and will do anything for you. For over a year, I skirted around her attitude, once I finally made her do what I was asking, she became my favorite to ride. She'll be with me forever :) My older paint is just overall very sensitive, so I HAD to get myself to relax or she is a nervous wreck too.
  14. Thursday End Of June

    I plan on sticking around :) Kinda feels like "home" since I spent so many hours on KOBB as a kid!
  15. Thursday End Of June

    This place is much more lively than it was a few years ago! Still not near what it was 10ish years ago...but it's better than it was!