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  1. Info On Dunn's Plantation Saddle

    Over the years I was able to visit Dunn's Sporting Goods in Grand Junction, Tennessee numerous times. At the time, I had some Brittanys that I was running in field trials, so a trip to Dunn's made me kind of feel like a kid in a candy store. If you wanted something for a bird dog, field trials, or hunting apparel, the odds were that you would find it in the store. Wilson Dunn ended up selling the business to a larger organization that discontinued the retail store and sold some of the merchandise on a mail order basis for a short time as I recall. The last time I was in Grand Junction, Mr. Dunn had started another business - apparently after a non-compete had run out - and I visited with him at his new location, that was considerably smaller than his original store. At that time, the Bird Dog Museum was in operation and it was obvious that Mr. Dunn was proud of that also. I ended up acquiring a Dunn's Plantation Saddle from a "horse trader" when I bought my first Tennessee Walking Horse. I also have a Buena Vista saddle that has similar styling to the Dunn's - i.e. suspended seat, leather fenders, etc., however the Dunn's saddle feels like it weighs about twice the Buena Vista. Obviously there's a lot more leather in the saddles that Wilson Dunn put together. There were actually two different versions of Dunn's Plantation Saddle. One was sized for a person up to about 225 pounds (or maybe it was 250#) and the other was for someone larger. The one that I have is the standard size. Although I am no longer involved with bird dogs or horses, I still have the saddles, Tucker halter-bridles, and other "odds and ends" that I'm going to be selling. Due to the quality and comfort of the Dunn's saddle, I've thought about keeping it, but will probably end up selling it since we are in the process of moving.