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  1. The Front Porch

    Smart vet.
  2. The Front Porch

    Wow! That's a big wrap. Does it bother him to not be able to bend the right front? Hope he heals up fast. Amazing that he jumped into the manger. I guess you need another board on top? It was pretty tall already. Second day after surgery. They removed the gallbladder. It was a chronic infection. I saw the pictures and it was an ugly, sick looking organ. I've had to avoid some foods for over 15 years (thought I was just allergic to them). The last couple of years, the list has grown longer. I never liked fried foods and we don't eat fast food, so I had some uncomfortable stomach episodes, but it took awhile before I had an attack. It was homemade beef stew with soup bones to make the broth and stew meat in the stew. That was high in fat, but tasty! It had leeks, carrots, turnips, and orzo in it, as well as fresh herbs. I took three hours to make it. That got me. Now, I have an entire gastronomical world open to me. The problem is, because I have avoided so many foods, or had a bad experience with them, I still won't want fried or fast foods. Ice cream will be welcome, though. Eventually.
  3. The Front Porch

    Oh boy. We have a crazy backyard breeder down the road. When we were moving in, she asked if we would sell her our round pen panels. I told her they were old and not worth much but we needed them. I also told her where to buy good new ones. She said she needed them for the two year stud colt she bought and that she was going to start breeding QHs. I wished her good luck and that was that. Next, she saw me walking Maggie pony and texted me to ask if I would breed my stud mini to her mini mare. I told her gently that it was a Shetland mare. After that, when i brought Freckles the Appy gelding home, she texted me saying that she saw our new Appy and had a perfect stud for her. I gently told her that it was a gelding, not a mare. So, my impression was not good. I don't think she shows. I don't think she rides. You can't see her pens from the road, but the place looks a bit run down. Her two dogs would always follow her down the road and out onto a busy street, then walk back on their own. They looked pretty bad and were known for killing people's cats. I yelled at one once with a possum in it's mouth (he dropped it and skulked off). Our AC won't come out for loose dogs and these were wary and a bit aggressive, so no one wanted to catch them. Last week, one of those dogs limped home on three legs. The other one didn't come home. I have not seen the dogs again. We went to a party at the neighbor's house (right next to her). They have a big field with a donkey and a draft cross. I asked about their animals and they have absolutely no experience with horses. The crazy breeder lady gave them a stud donkey. When the donkey kept trying to get out, she sold them a neglected mare she picked up from auction somewhere, to "keep the donkey happy". Now, the owners are excited because they think their mare might have a mule foal. They weren't really part of this plan, but, thought since she is a breeder, that she knew the best thing to do. No vet care, but they have fattened them up up on the field grass. I offered to help with the horse and donkey, which they were very receptive to. They think they might have a halter and they rode the donkey once (lead the kids on him). He sounds friendly. My idea is to give them some basic things, like spare halters, a hoof pick, and a basic brush. See if there are any major issues to address right now, and if not, get them to handle the animals more and find a safe place to tie them up for grooming. Then, I can gently address the vet care needed. No vet will come out if the animals can't be handled safely. The mare and donkey have been together for 8 months. Mare needs prenatal exam. Donkey needs gelding. Hopefully, what they think they have is not what they actually have. Many hay bellies have been mistaken for pregnancies. Many geldings have been mistaken for studs. Anyway, I will try to help once I recover from surgery. It will be a few weeks. I am shocked at the level of ignorance. The problem is that if you come out with guns blazing, you won't help. Maybe the breeder lady doesn't know any better. I know the neighbors are innocent since they were led into this situation. A little finesse can at least help the donkey and mare.
  4. The Front Porch

    That's funny! Our Rosie is just like that. She loves her pampering.
  5. The Front Porch

    I like donkeys! Actually, we don''t need a mini because we have a Shetland Pony. Maggie's personality is awesome. She's 20 this year and has been going to the Scottish games now for almost ten years. She is worth her weight in gold as a first mount for kids. With John getting bigger, I am starting to really look for a horse for him. One of those precious geldings no one ever gets rid of because they are so wonderful. It will be a long search.
  6. The Front Porch

    RRW, have fun at the rodeo! I have no experience with RVs. They seem so self contained. Why are they such a pain? I'll have to pass on the coffee, unless it's decaf. No one, and I mean no one, wants to see me on coffee. My normal waking state is hyper, especially in the morning. Surgery to remove the gallbladder is scheduled later this week. I have to pack in enough feed and hay to make sure I don't have to lift anything for a week or so after surgery. Not sure how fast I am going to recover, but hubby wants me to get a petsitter to help. Don't wanna, but I might have them come once per day to check waters. I think I will turn everyone out for couple of days because I can't expect a petsitter to clean the stalls.
  7. Check in.

    I'm sorry, qh. Not much change. I have a bad gallbladder (surgery scheduled). We stopped breeding Dexter cattle. We just have a few pet cows now. One pet cow has an atrocious udder (she is one of our first calves and she gave us lots of good beef over the years because we had to cull all her calves to keep her traits from passing on). She is very dear to us, despite her goofy udder. She just had her last calf and I designed a bra for her to help give her support until she can have surgery on her udder in November. A cow 'mammectomy', as they call it. I am down to one horse and John has his pony. We ride as often as we can (early mornings because of the heat). I had to put my old mare, Libby, down. It sucked, but it was time. She went peacefully, but we couldn't bury her here (spring runs under our land). I cut her tail and she went to the landfill. The GSD pup, Zeke, is now 6 months old. He finally has enough self control to wander around the house without chasing cats or stealing socks. Okay, he still steals an occasional sock, but he's much better.
  8. The Front Porch

    Thanks, PD. Heidi, we are pretty much done breeding. Ursa, Fiona's last calf, might become a draft animal (ox), but no plans to breed right now. Krowka may get milked, depending on how she does with handling over the next few weeks. I'm happy with the contribution we've made to the breed. There are some nice tempered Dexters with good builds that came from our farm. Most of the heifers that we sold are family milk cows now. We also produced a few good bulls. We turned the donkey and goat out with the cows. It went well. The playful goat intrigues Ursa. They might become playmates. On the bright side, we are not far from lambing season. They have two small pastures and a paddock, just for the sheep. Four ewes, three were twins, and one was a triplet. It's about to get crazy.
  9. The Front Porch

    Lol! We are down to just three cows. Fiona and her calf, plus Krowka, the red cow. They have been subdued and depressed since we sold the others. The calf misses her playmate. Krowka misses her mother. Krowka will have her calf soon, so that will help. I am trying to spend more time with them. These herd animals get upset when they lose their friends. Our pasture just wasn't big enough. No way to explain to them that it was too expensive. Fiona is mostly back to her old self, but Krowka is withdrawn. I hope she forgives me.
  10. The Front Porch

    RRW, he just had it for a week. He is. keeping his. heels down much better now with his pony. We ride together in the mornings, as often as we can. :)
  11. The Front Porch

    Anyone know any good horse reads? I am working my way through The God of Animals, right now. Please, no romance cr*p, lol!
  12. The Front Porch

    I lite British mysteries and nature shows. I watched Free Rein with LJ. He wanted to see how girls think, lol! We tried not to roll our eyes too much when they described one of the horses as a rare Thoroughbred Keiger Mustang.
  13. The Front Porch

    Thanks, PD. We hope to get the surgery soon. RRW, That sounds like my friend"s experience. I think once they schedule it, I''ll have to stock up so I don't need to carry any bags of feed, or bales of hay, for at least a week. Hubby said I might need someone to help with chores the first few days. I wonder how hard it would be to clean stalls? After I had LJ, I was scooping poops after about a week (they were turned out in the pasture during that first week he was home). There are only three stall/paddocks and it's mostly just scooping poops. Bitsey and Maggie get turned out during the day and brought in at night. They are polite about peeing in the paddocks overnight. I'll need to strip the sheep shed, the cow shed, and the chicken coop ahead of time so they will be okay for a week or so.
  14. The Front Porch

    Anyone had gall bladder issues? I had what might have been an attack last week and now I'm waiting on a surgical consult. That was some pain and I'm no wimp (most of us horsefolks can cowboy up, ya' know?). We're talking on all fours panting sort of pain. I didn't go to the ER because hubby knew the signs weren't severe enough to be dangerous (and I hate going to the hospital) but neither of us got much sleep that night. It finally calmed down and I went to the last day of VBS while fasting (didn't want to let the kids down). I got through the weekend on a strict diet and the ultrasound was on Monday. It showed little dark spots in there. Over the past several years, I have tolerated less and less foods and altered my diet accordingly. Now, I'm on a very boring diet until possible surgery to remove the pesky little thing. Ironically, what set it off was homemade beef vegetable soup. I used soup bones and cubed steak from our own steer. High fat from those soup bones used to make the broth. Dang, it was tasty, though. I am going to freeze it.
  15. The Front Porch

    Queen, sorry about your family friend. Prayers for recovery. A friend of mine had a massive stroke. One year later, she is still in a wheelchair, but she can communicate now. Her husband stayed with her every night in the hospital until she came home. He is an incredibly dedicated man. He is also a hospital chaplain and preacher and he never took any time off from his work. He said he wasn't sleeping at home until she came home with him. They are a wonderful love story.