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  1. Prayers Please

    Strong prayers for you and your family.
  2. Greyhound racing

    We have a chance down here in Florida to end it. I hope we do. The dog deaths and drugs have been highlighted lately. But what about how they train these animals? They don't learn to follow a fake fluffy lure until later. They use live animals strapped down to the lure and allow the dogs to catch it...repeatedly....until it dies. The live animals can be rabbits, but any small animal will do. Use your imagination. There is no euthanasia. The animals suffer being torn apart while strapped down or tied by the legs and swung around while the dogs grab them, repeatedly, until they finally die. You don't want to watch the undercover videos. They're horrible. The dogs learn to chase by getting a taste of these petrified, captive animals. Then the dogs go through a very short career that includes drugs, pain, and early death for almost all of them. Very few make it to rescues. I think my state is waking up to this tragedy. The dog tracks are seedy and creepy. They are mainly there for the online gambling. The dogs are just an excuse. Just like the junk horse racing tracks doing the same thing down in South Florida. A lot of money to be had and the horses live abysmal lives. Their value is inflated and they are run in many more races than the racehorses on the big, rich, circuits. They run them to death down there. Maybe those cheap tracks are next.
  3. The Front Porch

    Great pictures! Looks ike a good time. :) I was moving boxes to the new workshop for about a week. Stopped when we moved enough out of the old farm to not distract people walking through. We finished the ditch. I have more dirt to move by hand this week, since these idiots won't come back until it drains. Just a little every day and I'll even it out. We would like to move before Christmas. I guess it's good we didn't sell the old farm, yet. We would have to find a place to rent.
  4. The Front Porch

    More delays at the new farm. We are working on a ditch because the numbskulls doing the drainfield made a place where the rain pools and use it as an excuse not to finish. House is done. Chicken coop is done and painted. Rabbit shed will be done in a few days. Only one hitch. The stall we intended to use for the sheep and lambs may not be secure enough. A bobcat has been seen several times in the area. We are building a secure sheep shed to lock up the sheep at night. Should be done in a week, but we don't know when we'll actually be able to move. Hopefully, before school starts again. I guess it's good we don't gave any offers on our old farm, yet. I think the new puppy will come home to the old farm in two weeks.
  5. Opinions please

    Nice kids.
  6. It seems like horse people design their barns differently, depending on the part of the country they live in. I see most horses down here either in pastures 24/7, or in stalls with turnout. There are some in dry lots with shelter, but that is more uncommon. I don't see much in between stall or pastures. I grew up out West, where paddocks attached to stalls were common. How do you have your horse setup, or what are the facilities like where you board? Is it common for your area, or did you look for something unusual to make your horse happier? I put a lot of thought into our new barn and we did the best we could within our budget. The biggest money saver was doing as much as we could ourselves, such as building the paddocks. Also, we did a simple barn design that maximizes breezes, instead of closing it all up, like you would need to do in colder climates. That also saved money, as well as being more practical for our area. We had larger paddocks attached to stalls on our old farm, but our new one has less room for the horses. We did manage to build a bigger barn this time, though. It has three stalls on one side, with a tack room area (not finished). There is a run-in shed and hay storage on the other side. We actually have a central aisle this time, which is a step up from our shedrow barn at the old place. We just have gates at either end of the aisle and the breeze blows right through the north/south oriented barn, keeping it cool. We built 24 X 14 paddocks the last few weekends. Not very big, but a horse can come out and look around to see what's going on. Their old paddocks are 24 x 36. The new run-in shed has a 33 x 48 paddock. That's for the young donkey and her goat friend. Move in date is late this month. I still have stall mats to buy and cut. Not looking forward to that!
  7. What is your horse's home like?

    Looks good, Queen! I drove past an old horse farm in our area yesterday. They have a big pond and there was one horse swimming around in it, lol!
  8. The Front Porch

    Oh, that is cool. I love that movie. Do most of the dogs seem to just tolerate all the grooming and fussing, or do they enjoy it? When they are finished, how do you bring them back down? Do they get rinsed off and turned loose to roll or goof off somewhere? When a did a little horse showing, the turnout at home at the end of the day was their favorite part. Bucking, playing and rolling was their reward for putting up with all the excess grooming. When we took ten cows to our local fair, we kept them groomed and primped for several weeks before the fair, and all ten days of the fair. They had to be tied all day long and tied out in another spot all night. I got away with turning a few of the heifers out to play in the arena when I got to fair early enough one morning (that was adorable) but otherwise, they were locked down tight. When we got them home, we pulled the big trailer into the pasture and led them out to turn them loose one by one. They had so much fun running around the pasture and playing. By the next morning, they had duller coats and looked quite content.
  9. The Front Porch

    All I know about showing dogs is second hand or from watching "Best in Show", lol!
  10. The Front Porch

    Wow, that's really interesting. I am not interested in showing dogs, but I like hearing about how it works behind the scenes. Three hours for a standard poodle? Whoa.
  11. The Front Porch

    qhridinGA- What kind of show? Do you hire the same handler for all your show dogs, or do the handlers specialize in specific breeds? Is it expensive to hire a handler?
  12. The Front Porch

    I like my Ford trucks. ;) Libby's leg has healed nicely after her battle with the bathtub. I turned her out in the pasture with the others. I'll bring them in at night, but they needed the time out. Last few weeks on the old farm, with any luck. The lambs are incredibly cute when they play. We let them in the yard with their ewes yesterday and it went very well. Our Maddie dog is fascinated with them in a sweet way. But the ewes may not appreciate her attentions, so we keep her at a safe distance. Summer is waning already! Only a month left before LJ goes back to school.
  13. Happy 4th

    Very true!
  14. The Front Porch

    Horses at a motel? That would be so cool! I could only imagine the whining I would have done as a kid to stay at the motel with real, live, HORSES!
  15. Happy 4th

    Very cute puppy pictures! Show Saddlebreds? Oh boy. I wonder what dark secrets there are in your county. Do they ever turn the show horses out, or just keep them locked in the barn?
  16. The Front Porch

    Jacob's neutering went fine but he was slow to come around afterwards. He was a drunk kitten all Friday night, but perked up gradually Saturday. Back to normal today. They used ketamine and telazol. Maybe not so much, if he ever needs anesthesia again. We got him microchipped. The other two kitties and the dog get vaccines on Monday.
  17. Happy 4th

    Wow, you must live in a very horsey area. I can only imagine trying that around here. I'd get the bewildered stare from local rednecks. Libby hates fireworks even more now that she is almost completely blind, so no bang-bangs for us. She paced and worked up a little sweat, but did okay.
  18. The Front Porch

    Nice truck! Stinks about the flat tire. So clean and shiny! A horse/farm truck is a lovely sight to behold. They come in all shapes and sizes from pristine to beat up to the point where it's impossible to tell the original color. Our farm truck has some wounds obtained in the line of duty and the only regular cleaning it receives are lick marks from the cattle (they greet the truck bearing their round bale enthusiastically). Add a few back up mishaps, a scrape from a front end loader on the back of the cab, and a scuff from a gate. The layer of protective dirt and caked on mud along the bottom provide camouflage (with little clean cow lick marks). Our other, smaller truck is the cleaner one. it also gets better gas mileage. We refer to it as the 'family car', lol!
  19. The Front Porch

    Those are cool! I remember Andi. Does she photograph at a number of ranches, or just one or two?
  20. The Front Porch

    PD- Thanks for the good wishes. I think LJ has decided to keep two ewes, sell one, and have the ram lamb evaluated at three months for market or breeding. Rebecca and Elizabeth are the keepers and Lydia will be offered for sale, hopefully with Isaac, as a starter flock for someone. I think there is a market around here for friendly, hardy, hair sheep. qhridinGA- That color is awesome! The Rangers always had the best truck colors. Queen- That foal has a medicine hat, lol! How are halter minis judged? Do they have height categories and types? Do pintos tend to do better? Heidi- Jacob is long and lanky. He's also quite needy right now because I can't feed him before surgery. I think he's about five times as obnoxious as our other two hungry cats. After all, we've been feeding him since before he could see. We are beginning a strict diet on our fattest cat, Rocky. He's the 5 year old, long haired, grey tabby that cleans the bowls after the other two nibblers. We'll try to feed the old lady kitty and the kitten separately and pick up bowls after meal times. I hope it works. Rocky is so fat that he grunts and snores in his sleep.
  21. The Front Porch

    The four day old lambs are jumping and playing today. They don't actually walk from one place to another. It seems like they aren't capable of simply walking. It's like: step, step, leap, step, run, leap, step, back legs kick out, step, leap... This is our first time with lambs, so we are really enjoying them. Remember Jacob the orphan kitten? He gets neutered tomorrow. And, he fetches. He plays with a crumpled up piece of paper and when he gets bored, he brings it back to me and drops it in my hand. Smart little fellow.
  22. The Front Porch

    Not with these. The wool sheds in the spring, so you just tug it or brush it off over time. Save it, if you want. Ours do like being brushed. Most hair breeds are meat breeds, too, and not very people friendly. St. Augustines are very people oriented, so they are much more fun. Such a little breed. If people knew about them, they would be much more popular. Parasite resistant and tougher than most breeds of sheep. Excellent pets. Their meat yield is very good, too, but we don't like lamb or mutton, so they're safe with us.
  23. The Front Porch

    I was feeling a bit down about the house not selling and the new house not being ready, yet, but then... ....MORE LAMBS! Meet Rebecca (the one that has markings like a dairy cow) and Lydia (all white). Two more ewe lambs for LJ's flock. LJ likes those biblical names. He thought about patriotic names, but Betsy was all he came up with and didn't like that one, lol! The ram was black and white with great markings, so we're glad his color showed up on one lamb. Most importantly, all the lambs are healthy and easy to handle. Neither ewe minds us playing with their lambs, which is a big plus. The newest babies are penned up with their ewe for a few days until bonding is complete. Then, all four lambs will be playing together. The three day old ones were leaping and playing this morning. Lydia Rebecca Issac and Elizabeth
  24. The Front Porch

    Cute foal! We aren't doing much for the Fourth. Libby, the 28 year old, mostly blind, Morgan mare, does not appreciate fireworks, especially now that she can't really tell where they are coming from. So, it'll be a quiet night for us. With all the work we are doing, recent losses, and stress with the move that is delayed, we aren't much in the mood to celebrate. A picnic at the new farm is about all we have planned.
  25. The Front Porch

    I know we don't have salt on our roads, but we have so much humidity, I thought the cars rust too fast down here. I would think cars from out West would be worth the most. Especially when from where it doesn't snow.