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  1. Knee Bench Horse

    Does exist something what can help him? He doesnt seem to be in pain nowadays but he hobbles on that leg
  2. Knee Bench Horse

    He worked in agrotourism so much at summer and not too much at winter... On his back leg he has some genetic disorder. For first time when it appear we called Wet but he gave him like about 7/8 injections and it got only worse (he barrely moved) it Hurt him...
  3. Knee Bench Horse

    It looks like this :/ Could anyone help or Give an advice? In my near there arent proffesional vet to horses :/
  4. Knee Bench Horse

    Hello guys... I wanted to ask u for any advice... To be honest I have no idea whats going on but the horse Im riding (or I was riding) have some kind of sprouts growing on his knees... He had it in 2015 but then it dissappeared for a While (we were doing exercises and massages).. Now after 1 year it is back and it looks terrible again... Horse is 20 yo