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  1. Signs of spring?

    We get spring early down here, but the warm season grasses pout until May, IF they get enough rain. Otherwise, they pout until June. Once it warms up, it stays until October. It's hard to see the temps rise knowing how many months of heat we have in store. Our biggest sign of spring are the snowbirds on I-95 heading from south of us to the north.
  2. The Front Porch

    Pepper spray is a must with our pack goat. We got permission to share the trails with dogs at our state parks. Pack goats are not usually seen in the South. When I lived in Colorado, it was more common, but so were restrictions on where you could go. That's because of wild mountain goats and big horn sheep. There was a possibility of transmitting illness to the wild ones. No such problems down here. We don't have any wild sheep or goats native to our state. So, Nancy the goat can come with us on the trails that allow dogs. She's an Alpine/Togg cross, so she does great with a little soft pack. Those breeds are traditionally used as pack goats. Now, if we bring her best friend, Rosie the donkey, we have to stick to horse trails.
  3. The Front Porch

    I like pepper spray for nasty dogs. It gives them something to think about besides me. And they do not want anything to do with me next time they see me.

    Corned beef is more of an American thing anyway.
  5. How long

    We have cloth bags, but sometimes I get paper. Either for covering school books or for the cats to play with.
  6. The Front Porch

    That sounds difficult. Perhaps she feels entitled because of grandpa. If you turned her away, would she run to grandpa and then get a dose of reality when he told her you were right? Is this the same kid that had to apologize a few months ago?
  7. The Front Porch

    Wow. She refuses to do chores but wants to ride? I'd say no chores no ride. Take a hike if you don't like the rules. Your barn your rules. What she does at home is different, but if you set a rule for all kids to follow, you hold them to it. I guess I don't understand your situation. I thought this was a student in which case, you are setting an example and trying to be a role model. Are you getting paid to teach lessons? Is she a barn brat with a horse boarded? Best of luck to you.
  8. The Front Porch

    I'm too chicken to eat mushrooms raw, but I do like shiitakes in stir fry. They sell for quite a bit and the ones from logs taste better than those grown in sawdust. The tree we took down was a Chinese Tallow. This type of tree was first imported to the US by Benjamin Franklin. Otherwise known as a Popcorn tree or Florida Aspen, because of it's leaf shape. It is also invasive as anything and has taken over areas in the South. It sends out hundreds of babies every year and impedes the growth of grass near its root system. Ag Extension Agent said to take it down and treat the stump. After hacking away at over 150 saplings around its base, I agreed. Now, it can be put to a better use. Thanks a lot, Ben! LOL!

    This one is very sweet:
  10. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Thank you for your thoughtful response, GreyDrakkon. Hey, if anyone has been a victim, I will support them, regardless of gender. It can happens in all genders and persuasions. For example, there are some horrible abusive situations prevalent among gay men, especially with young men and older predator types. My poor cousin suffered from abuse this way. It is always wrong. Always ask. Always respect a 'no'. Too young is too young. No excuses.
  11. The Front Porch

    Has anyone raised mushrooms? No, not THAT kind! Shiitake mushrooms! We had to take down a tree and I stacked the logs and ordered a kit to inoculate the logs. The wood is no good for firewood, but great for growing mushrooms. It takes about 8-16 months to get them going.
  12. The Front Porch

    You have an uphill battle if you are teaching honesty to kids that do not have this rule enforced at home. It isn't that you shouldn't try, you most certainly should, but you'll need to set the stage. If you teach honesty, you must be always honest. In everything. That includes white lies. If they see a contradiction, you will destroy any progress you have made. You have to be beyond reproach in everything. Even little cheats here and there will undermine what you are trying to instill in them. Punishment for lying? Extra chores before riding. Let them work and think. Nothing better for thinking than a monotonous chore. Just my opinion. It's worth very little on the free market. Maybe .01 cent.

    Aww! Cute picture. We celebrate with Irish language, stories, and songs. I did a lesson plan for K-8th at our son's school a few years ago. I taught the kids some Irish words and phrases, showed them some short videos, and taught Irish history. Since it's a Catholic school, we also learned about St. Patrick. We're American mutts, but we have quite a few Irish surnames in my family (as well as Welsh). Here's a link to a few favorite videos:
  14. Hello - and a question

    Pink, cool sign. I am no help on pricing. I guess add up cost to make it, and add ten percent? Maybe twenty, if it takes you a lot of time. Do you use a finish? How durable? If you can say it will last outside because of a protective finish, that might help.
  15. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    I can't keep track of Trump's staff. If he had any good people, they are long gone. I'm sure Mattis is next. Trump wants parrots and 'yes' men (and women that look like models or ARE models). Not exactly the cream of the crop. When people leave so suddenly, you don't get good people willing to take their place. You get the leftovers.