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  1. On February 17th, 2017 My young mare and I got hit my a car going too fast around a corner. The driver was not looking and hit the back end of my horse and I. Thankfully no broken bones but as for me a pretty bad concussion and a thumb sprain. But as for the horse since she was hit on the right side of her back end she fell forward onto her knee's and skinned up her lip and left knee pretty bad. I have to change her bandage every two days and she is now on stall rest with short intervals of going outside in a small paddock to eat grass while I clean her stall. She has no broken bones but her knee is pretty cut up. I was just curious as to what I can do to keep her knee from turning into proud flesh? Is there any techniques or anything I should be putting on it? I have been giving her 1g of bute in the morning and at night but recently my vet said we can stop with the bute and just keep wrapping up her leg. My Question is how do I keep my mare from getting proud flesh on her knee wound? ***This first picture is two days after the accident.
  2. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    Thank you for all your support on the issue. We really do appreciate all the prayers for Ellie and I's speedy recovery!
  3. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    Yes, that is just awful about the dog!!! makes me so incredibly sad. I just could not imagine anything happening to my dog like that! ugh! Also, to answer your question Oak's Mama. Ellie is doing AMAZING! she is now out of stall rest 24/7. Now she just has to be in a small pen during the day and stall at night. And for a 3-year-old she really needed to get out of that stall and do something with other horses. She is not showing any signs of lameness or anything which I am very happy with. I only have to wrap her leg every four days now rather than every 2 days which I gotta say driving home from college every two days got to be a bit of a hassle not to mention juggling work too. She is not showing any signs of Pure flesh so I am very impressed with her as of right now. Thank you so much for thinking of us! I can not imagine that people would be so oblivious to horses and how unpredictable they can be. Oak could have spooked and went in front of the truck at the worst situation!!! That is so terrible. I am glad he did not but even a little spook is scary! I can put some videos and pictures of her wound below to show her progress! IMG_5410.mp4.mov IMG_5408.mp4.mov
  4. pedigree critique

    Just curious on what people think about my mares pedigree. Lets have some fun!
  5. pedigree critique

    You pointed out a good point! I do not know why it's like that on here! Her actual papers are APHA!
  6. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    Oak's, Yes somehow they just nuzzle their way into our hearts. We just want the best for them. What happened to your baby? And thank you for the prayer!! We both really appreciate it.
  7. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    I will have to make note of that if she starts to develop some. Thank you noponies.
  8. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    I know. So what is it the you use? Proudsoff?
  9. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    Thank you Heidi! Both Ellie and I appreciate the gesture. She is a very tough mare and will heal up fast. Just a concern of mine is the proud flesh.
  10. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    This is her on Monday before her bandage change.
  11. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    Oak, I think She and I are fine I just want to be able to give her everything she needs. She is only 3 almost 4 this spring. So I hope she is not affected by traffic in her coming years. She does get to go out in a small paddock for awhile but she is used to being out on pasture 24-7 so she does not like the idea of being locked in a stall all the time when her buddies are outside.
  12. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    Yes, I can take her for walks just not extensive walks because the wound is in a spot where there is so much motion going on it is hard for it to heal. she has her jolly ball that she loves but she gets too hyper with that. She likes to rear with the ball and come down on her leg.
  13. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    Thank you noponies! I really appreciate your response. She is getting better at letting her leg be wrapped for now but she is also on stall rest and gets very bored and just wants to be outside. I let her outside for a bit while I clean her stall but I am afraid to leave her out there on her own because I do not want her to run or do anything stupid, you know?
  14. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    The pictures below are from Ellie's 4th bandage change. In the bandage, there was very little drainage in the bandage which is very good! Today was my very first time changing Ellie's bandage by myself. Usually, the vet would come out and do it but my vet said that I can handle it now. The picture looks like there is puss on the cut, it is actually just the antibiotic ointment that was on her gauze pad in her previous bandage.
  15. How to keep my mare from getting proud Flesh

    This is 4 days after.
  16. baby color estimation

    What color foal would I get if I bred my mare who is a grey to a blue roan?
  17. Rainy is almost 8 months pregnant. This picture was taken on January 18th. And not the best picture but I can try to get more pictures when I visit home from college! I am thinking a little colt by the way her belly is positioned. But I would really enjoy seeing what your opinions would be! Let's have fun!
  18. baby color estimation

    This is the Stud!
  19. baby color estimation

    She is due May 25th!!! I'm so excited to see what she is gonna foal!!!
  20. baby color estimation

    Thank you!! I am so hopeing for a bay roan! I can't wait!! That k you for being so knowledgeable!
  21. baby color estimation

    Mom when she was younger about 4 yo. Mom at 10 yo.
  22. baby color estimation

    This is mommy and daddy's pedigree. Rainy Day Runner is my mare & Cool Blue Haze is the father