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  1. What Kind Of Saddle Is This? Roping, Cutting, Trail?

    I realize I'm reviving an ancient thread here, but I'm trying to get more information about the old Ryon's saddles. I've been looking at some that have Ryon's on the latigo keeper and a silver cap on the horn. I've been told by someone at seanryon.com that there are some Ryon's saddles -- evidently made between the time that Windy Ryon was making saddles in the 50s, 60s, and maybe 70s and the time the saddles started being made by Sean Ryon's -- were "production saddles." Sounds kind of like the Billy Cook story. Does anyone know anything about this part of Ryon's history and how to tell a genuine Windy Ryon saddle from the cheaper, lesser versions?