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  1. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    Jubal, LOL, no not riding him! I am still trying to get him to trust me 100% and to know that I mean ONLY good for him. He is still a bit skittish and leery of human contact but is coming around a little at the time. <3
  2. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    kdrown, Dusty is allowing me to rub his muzzle out in open pasture, to touch and stroke his head in OPEN PASTURE, and is eating from my hand! I have NOT asked more from him as I want him to be comfortable with me just giving him affection. He HAS seen the farrier 2X and did well. The true test will come next month when he has to have teeth floated and be checked by the vet for his 6 month check up. :/ BUT, so far so good. :)
  3. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    And the progress is STILL well, progressing! I went and spent some time in the pasture with the horses yesterday. Dusty (the hinny) was between Whisp and Gauge by the gate. I had just brought Gauge back to the pasture, so I still had him by his halter rubbing his head and giving him love before turning him out for the evening. Of course MY baby Whisp had to get in on the action. Dusty was right between them and allowed me to rub his muzzle for a few moments, he didn't turn and bolt, I didn't have to offer treats, no coaxing, and once he had his fill, he merely turned his head and walked away in a calm manner. He approached me again while I was running and playing a bit with Whisp after taking Gauges halter off, and stood and looked at me with a curious look. I stopped playing and just called to Whisp to follow me. We walked over to him, he stood still and I extended my hand, he sniffed it, stayed put and again allowed me a few moments of rubbing him on his muzzle. I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!
  4. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    Yes I am one HAPPY woman!
  5. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    I was able to put my hands on Dusty in the pasture! Woo Hoo! I still cannot take him by his halter but I was able to walk up to him as he was eating hay by my mare and for a few minutes rub his forelock and poll. When he had had enough he did not bolt as has been his usual mode he instead just turned his head and walked to the other side of the hay ring. I am one happy woman!
  6. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    I will try that jubal.
  7. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    Yes Heidi I am THRILLED! I still cannot approach him in the pasture. What is up with that?! But he doesn't seem to mind in the stall! Yippee! I DID have to be the one to hold him and comfort him while our farrier trimmed his hooves which took all of 10 minutes. He was very surprised at how good a shape his little hooves were in! His toes weren't too long, cracked, chipped, and his frogs were good. So he just trimmed everything back a bit, filed them smooth, and conditioned them and we rocked on! Oh HAPPY DAY!
  8. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement! I have already brushed him this morning and put fly treatment on him. I feel much better knowing that now I can tend to all of his needs not just the basic ones! AND the farrier did his feet yesterday. He said they were in GREAT shape all things considered. I am OVER THE MOON right now!
  9. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    We got our hands on the Hinny! WHOOT WHOOT! I had to bring Whisp up to have the farrier do her hooves (he did hers last). While he was working on her we allowed Dusty to follow her out of the pasture and up to the stables without any lead, just on his own as he is ALWAYS just steps behind her. He went into the stall closest to where the breezeway is where she was being tended to. I took the opportunity to close that stall door and step inside with him and LO AND BEHOLD he allowed me to brush him and feed him an apple! I stayed in with him the whole time Whisp was being worked on and he didn't even really act like he minded much! Yee Haw! I may have to bring him up with her everyday at feed time and get some 'hands on time' with the boy! I am SO thrilled!
  10. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    See this is what I am trying to avoid and accomplish at the same time. I want to KEEP my horses respect and at the same time EARN the respect of this hinny. I am ot trying to get a double whammy buy NOT gaining Dusty's respect and making Whisp lose the respect I have cultivated with her over the years. If I have to continue to take it SLOW that is just the price of building a trust that will last w/o compromising a trust that already exists.
  11. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    While tying a mule to an experienced mare w/ a quick release knot maybe a good idea for someone who has THIS particular training working with mules, donkeys, and horses; I do NOT have ANY experience with donkeys or mules much less working them in unison with horses. I will stick with what I know. IF I encounter someone with this skill set I may allow THEM to do it with THEIR horse but I will want references and PROOF that they know what they are doing for the sake of this poor little hinny. I know when I am out of my range of knowledge and I am usually pretty good at asking for advice and/or help. Like w/ Oak. I had ZERO idea what to do with a horse with that kind of temperament. I ended up hiring a trainer after seeking advice here. Seeing as though Dusty is not going to be more than a companion animal and a cow protector I don't really see the need for a trainer at this point IF I can continue to make progress (regardless of how slow). I just want him to come to the understanding that not ALL humans are cruel and not all humans will abandon him.
  12. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    It is looking good RainyDayRunner. Keep up the good work. Still praying for your baby Ellie.
  13. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    Just for the sake of stopping a debate as to not have any reason for it to have to continue; let me say that I have NO intentions of tying Dusty to my mare. First off I cannot even get a rope close enough to him to do it if I wanted to try. As a matter of fact the halter he has on he has had on for 'only God know how long' and I cannot even get my hands on it! I can move him from pasture to pasture and barn to stables by allowing to follow Whisp. While I am comfortable leading 2 horses at the time (one in each hand) I have a LOT of apprehension leading a string of them tied together. I don't reckon I have that skill set. or the 'nerve' for such a task. 2 would be my limit. And 'Dusty' on a lead lied to my FAVORITE girl? Yea, not comfortable with that at all. I have seen it done in old westerns with trained donkeys and mules, this one isn't and neither am I in this particular area. I will continue to work with what I have the way I have until I either succeed or find the 'Donkey Whisperer'.
  14. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    Well Jubal, where we are the place is 'unincorporated' and the nearest town to us is population 1,849 (1500 of which are convicts at a correctional institute). There is rarely traffic on the road. I have been out there riding on it many times as it has VERY wide shoulders and mostly peanut, cotton, soy, or corn fields all up and down it with dirt roads to the left and right every 1/2 mile to a mile apart. It is VERY rural. The problem is these days too many people have their faces in an electronic device and do NOT pay attention to what they are doing. Or at least I would HOPE that was the case and the idiot didn't do it on purpose. However, not 15 miles away they found a poor hound dog hiding in a drainage ditch who had been shot point blank with bird shot and his hind legs wrapped together with duct tape. THAT was intentional and some cruel individual did THAT. So you never know. A local vet has treated the dog and a group of people have donated money for his care and we are all now trying to find a home for him. As soon as the dog can leave the clinic a lady we know is going to foster him. People are cruel. So I don't know if the person was just not paying attention or if they were just a jerk who thought spooking a horse would be a funny thing to do.
  15. Anyone familiar with Hinnies?

    Yes he follows Whisp wherever she goes. I don't feel there would be a need to tie him to her. If she is ANYWHERE he is always w/in 10 feet of her. If I approach her he actually draws a little bit closer. I think he is beginning to get more curious about the relationship/bond that she and I have. Whisp is a nuzzler and a talker. She is a gentle mare when it comes to her interactions with me (but she is a BOSS when it comes to running the pasture). She is not one for ear pinning, aggressive head tossing, ground pawing, or any of that foolishness when she is with me. She loves me and I her. She greets me with whinnies and nudges. She follows me where I go and will do it w/o a lead. Dusty is learning from her (I HOPE) that I am one to be trusted, that I mean him no harm and only good things come from my hands. I think even Oak is beginning to take some lessons from being in the pasture with Whisp. His 'dominance' over his food/hay is easing up (this may also be due to me running his big behind whenever he gets ornery with me until he asks me to come back to his hay). I still cannot stall Dusty to feed him. I have tried to get him to follow Whisp to a stall and get him to go into the adjacent one Yea, it hasn't worked. So, the horses go out to feed, Dusty stays and is fed in the pasture. But he seems to be ok w/ the separation for that brief time (I guess his desire to eat is more pressing). The task at hand continues to move forward with some small progress here and there.