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  1. Monday again.....

    Thanks for answering for me Noponies, yeah it's fairly over priced, but it's all we have in this valley. Better than nothing.
  2. Monday again.....

    I went out and visited a new boarding barn on Saturday, and then "window shopped" with a friend at the local Murdoch's. And after church on Sunday, we spontaneously drove up to a nearby lake to let the kids splash in the shallows. Good sabbath, very restful. Now I have 2.5 days to get my house sorted because I was notified yesterday afternoon there's a family of 5 driving through form out of state needing a place to stop overnight to sleep and can't afford a motel. So I'm off to tidy and clean. Have a good Monday.
  3. Hi from the Big Sky

    Thanks for the welcome, it seems quiet here...many of the boards have dates of most recent activity being several month or a year or two ago...is that a glitch or accurate?
  4. Lift the slaughter ban?

  5. Who's Your Favorite "007"

    Daniel Craig....*blushing* He's dreamy lol
  6. Hi from the Big Sky

    Good evening, I'm currently horseless but have ridden and owned in the past. Looking for horse friends to chat with in the off hours. I'm starting lessons in the spring since I'm so rusty. I'm really looking forward to it. Until then, I get to hang out and help at a local barn. It's soothing for my soul.