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  1. Split Manes?!

    LMAO!!!!! I've never heard tell of this one!
  2. Questions on finding work exercising horses?

    Hi & welcome! Maybe the way to get to what your wanting to do is start at the bottom....stall cleaning! It's generally an easy in to about any barn needing help or even a fill in the regular staff can call you to go in for them. Do the trailers, trucks, pens, arenas....anything. It puts you around the horses, get to know them & their owners....just an idea. Best of luck!
  3. Wow....

    LMAO!! Does he come with a keg of something good? Maybe a laying hen? BA!! Talk about hunting down & screwing a few BAD abusers down, a few years back I had put up the same pic as my profile & an oldddd friend from schooldays came on & called my Sundown by his old owner's name for him & how she was best friends with them & how Sundown was such a "psychopath" and "bi-polar" because she had been around him when they had him. Well I put the kabash on all her BS. Those people have no business with a pet rock, let alone livestock. She continually tagged her friends to comment or even acknowledge all this, which they never did....too bad too, it would of been a **** of alot easier for them to hide behind their computer screen than the day I walk up on them....yes I know where and who they are....they actually put his papers in their names. How the **** they blew this horse up as bad as he was & tore his eyelid back into a wad is beyond was insane. I've promised him if I ever do get ahold of either one of them, he'll get to watch me tear on them....he likes that story.
  4. New Week New Day

    Hello! Jubal...that chair looks super mooshy comfy....jam up job! It was just perfect here last week & today, weekend was super soaker...what we're expecting again tonight into tomorrow. Keeps throwing a monster wrench in getting some jobs buttoned up...nobody likes new paint running down their house.
  5. Ever wonder.....

    ^^^^^^^Same story here...mine would be still on those papers I'm for SURE are still in someone's exploding file cabinet full of papers to match up....yeah. I did everything with him from 6 months old...and did alright....smooth as glass.
  6. Ever wonder.....

    Anybody else ever sold a dang nice horse they did NOT want to sell & the outfit you sold him to (who said they were taking him to one hellabig sale....why you sold to them) never sold him with papers so there is no tracking now? Just hope you run back up around him someday? Yes....I know why they held the papers back b/c of a certain name...which was BS...still like to see my boy again, atleast know he's wth I pointed his future...he was a jamUP guy.
  7. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    OH BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ There is hope. My GOD.
  8. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

  9. The puppies are born!

    Def check out the Probios...gel works real slick with dogs.
  10. I bought the best cat toys!

    Top to bottom: Hoss, Helmet & Hemi. (Hemi the girl kitty)
  11. I bought the best cat toys!

    Acorns pegging down right now for my 3 new barn kitties...swat those all over creation. No. More. House. Kitties. Here. Baby critters ROCK!!!!
  12. Lift the slaughter ban?

    I've been a starving people...
  13. Howdy folks

  14. Howdy folks

    I thought it was an Aussie Endurance or a Tucker.....those Tuckers are WAY off the hook comfy!! Never rode in one but the ones on the stands....booyahhh!! How thick a pad do you like under it? If I was a wonder at photoshop or *** I'd show you what she'd look like under the Rafter W I ride in....just came across a "pad" that actually fits around the horn and helps the old sciatica a ton!! Those rough outs are harder for this old beehive to giddyup in!!