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  1. I'm At A Loss..

    I bought a rescue horse about a year ago, and I knew that it would come with some challenges. When I bought him he had a crack in his front left hoof, which looked to be no big deal. He was put on supplements plus hoof conditioner(Corona), and is seen by a farrier regularly. I put shoes on him to prevent the cracks from opening anymore. The crack seemed to heal a little, but it wasn't gone. I knew it was going to take time for it to heal all the way. Anyway, for the past two months he has thrown his shoe and he pretty much tore his hoof off to the sole. So, at the farriers suggestion I left him bare to see if it would help. Well...that hoof has slowly started to grow back, but it looks like he has a pocket in that hoof. The farrier said it might be a scar but I am just at a loss. He gets fed strategy, msn, vita hoof, and sho-glow. I'm thinking of maybe trying liquid hoof supplement, and doing blood work to see if maybe there is something there. He is 19.