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  1. I agree cellphones are necessary these days, but not $200+ smartphones. I have a nice pay-as-you-go flip phone that cost quite a bit less than $50. I can call real well with it.
  2. You both will be lovely.
  3. There WILL be pics, right?
  4. I have been poor all my life. I've become quite good at it. It really is amazing how many of those "needs" are actually wants, when the chips are down.
  5. Perhaps you should explain to him that WORK puts food in his mouth, clothes on his body, and a roof over his head?
  6. I don't believe I have ever HAD $7000 a month. More like $1700 a month. I have a car payment and a mortgage too. Most people spend way more on clothing than they need, too. You can have nice clothes and not buy name brand. And there's nice stuff at thrift shops. Really, how many outfits of clothing do you actually need? How many shoes? Internet access was always considered a luxury til just a very few years ago, and more people than not still believe it to be so. Food? Try home cooking instead of take-out fast food or prepackaged crap. Costs half as much, but you gotta put a little effort into it.
  7. Problem is, what many now consider "basic expenses" are quite a bit more than basic.
  8. While I agree with this you shouldn't expect it to be automatic, or handed to you. You are supposed to earn your way into it.
  9. Does anyone else remember when, if your regular job didn't cover everything, you got another part time job to help and cut back on non-essentials, rather than demand you get paid more for the one job? I know I did it.
  10. And I thought MY life was dull!
  11. Better go. Sounds like bursitis developing.