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  1. What Colour Would You Call Him?

    I know in that photo they dont, but in person his mane is much much much lighter than his coat, and his tail is a mix.
  2. What Colour Would You Call Him?

    Would he be considered sorrel because of his lighter mane? I know its a personal preferance, but to my understanding 'chesnut' is used when a horses mane and tail are also chesnut, and 'sorrel' generally refers to chesnut horses with flaxen mane and tail? Thats what my question was getting at, to clear up any confusion!
  3. Hi all! This is my rescue gelding when i first got him, just wondering what you all think. He is roughly 13hh, maybe a little taller. I can't judge conformation well at all if im being honest! I'll try and post a more recent photo as well as some front and back view later if anyone wants. Thanks!
  4. What Colour Would You Call Him?

    No he doesnt! Heres another photo of him if it helps.
  5. My gelding is a light orange but his mane is where i get a little confused.. Not sure if i consider him chesnut or sorrel? His belly fur is also a fair bit light than the rest of him.