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    Oh, that is cool, RRW! Not sure if others do that. It's a Catholic Church tradition. Maybe Orthodox?
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    We're socked in with a storm right now. It's supposed to move out tonight and leave cooler weather. I do like the cooler temps. I am not ina hurry for the heat and humidity. Since you asked, Easter is a really big deal for us. Holy Week is spent at church, daily. Not all Catholic and Orthodox people go every day, but many of us do. Thursday night is a long mass. Tonight is even longer. Easter day is short and beautiful, but they have a vigil mass that starts in the evening on Saturday and goes on for hours. It is a beautiful mass. If you ever want to sit in on one, it is really neat. They start with the church completely dark and the readings (by candlelight) begin with Genesis and move along through the prophets, and then the Gospels. When they get to the resurrection, they light up the church. You cannot see how beautiful it is until then. It really is an experience. Even non-Catholics talk about attending a Midnight Mass at Christmas, but the Easter Vigil is really the full experience. The Church only baptizes and/or confirms people coming into the church during the Easter Vigil (except babies). They went back to this because it was in the original Church traditions. I think it's the longest mass of the year. For me, going on Good Friday makes the Easter mass that much more special. It's the sorrow of Friday turning into joy on Sunday, that makes it such an experience. We've been to the vigil mass three times: Once when I came into the church, once when I sponsored someone, and the other was when my husband and MIL joined. Most years, we just do the Easter Day mass. When John goes through Confirmation in a few years, we'll be back at the vigil mass.
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    Thanks, Jubal. That must have been adorable. I love seeing little rabbits. For Easter, we got LJ caterpillars and ladybug larva through Insect Lore. The timing is perfect for Easter. The caterpillars are all in cocoons and the ladybug larvae has already turned into ladybugs. LJ can feed them for a few days and release them on Easter. We have to plant some marigold plants in the orchard and release the butterflies there, when they are emerge (Painted Lady butterflies). I think it's a perfect Easter gift for kids because they get to see the transformation and enjoy "pets", but only briefly. Plus, the butterflies and ladybugs make the garden happy.
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    Thanks, Heidi.
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    Horrible day yesterday. We lost a calf. She was only 2 1/2 months old. Our vet was out Tuesday, to help deworm the sheep, and everyone was fine. Calf was in good weight, nice coat, no signs of illness or injury, and yet, she was dead in the pasture Wednesday. We ruled out poisoning, snake bite, obvious broken bones, or disease/parasites. Our vet thinks it might have been some type of accident. Our bull and steer wrestle a lot with their horns and really get into it sometimes. I have seen the other cows scramble out of their way. It's a big enough pasture, but I could see her getting run over or run into and injured. Her neck was the only thing that didn't seem right. Might have been broken. It was too late to do a necropsy because we had a hot day yesterday. I had to cover her with a tarp and then take her to the landfill this morning. Mama cow is doing better now, but grandma cow is still calling. She loves all the calves. I love my mama cows. I could do without bulls and steers right now. The irony is that the steer would have gone to slaughter two weeks ago, if it hadn't been for the backup due to the recent fairs. He can't go until early May. The bull leaves Tuesday. I am getting him collected and then off he goes, too. I have a good AI tech and frozen bull essence is much easier to manage. With us cutting back, it will be better to breed only when we think we have a market. It also frees us to slaughter heifers, if they don't sell, without worrying about them being bred. My poor little cows don't have a market like they used to. We are keeping one favorite cow, one cow for our church, and our old grandma cow. The other cow has a home and the boys are for slaughter.
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    All the local schools do. The place tells a story about how they have been in business since 1938, etc... and they play on sympathy and nostalgia. Several other parents are learning about the controversy from us, so we might be able to change it for our school. The truth is that they have been sold several times and are currently owned by a corporation which has a bad reputation at all three aquariums they own.
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    Yes, that's right. Not sure if his absence will be excused. Don't really care, though.
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    Leaf blowing? I would think all your fall leaves are soggy after all that winter snow. Must make it harder to get rid of them. That little mare needs to sign an eviction notice, lol! I am very proud of LJ. His class is doing a field trip to Marineland. I didn't know what type of park it was because they only do groups. So, LJ and I did some internet research when we got home yesterday. Well, it's one of those really bad aquariums. Worse than Seaworld, which we don't go to anyway. They have shallow tanks where people can get in the water and touch dolphins. They have lost 5 out of 14 dolphins in a three year period. We found out that dolphins live 40 years in the wild, on average, compared to only a 5 year lifespan in captivity. LJ was really worried after reading about dolphins, so he looked up stingrays. He loved interacting with stingrays at another aquarium. Apparently, stingrays and sea lions do okay in captivity because they are shore based and spend most of their days in shallow water. Studies show that stingrays actually enjoy the interactions with people and don't suffer any harm from it. LJ had a great time last year at Clearwater Aquarium, but they rescue, rehabilitate, and release, so it's very different than this place. The only dolphins they have are Winter, (with a prosthetic tail) and another with an injury that makes release impossible. Orcas and dolphins suffer greatly in fish tanks. I told LJ that if he still wanted to go, so he could hang out with his friends, it would be up to him. He firmly said "no". He is boycotting the field trip. I let his grandparents know and they are very proud of him, too. Always stand up for the weak and those without a voice. That's we taught him. I let a few other parents know and invited their kids with us for our alternate trip that day. Hopefully, more parents and kids will boycott the field trip. Maybe his school will rethink the trip altogether. This park has been around a long time and has almost gone out of business many times before. The company also owns Georgia Aquarium, where some beluga whales died after being captured in the wild and imported from Russia. Marineland actively recruits local schools to come to their park at discount group rates. I think there is one up north in Ontario, Canada. They don't seem to have a good reputation either.
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    Okay, so we're in the northern part of the hangy down state. You know, where people come when they get cold up north. It's April and in the 40s right now. It will warm up today into the 70s, but still, this is weird.
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    Queen, that hammock looks lovely! We would need a shade tree over it down here, though. We have local plays, but I'm not sure they are that good. Maybe we should give it a try. I think they are doing a musical right now. The boys HATE musicals. I'll have to wait to see what they do next.
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    Just back from vet check for Zeke. It was supposed to be his second shots because he starts puppy class Tuesday. New vet, very opinionated. I think I own socks older than her. Breeder, who has bred dogs for 30 years, told me to feed Proplan All Stages Sport. It has puppies written on the label. GSDs are in danger of growing too big too fast. Vet told me to switch to the puppy formula. She said Proplan was good, but pushed the Hills prescription nonesense. Called Purina. They said stay on Sport because he is a working dog and it's formulated for puppies, too. I'm going with the breeder's recommendation. As if it isn't hard enough to figure out dog foods! I have to go back next week. She wants more time between vaccines. It's been two weeks since his first shots. She thinks three weeks is better. She might have that right.
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    After breeding little cows for 14 years, and working really hard at improving the old, traditional Irish bloodlines, the market just isn't there anymore. Big breeders with higher priced "improved" cattle (crossbreds) dominate the market. The sweet temperaments are giving way as people want polled and red, instead of horned (I do dehorn) and mostly black. Selling most of my herd. I plan to keep two cows and bull for awhile, just for us. We still need beef.
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    The water trough planter idea works great. We had several metal ones with leaks. Now, they hold planted flowers.
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    We have a whole nother set of rules for planting down here. Our winter garden is finally winding down (a few carrots left). Down here, a summer garden is not for veggies that will wilt like a Southern Belle in the heat. They need to be robust and ready for humidity. But, beware of watermelon down here. Not only will it grow, but if not given a proper area to romp far enough from the house, it will wind it's tendrils right up to your back door and knock! LJ had two baby girl rats. We treated them right away for mycoplasm (all rats have it), but one didn't make it. We went back for another, but all the girls were gone. One boy was left. He looked innocent. I told LJ we would separate them if they made a litter. Well, she wasn't into him. She whupped his butt every three days, if he made any advances. They have lived together in a platonic relationship for six months. I was pleased. LJ was not. The pet store, hoping we would return with a litter for snake food, was not. Well, sweet Daisy decided that Clarence was rather attractive after all. Or maybe she just had a weak moment when he was most charming. Nevertheless, he was kicked out of the nest they share and little squeaks emanating from it soon after. He is now in a separate cage and awaiting a new (pet) home. I promised LJ he could keep one or two of her daughters, since rats are social creatures. It was quite amusing that she refused his advances for so long. Rats can breed at 6 weeks and go into heat every three days!
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    I love bringing kids around the farm. Nicely done, Queen! We are getting ready for an farm day for our neighbors. It's like an open house.
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    Isn't anchovy pizza or beet soup supposed to induce labor, lol! Good luck getting a mini to eat it. Oh my goodness! I did a search on silly blue laws and I have to copy them here: Opening and closing umbrellas near a horse is illegal in New York City. Sadly, this law seems all too relevant. Taking photos of horses on Sundays in McAllen, Texas, can get you up to 3 days in jail for disturbing the animal. In Pattonsburg, Missouri: “No person shall hallo, shout, bawl, scream, use profane language, dance, sing, whoop, quarrel, or make any unusual noise or sound in such manner as to disturb a horse,” according to ordinances last revised in 1884. Las Vegas is a no-vehicle zone. Only horses are allowed within the city per an old law still on the books. The criminal justice program at the University of Cincinnati notes that the law was put in place so that vehicles wouldn’t spook the horses. Pennsylvania state law says that: “Any motorist who sights a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass. If the horses appear skittish, the motorist must take his car apart, piece by piece, and hide it under the nearest bushes.” Fishing from horseback is illegal in many places, including: Colorado, Utah and Washington, D.C. Tennessee prohibits lassoing fish from horseback. In Cotton Valley, Louisiana, men can’t eat ice cream while riding a horse. Raton, New Mexico, prohibits women wearing kimonos from riding horses on public streets Married men can’t ride alone unless they’ve been married at least a full year in Kearney, Nebraska. They also can’t ride on Sundays at all in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Only married women are allowed to ride to church on Sunday under laws in Bluff, Utah. Unmarried, divorced or widowed women doing so may be incarcerated. Rasario, Argentina requires horses to wear hats when it’s hot outside. Fountain Inn, South Carolina, requires horses to wear pants inside city limits. Charleston, South Carolina, also requires horses to wear diapers in public areas. Riding an ugly horse in Hartsville, Illinois, can result in jail time. Wilbur, Washington, imposes a $300 fine for riding an ugly horse. Horses must pay admission to enter taverns in Burns, Oregon. Horses can’t mate within 500 yards of a tavern, school or church in California. Horses may not neigh near inhabited homes before 6 a.m. in Pine Bluff, South Dakota. Pocataligo, Georgia, prohibits neighing after 10 p.m.
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    I have a confession to make. It isn't the fault of varnish roan horses that they are ugly to me. My first chance to ride horses was at a local rental stable. I couldn't afford the hourly fee, but they told me I could trail ride one of two varnish roan geldings for free as long as I made them walk back to the barn. This was the best deal I ever heard of! Those darned old Appys were as cantankerous as could be. One used to rear at the top of the hill before trying to run home. I had no idea I was training their ornery horses for free. So, I have a prejudice. But, I was willing to put it aside. LJ needs a good reliable horse. If he turns out to be ugly as sin, he will still be a unicorn in my eyes if he's nice to the boy. Alas, it was not meant to be. The number was bad, so he must be sold, or they got sick of scammers calling. But I will keep my eyes open and my prejudices in check. A good horse is never a bad color, right? Although, there is a blue law in Washington that says you're not allowed to ride into town on an ugly horse. I wonder who gets to decide that?
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    True. I think he's already sold. The number is no good. Maybe next time.
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    I'm half heartedly looking for a horse/pony for LJ. This butt ugly roan varnish pony gelding keeps coming up. Nice personality, saint of a horse, but, dang! Should I go see him next week during Easter break? Maybe I can get used to his...uniqueness? He might be so ugly that he's cute. Or, he might just be ugly. If he's nice to the boy, that will go a long way.
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    Great pictures, RRW! How do you guys get away from the hotel?
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    Awesome pictures, RRW! The last time I was in Chicago was when I was stationed in Great Lakes for training after Boot Camp. I was in uniform while touring around the museums with shipmates. We looked at the U-boat submarine as well as some of the other things you showed. I missed the fairy castle. That is neat.
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    I hope you guys have a great time in Chicago! I am home this week, getting only basic chores done while I raise this little "landshark" (baby GSD), Zeke. We have several puppy safe spots for him with leashes attached. He gets some free time in the house, now that he is mostly housebroken, but I don't want him learning to chase the cats. They can hold their own, but sometimes they do run from him. He has had a little crate time, when I couldn't take him with me to the grocery store. He does morning rounds with me on the farm to see all the animals and they are starting to become normal for him. His puppy kindergarten starts in a week and a half and herding training starts in two months. Aaaand, he has figured out how to untie the knot in his leash.....gotta go!
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    Oops! Sorry! I thought he just a few months behind LJ. Happy 9th Birthday, Short Man!
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    Have fun! Happy 10th birthday, Short Man!
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