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  1. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    Oh yes. In fact, the dogs are not allowed in. At all. We have gates to keep them out. They pout outside the gate a little, but it makes it easier. The puppy just tries to reach 'snacks' in the stalls anyway.
  2. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    Delilah has really settled in. She loves her barn and her tack room. The tack room is enclosed except for the walls on either side, which are stalls. That provides ventilation. Or, perhaps some entertainment, if a mouse slips in. She is locked up in the tack room at night and has her cat door for access to the barn during the day. I have never seen her outside the barn. She loves it.
  3. Just wanted to say hi!

    Oh boy. Our little puppy is great about poop. However, he lets a little pee out if we take too long to open the door. We are working on that now.... I love bathing him. He shakes off and his coat is almost dry.
  4. The Front Porch

    I think you have a very generous heart and it's a neat idea. For the moment, though, if she has suicidal posts, contact a professional immediately. They can find her parents. If you know what high school she attends, you could start by reporting it there. Someone needs to intervene and sit this girl down now. I am dismayed at what is trendy at high schools right now. It appears that telling other kids to "go kill yourself", whether in person or online, is common. A kid like this might not bounce back from the general sarcastic comments from other kids.
  5. Donkey Training

    Norm sounds awesome! He sounds like our first donkey. The jennies are different than the jacks. This is our first jenny. They are more reserved than jacks. It took longer to get her to meet new people and she is more wary of new things.
  6. We have a four stall barn and we are looking into buying bulk versus bagged shavings. Does anyone do this? How did you set up your shavings bunk? Do you just cover with a tarp? Do you get a lot of waste? We're going to wait until after hurricane season, lol!
  7. Solo got ridden last night!

    Cute horse! Is he a Cob?
  8. The Front Porch

    Here's a link:
  9. The Front Porch

    FInally caught up a bit on chores. My fall/winter garden is all ready to go. We haven't been able to garden for a year and a half because of the move. It's very nice to play in soil again. The old mare, Libby, is doing well. It's really hot this week because we are south of the Florence mess and the heat builds. Glad it's not heading our way, but praying for those we are in the Carolinas. Heidi, you okay? It was showing some crazy swoop through Georgia yesterday. If anyone needs to shelter down here, let me know. The Equestrian Center near us is taking in horses. Very nice place and they have RV hook up sites.
  10. Been a long time

    Hello! People kind of pop in and out randomly. How are you?
  11. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    Pictures! I'll add some more when she moves into her tack room. :)
  12. The Front Porch

    Cool trip! I love seeing offbeat stuff like that.
  13. South Africa

    Oh dear. I'm glad you are happy and I hope you find the scenery inspiring. I must admit that the hunting makes me sad.
  14. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    I got to snuggle Delilah, finally! Before her vet appointment today, I placed her in an old crate, bagged and threw out all of her "furniture", and then cleaned the empty crate with diluted bleach. She went into our laundry room for a bath in the deep sink (our other cats were locked out). Then, back into a clean carrier to dry until her vet appointment. Meanwhile, I had a shower and dumped my clothes into the washer. Our house cats received a treatment yesterday in case they had contact with scabies. The appointment went very well. She is clear of internal and external parasites. So, while waiting for them to draw up vaccines, I snuggled her on my lap/ What an amazingly sweet kitty! She nestled right down, purred, and even gave me a few licks while very gently kneading my legs. It has been very strange having a pet that I could only touch with gloved hands. She was probably wondering what I was waiting for. Anyway, she is ready for her tack room, which will be completed tomorrow. We just need to nail up some OSB on the back wall. Imgur has an issue right now, but I will upload pictures when I can.
  15. The Front Porch

    Anyone else having trouble with a certain popular product ordering and delivery service named after a South American jungle? They started using their own drivers instead of FedEx or UPS. They refuse to come down our dirt road, even when it's in relatively good shape. FedEx and UPS trucks go flying by all the time; no problem. When we do manage to catch the driver or they deliver a package, we get an email saying it was undeliverable. That means the company that supplies the product loses money. That stinks. We are ordering from other stores, and/or directly from the manufacturer, from now on.
  16. The Front Porch

    LOL! I believe that's why they are called "portable" corral panels. Or, at least, that's what naughty ponies think.
  17. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    Her mere presence in the barn seems to have slowed the mice down already. They saw the writing on the wall and are packing up their little mouse suitcases.... :)
  18. Prayers Please

    I'm sorry for the wait. Maybe you could try to keep upbeat and positive while you wait. Regardless of the outcome, if your mom is happier, her prognosis is better. If she feels well enough, maybe you could go do something fun together or have a movie night.
  19. The Front Porch

    I'm sorry about all your stress. I understand how it is to be distant or estranged from family. I suppose you could say some prayers and do something in memory of your uncle. Maybe a little to his favorite charity in his name? Regarding the hole...crush and then a little dog poop on top. They won't dig where their own poop is. Might want to warn the mailman, though, lol! Can you keep Bennie busy with a toy that hides treats inside?
  20. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    The crustiness is gone from her ears and some hair is growing back on her ears, neck, and back. Amazingly resilient little creatures. Her tack room is coming along nicely. I need to pick out a door and cat door. From her crate, she can watch the progress. :)
  21. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    It's been one week. I can feel that she has gained weight and she is much more energetic and happy. She doesn't shake her feet or lick like crazy anymore. The swelling in her feet has gone down as well. :)
  22. The Front Porch

    My uncle loves trains and he got lucky enough to find a lovely wife. My aunt was a wonderful lady. Train girls are out there. ;)
  23. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    She does seem to be itching less. When I pet her back, the bones aren't quite as prominent. The space between the spine and the ribs has filled in a little. She is definitely gaining weight. She eats a lot, but her bowl still has food when I check her at least twice per day. Every time I'm in the barn, I talk to her and call out her name. She answers in her raspy little meow. She has two water bowls to make she has enough. She loves her snuggly bed I made in a small cardboard box. She purrs as soon as she sees us come into the barn. Her toys were moved today. All good signs. One of the neatest moments was when I took her to the vet that first day. I placed her on the table and rubbed her poor body with gloved hands. She looked into my eyes, with her intense green ones, and just purred. She held my gaze for quite awhile. It was like she knew that I was her new human.