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  1. Who to breed to? I would like to breed her and pull in champion lines without/with as little crossing over as possible what line should I bring in and why? what stallion/s would you pick as a perfect match? She looks much better now than in the picture i attached. That picture was taken before she had ever been rode . Her neck is thicker now and her coat is healthier. I just bought her a few months ago from a neglectful owner . I started breaking her in February and I was more than happy with her results. After looking at her bloodlines its no wonder! She is seriously a diamond in the rough that fell into my hands. I have had a LOT of people in the western ridding group of utah come to me asking about her and complementing on how well built she is. Upon researching her bloodline i am considering breeding her because she could carry-on the bloodline and grace that she has. Her trot is the smoothest i have ever felt on a quarter horse. She learns very fast and is very lowed tempered. She has a lot of go when asked. She is more than gentle with children. She acts like a gelding not a mare.