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    That sounds great, Heidi! Glad he feels better.
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    We are reducing our cow herd, again. One cow/calf pair and a heifer. We are only keeping about 3-4 for breeding and the steers. I am starting to love pasture so much that I want to see this farm properly stocked so it can support the animals on it. I'm tired of buying and hauling hay. Has anyone used a small manure spreader? I'm looking at buying one for our composted manure (we don't dare spread fresh stuff down here in the wonderland of bugs). Freckles update: He is not being very consistent, so I have my doubts about him being a good husband horse. This is going to sound bad, but I think it's because he was an english type horse. In my experience, more naughty behaviors are present in english type horses. It's understandable because he was used as an eventer. There is a little crazy inherent in jumping horses, lol! He is fun, but not a family horse. Regardless, I am riding him regularly to tune him up and get rid of as many of his spoiled habits as I can. He might do really well as a low level eventer or hunter for someone. We have an appointment with a trainer next month to evaluate him (she is an expert on Appys). Bitsey update: She is awesome. I love Mustangs. So much common dang sense in a horse. There is no comparison between horses bred by natural selection and horses bred by people. We are going to try an obstacle course next month.
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    Glad his appetite is back!
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    Heidi, our old gelding had some similar symptoms, (loose stools, edema) and then was slow to shed out that spring. Turned out to be Cushings, but it took a few more years to really show up. What kind of grain do you feed? Is it low starch? Is he grazing on rye grass? Is he a breed that is prone to Cushings or other metabolic disease? Is he overweight or does he have a cresty neck?
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    RRW. that train model is awesome! That reminds me that LJ wanted to go back to a place in St. Augustine to look at an old one they have. Everyone loves looking at those. :) Why does it always have to be the poor cows that get abducted? LOL! Heidi, maybe poor Leo had some sneaky little parasites and the diarrhea was caused by their abrupt departure... With the non-stop rain we've all had down here, it's a reminder to deworm ours, too. The parasites are really having a great time in this mild, wet weather. Hope he keeps improving. NP, thanks for the link! I think I can mostly read it. She's from Nevada and 10 years old. Beyond that, I know her history from the previous owner. She was gathered off the range and turned up at a slaughterhouse in Texas 6 years ago. A rescue here in Florida took her in and saddle-trained her. The lady I bought her from rode her as a greenie. Now, she's done lots of trails and even obstacles, so she has seen a lot. She needed some ground work from me, as she settled in, to learn to trust me as 'her person'. She looks at everything, but no spooking. She doesn't even flinch when helicopters fly around from the base. She watches them, but doesn't freak, like some range gathered Mustangs. Today is saddle work in the round pen for both Freckles and Bitsy (her name is because she's only 14 hands).
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    I’m going to try a link with pictures of the cute Mustang mare. Please excuse mare face. Freckles was behind her and being annoying, lol! One picture has her freeze brand, if anyone knows how to read
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    Queen, glad to hear That Mr. Butters is better. Cleaning old poo can be bad for your lungs. I hope it wasn’t dusty. I try to remember to use a dust mask when I do certain chores, like cleaning out the chicken coop. Heidi, I hope Leo is better today. Poor guy! We had a productive weekend. We have been wet and mushy for a long time. I had only one good round pen session with Freckles since we brought him home. We sent a cow down the road, but we didn’t want to eat her and our freezer is full anyway. So, we traded the beef for tractor work and sand. They came by this past weekend and helped smooth out some bad spots from construction and spread sand in my round pen! I have a place to ride, even when it’s sloppy. So, I worked Freckles and then Bitsey (the new Mustang) this morning. It went very well.
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    Ho boy. That looks bad. Did the tank cause damage to your bathroom when it burst?
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    Oh man, Queen. I'm so sorry. A good meal and some sleep for you. Hope your appointment went okay. Maybe it was good for your doc to see you stressed so he/she knows what you're dealing with. Mr. Butters is swimming upstream trying to gain weight when it's this cold. As long as he's not losing any more weight, you'll get him better when the weather warms. Rotten b*star*ds should keep their dogs and cats inside. Too cold to let them out. Might have frozen to death if they survived playing in traffic. I know exactly how you feel, though. Last year, some idiot on a 55 mph country road that was part of my old commute, would let their little fluffy dogs out every morning. They had a gate. All they had to do was attach cheap wire fencing to keep those dogs in. They didn't. I saw them roaming and couldn't stop for them. Saw one dead on the way home. Same thing happened two more times, but I didn't see them roaming; just the dead dogs on the side of the road. I still feel bad about not stopping and scooping all three up that first time, but it was a fast road and a bad place to stop.
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    That is tough. You guys really needed the convenience of being in town. What is nearby that he can enjoy? Maybe bike riding as a family? Indoor places to play in the winter? Perhaps he can discover the advantages of living in town. LJ was excited about soccer. He didn't know what it was like to play a team sport, except recess at school. John made a neighborhood friend and that has really helped as well. He didn't know how it was to have another kid that could come over and play any time. Hugs for you all. I hate seeing kids sad.
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    I'm so sorry, RRW. We went through a move as well, but the farm came with us. It has been hard on LJ, but not as hard because we didn't have to leave the animals behind. Prioritizing his room is smart. What is it that he misses most? Did he have to change schools?
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    RRW, Who is sad? Shortman? Bad day at school?
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    That sucks! Sorry to hear about the pipes. Maybe you can watch CL for panels or gates someone is selling? If you can't make a safe stall for him, can you just use old gates to keep him out of the parts of the barn he doesn't need to be in?
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    I hope Mr. Butters is over his hard times. Ms. Mustang was very cute when I went to meet her. It was unusually windy (we got only the cold air and wind from the big East Coast storm; no moisture) so she was looking around like she was worried about all the flapping and noise. I went nose to nose with her and introduced myself. Then, I told her that I was from out West, too, and we both know wind quite well. She relaxed after I walked her around a little. The owner asked me to work her in the round pen a little before I got on. She did some circles and turns for me. She was fun to ride and the owner even had a mini obstacle course set up for us to play with. She knows her stuff. When she comes home, we'll do more round pen work. I'll ride her in the round pen for awhile until she seems to trust me (and is comfy with the daily helicopters) The owner mentioned that she reverts if you don't play with her often enough. No problem there. I haven't had a true trail buddy for a long time. I was too busy to keep a horse in shape for regular trail rides, so I have had older rescue type horses the last ten years. Libby had limitations, but she was perfect for the occasional short trail ride that I did have time for. Now, I have the time and the right horse to hit the trails again.
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    My new horse will come home Sunday. She is a dun Mustang gathered off the range in Nevada. She was pulled from a kill pen by a rescue and saddle trained. Then, the lady I bought her from gave her a good education for several years. She is a nice mare and very sweet. LJ and I both rode her and she did great. We have a few military bases in our area and helicopters flying over regularly. Sometimes range gathered Mustangs have a little helicopter PTSD. We'll have to see if she reacts. The previous owner doesn't know. She might just need a little time to get used to them. Pictures Sunday.
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    I hope the cookie thief isn't suffering any ill effects from his adventures. Still doing a horse search. The Paso Finos I looked at were neat, but too forward for our son to ride. Checking out a cute Mustang mare today.
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    I hope Mr. Butters is toning down the drama a bit. It's tough to see them not adjusting as they age. I hope you find a solution that works soon. Our old fellow, Andy, ate just wet senior feed towards the end. It kept him in good weight and health for his last years. His teeth weren't effective anymore, so he would chew the softest hay, but leave wads of it on the ground and have the runs. We finally just switched to an all feed diet and he was happy for those last few years. At the end, he was put down due to melanomas blocking his digestive system (grey horse curse).
  18. Oh no! Prayers for her and her family.
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    Oh dear! What did he do?
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    Glad you made it home safe and the weather isn't too bad.
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    Glad you had fun. Sorry you couldn't make it up a little more north. Libby is enjoying her retirement and Freckles is progressing well, so I'm looking for my own horse. There is a Paso Fino farm I'm going to check out this week. They breed them, as well as rescue. Hoping for a good experience. Saw two horses last week. I knew it sounded like a flipper, but it was rundown and pitiful. Way too many animals. Not neglectful, but borderline bad conditions. The first horse was a 10 year old blue roan QH. She had an attitude right off. After picking her feet out, I guessed navicular. Sure enough, she was a bear about picking up her hinds and had a very choppy gait when the owner rode her. I passed on her without riding. The second was a beat up 15 year old flea bitten grey. She was a cracker horse or a TWH, with possible DSLD. She was gaited, but off. I passed. Honestly, I think the seller was clueless.
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    One fun thing at the beach down here is to look for little coquinas. They are tiny shelled animals that wiggle back into the sand after the wave flows out. Feels weird on your feet. We scoop up a handful of sand and coquinas for a closer look. Doublecheck all your shells. It's illegal to collect anything with a living creature inside. The hermit crabs are the ones you really have to watch for. Also, you see awesome creatures if you go out during low tide. They will make their way back into the water, or get snatched up by a hungry bird. We like to stay in the cottages when we go to Sanibel. There is one that allows you to bring your dog. That is the best! We can"t wait to take our Chessie. He has been for day trips to the beach and he is so much fun! And please don't forget the J. N. Ding Darling park! Silly name, but lots of fun. They have a good visitors center, but the driving tour is where you see the most wildlife. Watch for manatees and otters on your right as you pass the little pier. The inlet is a nice spot for them. There are a few side trails to stop for. Drive through early in the morning or before sunset to see the most animals. I just realized it's federal. I hope it opens while you are there.
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    Oh, you guys are very close to Sanibel Island. The BEST beaches for shelling and lots of charm. We go there in the off season.
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    The funniest part about having the donkey and goat at the vet hospital were the reactions from the students. Normally, you have a vet and an assisstant. There might be a comment or two about a cute animal or a generally appreciative comment about easy the animal is to handle. In this case, we had about six people (vets, vet students, vet techs, etc...) ooooohing and aaaaawwing over the girls. It was like a donkey-goat squee party, lol! Whenever they worked on Rosie, Nancy ran in circles around them. She also tried fifteen different ways to escape (I warned them). She did not succeed, which is a very good thing. I told them she would discharge half the patients if she did. The livestock barn across from the CCU had one very interested billy goat standing on his hind legs against the fence and trying to talk to her. He would have been quite happy to give her a *ahem* tour....
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    Good! Hope he gains weight and feels better.