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  1. Weathered Barn, Future Horse

    I'm so bummed! We were supposed to close on the house last Friday, but it's been delayed for an unknown amount of time. Hopefully we will close this month! Moving in winter is no fun!
  2. New Farm! Dreams coming true!

    @MoonStar That's awesome! It's great you get to live in your family home that carries so much history Isn't it crazy how standards have changed as far as house must-haves go? I grew up with one tiny bathroom with a shower (no tub), and now I can't imagine having such a small bathroom again! My brother did something similar to your great grandparents. He built a garage to live in (he's a car guy, haha) and will be building the house next year. I was planning on following in his footsteps until this property came up for sale. It is the same price as the home I was going to build on my land (I have 20 acres currently, but no well/septic/power). Now I plan on selling my land to my brother (we split a 40 acre parcel) so he can have a full 40 :) The new house is about 10 minutes away, so we'll still see eachother all the time and have the benefit of our kiddos growing up around their cousins! The new property has the original farm house (roof is collapsing....not structurally sound!) and a house they built in 1984 (modular). The modular is in good shape, just untouched since 1984. :) It's 960 sq ft. However, it's a split level, so the partially finished "basement" will double it when we're done! The property also has the barn, garage, and sauna. The sauna has a cracked foundation, and my realtor thinks it's a teardown. I'm a bit more optimistic, though :) It's going to take us a little bit to recover financially from the down payment. I plan on redoing the carpet and painting it all immediately upon move-in. I'm hoping to get the barn up to snuff next summer. We won't have any significant changes, though, for a few years at least. (Darnit, I want to update the kitchen so bad!) I'm not even living in the house yet, and I already can't shut up about it.
  3. The Front Porch

    PD, You're 100% right. My intent wasn't to say that Houston is bad. I meant that I feel for the people living there. I know the vast majority of people wouldn't want to live in the middle of nowhere like I do. Heck, even my husband isn't so sure he wants to be so far out I have the same goal as you: I want my kids to grow up in one home only. Heidi, agreed. I'm a total cat person, but sometimes I wish they were more like dogs and stayed put when ya tell 'em to!
  4. College

    Questions like this fascinate me because it's interesting to see how my views have changed since having my daughter. Kids really do change you! I was totally pro college when I was in high school (I'm 31 now, for reference). Then, when I got to college and started taking the classes... I realized what a waste of my time it was. I dropped out and started my own business. Later on, I tried to get a job with a "real" company due to cost of benefits spiraling out of control. Guess what? All of my experience didn't matter because companies around here only hire people with an AA degree or better. So back to school I went to finish off that darn AA degree. I had 2 gym classes, photography, and mythology...that was all I needed to complete my degree. Please tell me how those classes helped me in the real world x.x (I do still occasionally pursue photography as a hobby, so it's not a total loss!) My little girl is nearly 10 months old, and I've been wrestling with the idea of whether or not college is worth it for her. First and foremost, I do want to keep in mind that it's really up to her what she does. I'm on the fence otherwise, though. I would hope she'd go for at least a semester to "away" school where she doesn't live at home. I went to a community college and lived at home, and I feel like I really missed out on the socializing and networking that happens at college. BUT THE MONEY!!!! I don't want her saddled with debt either! The world changes so much in 18 years that I think this will work itself out by the time she's ready for college. Whether or not we have more kids will play into this, too, I'm sure!
  5. Howdy folks

    Adorable pup!! And Sundown is a handsome guy I'm up in Minnesota, so not too far from you! I've been through Iowa a few times, but I never had the fortune of going through a part that wasn't all corn fields. Beautiful property! I am a sucker for big trees :)
  6. The Front Porch

    The hubby and I are heading to Sears today to check out what they have left in their store closing sale. We're picking up tools and such for the future farm. We close next month and I cannot contain my excitement for much longer!! Reading through the last couple of pages of this topic, I'm so thankful we didn't move to Houston like we were supposed to! His coworkers have sent us oodles of videos and pictures of their homes flooded. It's devastating. We were supposed to move to Houston on August 1st, but were delayed. Then this farm came up for sale, and we had to have it...I thank my lucky stars that things turned out this way for us. QueenBAW, I cannot fathom what happens to make a person so messed up in the head. The family is so fortunate to have you helping out! I feel for those kids
  7. Weathered Barn, Future Horse

    You all are getting me even more excited Can we speed up time just this once, please?! hahahaha...valid point!!! You guys are hilarious Definitely planning on it! I doubt the bobcat will happen for a year or two since we're focusing on the house this year, but it'll happen. I like them for 4-wheeling, too!
  8. New Farm! Dreams coming true!

    @MoonStar Thank you! I see you're a newbie here, too. When did you join? :) @Heidi n Q Oh wow! I tried to check out your property (from your post about buying the new house), but has removed the pics. Bummer. Do you have any pics of your horses? I rode a gaited horse's a whole other world! I don't really have a "dream" horse. I've researched a lot of breeds, and I think I will end up knowing the right horse when I meet it. I'll probably end up getting a second so my daughter can ride when she gets older...what's one more mouth to feed, right? haha.
  9. Weathered Barn, Future Horse

    @noponies I'm hoping that is the case here :) I would love to stain it versus have to paint over it. I'm worried about whether or not there will be a lot of rot to replace...hoping we lucked out on that front! I am so excited to see it again!! We close the middle of next month, and I'm sure I'll be starting a youtube/instagram account for the farm life project. @MoonStar Agreed!! 20 acres is hay, 5 acres is yard (oh my husband is going to be so sick of mowing ) and the rest appears to be wooded. There's a creek running through it, too. Ohhh the possibilities!
  10. Weathered Barn, Future Horse

    @jubal Thank you! I think I actually worded that badly. I meant to say "is it possible to salvage the wood" as in, restore the wood without painting over it all. lol. The barn itself is in great condition structurally. :) I'll be able to tell more once we actually close on the property (about a month away still) and I can get in there and take more pics.
  11. I posted in the newbie area with a little bit of an introduction there :) Short story shorter, we're in escrow on a 100 acre farm and I cannot wait as it feels like my dreams are coming true My ultimate short-term goal is to buy a horse in about 2-3 years. But, to get to that point, I have a long path to walk first. Our new home has a big, weathered barn. The exterior either was never protected (no paint, no stain) or it hasn't been refreshed in a long, long time. The interior is beautiful (although, again, untouched for many years) with huge beams. I've attached a pic of the's very rough-looking! Is it possible to salvage this? I would love to stain it instead of painting it the classic red as I LOVE the look of the wood. Once we've got the barn done next year, the fence will go up. Then I need to build out the stalls. THEN! THEN! A horse is a possibility! Wooooo! During all of this time, however, I do need to learn quite a bit about horse care. I'm hoping I'll be able to pick you folks' brains a bit when it comes to that. (I've been around horses, but not enough to where I know the ins and outs.)
  12. Hello, everyone! I found this site while looking for inspiration as to what to name our new farm. I read through some of the other topics here, too, and decided to join this wonderful community :) I've been in love with horses my whole life, and I've never had the chance to own or lease one. I've volunteered with horses, I've done a lot of trail rides, but I am definitely 100% green at it all. We're currently in escrow on a 100-acre farm, and I feel like my dreams in life are finally coming true! I'm hoping to own a horse within the next 2 years I'd love to get to know you all!