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  1. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    Prayers for your wife, PD.
  2. I thought this would be a fun topic. Regardless of breed, it seems like all horse shows are just trend events and have very little to do with the longevity and usability of horses. I would love to have a fun open show and make up classes designed to compare horses based on everything BUT whatever is trendy. I want a place where average people can haul their good using horse. Also, breeders can show off their broodies. Trainers can show off their work, vets can judge based more on conformation than breed (while explaining why they picked the horses to educate people), and farriers can educate a little by judging feet. Here are my choices for classes: 1) I love the idea behind ranch classes, so those would be fun. No need for cattle, though. It's cheaper to just demonstrate roping on dummies. Horsemanship type pattern and horses should ground tie as well as handle gates with ease. 2) How about a broodmare class for mares who have had two or more foals? They need to be presented at halter and compared to the standard of their breed, PLUS, overall conformation based on soundness and longevity (I'd want vets as judges). 3) Trail/obstacle courses are awesome. Nothing too crazy, but flags, mailbox, slicker, stuff like that. 4) Fun classes for kids, like bareback and egg and spoon races. 5) Arena manners class to demonstrate how well-behaved your horse and how well you know the rules of sharing an arena with other riders. 6) Campaigner class for 20 or older. Show off your old husband/kid/trail/therapy horse. I'd love to see the horses that are still sound and usable in their old age. Make them perk up in the arena and have their time to shine. 7) Farrier's class. Show off your horse's great feet. Judged by a couple of local farriers. 8) Freestyle trainer's class. This would be a fun way for local trainers to show off their horses. Each one has a certain amount of time to demonstrate how well trained their horses are. Kind of like a mini Extreme Mustang event. Extra points based on how green the horses is. -No papers necessary. Just bring your groomed horse (no clipping, hoof polish, banding etc...necessary). Just clean and groomed. Old horses with Cushings need only to be clipped only if it makes them more comfortable. Would you guys have fun at such a show? What classes would you have if you held a fun show?
  3. What classes would YOU have in a horse show?

    It would be hard to get large animal vets for judging, but I do know some retired ones that might enjoy it. Around here, the major horses events are the jackpot barrel races. Not my sort of thing. I saw too many lame barrel horses when I rode with our vet. If the bill was more than $150, they just sent them to auction and found another cheap CL horse. Most of the horses were ONLY ridden at barrel races: No conditioning. Most horse sale ads around here discourage the use of the horse for barrels to chase those buyers away.
  4. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    But, all this will end soon. We do get freezes here in the northern part of the state. <evil grin>
  5. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    I've lived with deep snow. I prefer that to bugs, but I moved south for love. No regrets. I was terrorized by a palmetto bug in the garage today. He was really scary. My husband and son were worried when they heard me shriek. Then, I got the eye roll from my beloved. I told him the bug had a knife. And scary tattoos. He didn't believe me. I stepped on it and it left a big wet spot. I wondered if I should set up cones and a "wet floor" sign...
  6. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    We're doing a traditional Thanksgiving, as far as the fixings go, but we haven't been raising turkeys lately, so no turkey tomorrow. Home raised chicken and beef are on the menu. Also, some homegrown sweet potatoes. Everything else came from the store. Rode my 27 year old Morgan mare yesterday. Finally finding the time for her. She is a bit spunky after a summer off (we don't ride much in the summer, but this one was especially busy). Libby was a bit barn sour, so we doubled back several times until she was ready to walk home on a loose rein. She forgot that I don't allow that. She was lots of fun though. The most exciting part of the ride was when she walked through a huge spider web and had this eight-legged hitchhiker on her right ear. He looked like a ghastly oversized earring. Made her tilt her head slightly to compensate for the uneven weight. I flicked him off and heard a thud when he hit the grass. Yeah, we grow them BIG here. I should have collected him for roasting tomorrow (6 extra drumsticks!!). Libby just moved right on down the trail while I dealt with the massive beast. A lesser horse would have lost it. Not my brave old girl. That's why her ancestors were war horses.
  7. Cue the music please!?

    Goats. Being. Tied. For some reason punk rock seems appropriate. At least for the goats. We have a goat. I think she would want Dead Milkmen if some crazy girl was tackling her and grabbing her legs.
  8. And meet Solo!

    Even if you can't lunge or work your horse because of the slippery ground, you can do so much ground work. I have a yearling donkey I'm training and she will be ground work only for several years still. I take young animals for walks on the trails. I think it helps a lot. Is that an option for you?
  9. That would probably be a 'no'. you don't have any trouble understanding different UK accents, lol! It must be the Scottish words thrown in. I suppose it would be like a British tourist trying to understand our Cajun or deep Southern accents. I hope you recover quickly. No fun being sick, especially when you have cute things to play with.
  10. Why I *extremely dislike* Boxers

    Well, as long as we're here, I can see why someone with that screen name might want to defend her favorite breed. ;) I think, deep down, if it came to a choice between the OP's in-laws and the dogs, I think she might have picked the dogs.... I wonder if the annoying dogs are still alive? Dogs do tend to reflect their owners. Some people just ruin perfectly good dogs. Other people make very poor decisions about where they buy their dogs. If you buy a puppy through an online broker or pet store, it came from a puppy mill. So, the dogs are annoying, but the owners are ultimately responsible.
  11. HI there. You always have gorgeous pictures of your horses. Thanks. On another note, do people from the UK have trouble with certain regional accents? I don't watch much on tv, but I was trying out 'Shetland' and that accent is difficult. I usually don't have too much trouble with British shows. I was wondering if it was known to be a more difficult accent?
  12. Really! You need to see this!

    Can't wait to fly again...
  13. new legislation íntroduced in germany

    It must be a rough road for parents of children where the sex cannot be determined. It doesn't matter during the early years, but waiting until puberty to figure out how your child sees the world is rough. This is where communities come in. If your family is part of a tight knit community (small town, neighborhood, church etc...) a child is more accepted and supported. It's rough when it's just your family on their own. All this legislation looks great on paper, but being part of a community is really the best environment and you can't legislate that. How many people will draw their lines in the sand about what they will and won't 'accept' until one of the neighbors is different. Sometimes a natural change of heart happens. And that is beautiful. It all comes down to empathy, respect, and kindness. Human dignity at it's best.
  14. Educational Toys, Tv For Baby

    In Australia? Not sure. You probably can buy German toys. Our favorite ones are made by Haba. Really, what you want are safe toys. All toys are good for motor development. Try not to be sold up on gadgets. Stay away from toddler "computers". Little ones don't need screen time. They usually get too much as it is. That covers little ones. If you're friends kids are older, creative toys are great. Playmobil sets are a lot of fun. Lots of toys for kids to build are out there for the 8-10 year olds. Those are great. Doesn't matter if they are boys or girls. Best thing to do is check the age level on the packages.
  15. All Opinnions Needed... Christian Issues

    I didn't even check, but, oh yes, a resurrected thread. Which seems appropriate considering the topic at hand... Well, it was fun anyway. I do teach catechism at our parish, so the topic got me going. I was really just Roman around looking for a good topic. I must be a Catholiholic. Which is different than a Cataholic (crazy cat lady club). I'll work on that. Yes, resurrected threads become ripe for punning.
  16. The Front Porch

    PD, God bless you both.
  17. The Front Porch

    Thanks, Jubal! I keep trying to post more often, but life interferes. Equicrazy, one good donkey would teach Pistol about respect, but, then again, I think donkeys are the solution for everything.
  18. The Front Porch

    Lambie Pie? That is cute. It's hard not get cute with sheep. They can be so adorable. I wrote about my sheep experiences, both good an bad, on my blog. The ram we used to breed our ewes was named Rambo. But he was polite. I learned early that the only way to stop a ram from, well, ramming, is water. I carried a bucket when I went in with Rambo and he was very polite after a few splashes in the face. He must have thought I was a very stranger creature indeed with some crazy powerful spitting defense mechanism. Well, it worked!
  19. The Front Porch

    Maybe it was 15% I forgot how much the cat food was. Dang! I should have bought those panels for the sheep. The meat chicken killing went well this morning. We also have a laying hen flock. They all have names and many are cuddly. Well, they just added two new members today. The plan was to dress out all 14 meat chickens, but when I was grabbing the big roosters, two hens slipped past me, pushed the door open and scrambled out to the laying hen yard. These are rangers, so they are healthy enough to be layers, but it almost seemed like something out of that movie Chicken Run. How could I eat two such smart hens? We named them Dart and Dash, lol! Anyone want to see sheep pictures? Okay, sure you do. They are due to lamb somewhere around Thanksgiving. I also added a picture of our dogs dressed up. Maddie is Wonderpup and Luther just dressed up for the office.
  20. The Front Porch

    PD, prayers for your wife. TSC had a 10% discount for veterans this weekend. We didn't know. They asked us when we were buying cat food. We call TSC "Cowboy Kmart", lol!
  21. The Front Porch

    Looks like everyone is having a rather restful Veteran's Day weekend. We are heading outside to dress out meat chickens. My husband mans the hatchet while John and I do the plucking. My husband and I, (we're both veterans) got a discount at the TSC yesterday. My husband chuckled on the way back toe the truck. "74 cents off! That's what we fought for!" LOL! We joke, but it is nice to be remembered. Happy Veteran's Day to all who served and all who spent time at home working and worrying!
  22. All Opinnions Needed... Christian Issues

    As far as I can tell, you are having most trouble with the Christian trinity. It IS a difficult concept because our human minds are trying to understand God. Two analogies that I use for my catechism kids: One, think of the trinity like water in three forms: ice, liquid, steam. All three are water. Another, more theological point of view is to consider how the spirit is described in the bible. In the Old Testament, the spirit is the breath of God, who breathed life into man. That life is the Holy Spirit, no less an expression of God than Jesus walking on earth or God the Father, who spoke to Abraham and Moses. I have also heard of the Holy Spirit as the love between God the Father and God the Son. Everything we believe as Christians is inherited from the Jewish faith. All of our traditions can find their basis in the Old Testament. The bible is essential, but so are the traditions. After all, the first Christians had only the oral tradition for the first 60 plus years after Jesus ascended into heaven. What traditions? Look at Easter, for example. Passover was the celebration of the night of the Last Supper. This is why they gathered. They were remembering, as Jews, their people's flight from Egypt and the lamb's blood on the lintel caused the "Pass Over" of Jewish households from the worst plague of all (the killing of the firstborn sons). The Passover tradition of eating the lamb is why the Apostles (who were Jewish, as was Jesus) understood why Jesus spoke of His sacrifice as the being the Lamb of God. Also, that's a reference to the Old Testament story of Abraham and Issac. The links between the Old and New Testaments are called typology. Even Adam and Eve give as the basis for the story of Mary. Eve said "no" to God when she chose the forbidden fruit. Mary, whose consent was in fact essential, said "yes" when the angel came to her ("May it be done...."). If she had said "no"? Well, that would have been bad. Now, you are saying, but I don't believe in all the bible stories as written, especially Adam and Eve. Neither does my religion, and we were the ones that decided which books belonged in the bible! How to understand the bible. It is not a book. It is a library. In a library, there are different types of writings. Again, relying on the Jewish understanding, the first Christians understood that the Old Testament was written based on oral traditions and over a period of over 4,000 years. There are songs, poems, historical accounts of the Hebrew people, and allegorical writings. Nowhere in this library are scientific writings, nor are the historical accounts (Old Testament) always pleasant or suggestive in how we live our lives. The recorded history was important to show the continuous lines of kings. The Hebrew people had many trials and did not recognize their own dignity and that of marriage for love until the story of Tobit. The New Testament has written accounts of Jesus' time on earth, letters from the first bishops to guide early Christian communities, and the more mystical writings by St. John in Revelations. . My religion, which was founded 2,000 years ago, understands these stories based on the understanding of the Apostles and early Church Fathers. The story of Adam and Eve, for example, is allegorical. It teaches us great truths in a story form. From a scientific point of view, at some point in our development as humans, we could know and contemplate the divine. From God's point of view, He created us to know and love Him, of our own free will. Just like Adam and Eve, we can freely choose to to love God, or reject Him. The point of crossover between innocent sin-free (animals are not capable of sin) animals and human beings is simply that capacity to know and love God. We know that animals have feelings and strong bonds. We know their pain and suffering is real (thus, we must good stewards of the earth and animals-which we are failing miserably at right now...). We know that they are very much like ourselves in so many other ways. Faith is a gift, but one that must be nurtured. Study God. Read His bible, and seek guidance in your studies. FInd someone to help you along. That is how to know Him. And, please, whatever you do, don't start with Genesis, if you pick up a bible, LOL! It is a library that will not make sense if read straight through (would you start with books on aarvarks in the library?). SInce you want to understand Christianity, start with reading about those very first Christians. The ones who became our first martyrs, saints, and bishops. Begin with the New Testament. The Acts of the Apostles is the best place to begin. Then, the Letters, then the Gospels. Do not be afraid of the writings of the most clever theologians. Do not fear science. In fact, some of our greatest and most clever researchers and scientists have been Christians (mostly Jesuits, but not all, Mendel was Brother Mendel...etc...). Fearing science is the biggest mistake of all. Learning something new about our world should never be feared. After all, it's like taking a peek at God's own desk.
  23. The Front Porch

    Happy birthday!
  24. For those that use water heaters

    It supposed to be a colder than normal winter in the southeast. I don't know what the rest of the country is expecting. I never use a tank heater down here, but I do have to break ice in the winter on occasion. One year, the tanks froze into a solid block. Hadn't seen that since I lived up north. I hope it doesn't get that cold here this winter. I used a heater similar to RRW's when I lived in Colorado and Virginia. When I was in Rhode Island, the barn I where I boarded had electricity in the barn. That made it much easier for everything; stock tank heaters, lighting, feeding medicines and supplements using a hot pot, and many other conveniences. We ran a line to our barn down here as well. It really helps with the vet visits as well as lighting, repairs, etc... If you can afford it, or if your dad sees the benefit, it is very much worthwhile to have electricity in your barn. Are you already breaking ice, or do you have time still? If the ground isn't frozen yet, you could even run an electric line underground to your tanks, instead of relying on extension cords.
  25. The Front Porch

    Question about stocking up. In other words, our 28 year old has some swelling in all four of her fetlocks after even a short ride. No heat. No discomfort. No swelling anywhere else (belly, etc...). We are just getting her back into work. I just bought a nice set of standing wraps (my old ones were not in good shape). My question is, should I just do standing wraps after her ride, or some sort of boot or support during the ride as well? She only does about 20 minutes of mostly walking right now. Vet deemed her healthy at recent check up. Whether she is in her paddock or pasture after the ride makes no difference in her stocking up. I think wrapping overnight after her ride should suffice to bring the swelling down. It may go away as she gets used to regular riding.