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  1. Hello! So recently my current drill teams season is over early, and now it leaves me in search of a new one. Why? I've been driving two hours to get to practise. I was wondering if anyone knows some drill teams in Alberta, the heartland area. I've been searching for months and I've come up with teams too far away, if anyone could help it would mean the world to me!
  2. DK Saddlery, Help!

    I've read all of those before, but none seem to help with the actual setting though.
  3. Hello! I just bought a DK saddle a couple months ago. And then I only rode the horse that Danny fit the saddle to. And now that I have just purchased a new horse, I realised that I have no idea how to fit this saddle to him, let alone trying to determine his weak side to even start the process of fitting it. If anyone is experienced with DK saddles and knows how to fit them and find out the weak side on your horse, that would be a great help! Thanks~