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  1. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    The wood chewing can be fixed by getting them out of the dang stalls too. Moot point anyway since what she wanted was to supplement and stretch her existing hay. Also please not it says SOME horses. There are a lot more who won't chew wood. Now, I know you prefer to get in the last word, so have at it.
  2. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    Cubes are fine on their own The fiber length is still there. Its the pellets, ie, ground up hay, that presents problems.
  3. Kitty Needs Help

    Poor little mess. Those feet look like they hurt.
  4. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    Before is easier, so you can just guess the water. About 5# makes a pretty good feeding. I'd start with about 2# til they get used to it. Thats the cubes. Beet pulp about a pound a day, dry weight.
  5. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    Use soaked hay cubes or bagged chopped hay instead of pellets. Pellets are the bottom end of nutrition and no help with fiber. Also beet pulp, if you are still feeding SOME hay each meal.
  6. Starting levade

    Good balance to start. He will eventually learn to squat a bit to help hold it
  7. Watermelon on a summer night

    Most horses like pumpkin too.
  8. Watermelon on a summer night

  9. The Front Porch

    What, no protein?
  10. The Front Porch

    You can always remove that browband and make a smaller one of leather or vinyl.
  11. My garden

    I planted mine in a big old pot full of bagged dirt. Pretty good tomatoes.
  12. The Front Porch

    Oh wow! Thats great
  13. Lameness

    Not to mention the chance the HORSE might break a leg.
  14. Sparkle went to the beach

    Something I always wanted to do and never had the chance. Thanks for sharing.
  15. An American friend living in Austria,

    But yet you keep insisting *I* should ignore. How utterly rude and childish of you. And still you keep insulting those who don't agree with you. Also childish. Are you perhaps in the early stages of Dementia? Only thing that really explains your behavior, complete with all your denials.
  16. An American friend living in Austria,

    Pot----kettle.. If you are so oddly attached to that ignore function, why aren't you using it? And I would willingly wish the plague on you if it made you disappear. Bitter? No. I just don't like YOU at all for your hatefulness and rudeness to anyone who doesn't bow to your (in your little mind) superior knowledge here. And, it appears I am not the only one. I'm quite happy otherwise.