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    Horses, swimming, hiking, biking, breeding ball pythons, painting houses (occupation).
  1. Cue the music please!?

    Hey Red, not only Queen's Fat Bottom Girls, but also Sir Mixalot's Baby Got Back.
  2. The Front Porch

    Speaking of dumpster finds, my husband worked at a high-end apartment complex as security a couple of years ago (he still works for the security co., but is on a different site now), he would find brand-new items that people would just throw away too, rather than donating. He found a brand new Kitchen Aid coffeemaker, a Cal king sized quilt, a laptop computer (works fine), a metal basket stack, and lots of other neat and usable items. Of course, all clothing items had to be washed before using.He did look at everything carefully before he brought it home, of course. If it was a piece of junk, he just left it in the dumpster. Most of the stuff he got was sitting outside of the dumpster, not in it. The lady who was throwing the laptop away just gave it to him. He worked nights there, so it was easy to do it while on his patrols.
  3. I bought the best cat toys!

    I got some for my cats off of Ebay. They love them!!!
  4. Cat toys?

    Does he react to catnip? If he does, a simple ball or mouse with catnip inside could keep him occupied for a while. Does he like to pounce on and chase things? A toy on a pole with sturdy string would be good, and you can play along with him. There are so many toys to choose, and you may have to experiment to find what he likes best. Our 3 cats all like something different---Burger likes wind-up toys, Mysti likes a catnip mouse, and Baby likes a small cloth ball that she carries around, and brings it to me to throw for her.
  5. The puppies are born!

    Pistol is indeed growing up fast. Have his hips been checked? How about his parents' hips? I'd have it done as soon as your vet recommends having it done.
  6. The puppies are born!

    The puppies are all adorable, it would be difficult for me to make a choice. So yeah, the one that clicks best with you would be the one. Can't wait to see which one you get. All of them will grow to be beautiful dogs.
  7. Who caused the housing meltdown of 2008?

    True enough, on both accounts.
  8. So, how was it from your view?

    Hey Red, can I see the 2024 eclipse at your place? I would really like to meet a BB.
  9. What's Your Pathetic????

    I turned 30 in 1985. Married, but no kids. We have a very similar bed in our guest bedroom, and my MIL uses it. She lives with us now. Red, your Smoke kitty looks like a cat my mom had named Alex. Really pathetic looking pets, everyone, but cute.
  10. Updated pics of my place

    Looking great, Painted!!! After nearly 9 years of living on our property, we're finally getting ours the way we want it. Got a rolloff, and got rid of a bunch of trash and other things that we didn't need anymore, closed in the front and back porches, put in a real swimming pool---in-ground saltwater, and got a 30 foot shipping container for a storage shed. We already had a garden in place when we moved in, and built an outdoor run for the cats a few years ago. And your horse likes to supervise, I see. He looks great!!!
  11. Texas People #6

    The little store in Mayer raised theirs another .02, and Circle Jerk raised theirs another .07. Thank goodness all 3 of our vehicles have full tanks, and we alternate vehicles. I use the truck for my job though every day (house painter). All of my jobsites are either here in Cordes, Arcosanti, or 8 miles away in Mayer, so I don't have to go too far. I hope it dosen't get too much worse. The Shell truck stop and the Chevron in Cordes have always been high priced, and they've gone up 10 cents to 2.79 a gallon for reg. unleaded. We never get gas at either of those places.
  12. Texas People #6

    We're already seeing higher gas prices in AZ even. The little store in Mayer where we get out gas has gone up 12 cents since 5 days ago, and the Circle K across the road from that has gone up 15 cents in the same time period. We filled one extra gas can because we need that for the weed whacker.
  13. The puppies are born!

    Late to answer, but yeah, I remember Chopper. He was a very handsome boy.
  14. Hi. I gots a puppy.

    Franklin's super adorable!!!